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  1. With regards to Tony Hawk and demo disks. They put the Warehouse level on a demo disk and I put hours and hours into that one level. I never bought the full game.
  2. I have a huge backlog. I find that with the Xbox (due to the default view showing you all your installed games) limiting the number of games on the hard drive helps. So I never have more than 12 games installed and to be honest most of these are what I regard as pick up and play games (sports; fighting; racing; puzzle games) as opposed to long winded narrative driven experiences. The PS4 is better due to the default view being the ribbon - so you simply see the games you played most recently and thus don't get distracted.
  3. 25th Anniversary of the Western release of the original
  4. Make sure your TV is set to Game mode - or similar that has the least amount of input lag.
  5. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has been out little more than a week and is in the sale!
  6. What's the difference between the PS4 and PS5 boxed versions? They had both in the local game shop today. I was under the impression that if I could play the PS5 version with the PS4 disk, or am I wrong in thinking this?
  7. I think it's a bug. It's happened to me a few times on the Xbox One. Updates don't always seem to get applied either.
  8. Surely if you thought that way, you’d be holding Take 2 stock as opposed to Codemasters.
  9. Has to be approved by a majority (think it’s 75%) of the shareholders.
  10. Yakuza like a Dragon is roughly half the price on the Mexico store. You should be able to find Mexican credit quite easily. I've definitely spent a lot more money on games since going down the buying from foreign stores route. There's no way I'd pay more than 40 quid for a new release digitally. Microsoft are gaining from me; the publishers more on a case by case basis.
  11. Yeah. You need a debit/credit card registered to an address in Turkey.
  12. To buy Turkish store credit - yes. The thing to note is that whenever the Turkish Lira sells off they invariably go months without getting any credit vouchers in stock - and they're out of stock right now. I managed to buy some last month to order Dirt 5 which worked out at around 32 pounds for the Amplified Edition - a big saving. Depending on country (Turkey and Argentina you do, most other you don't) you need to use a VPN to add the store credit to your account. Then you can buy through your xbox by changing your region (you don't need a VPN for this). Brazilian cred
  13. I buy mainly from foreign stores. You can usually save a reasonable amount.
  14. Forza Horizon Rally with none of the open world.
  15. I've just realised that Maneater is receiving a Series X upgrade. It's a great game.
  16. Played for a couple of hours this morning. Other than the tearing it’s very good so far.
  17. 4GB update! What? So much for downloading stuff in the background. I was hoping for a quick blast before bed once it unlocked.
  18. Dirt 4 was developed by essentially the old Evolution Studios staff so I just assumed that it would be the same for this.
  19. Maybe they patched it out. I played it at release and at certain progress points you received upgrade cards which allowed you to tune a certain part of your car (a better engine, exhaust etc) which were selected at random. It was designed to encourage you to spend real money on buying random cards in the hope of getting a half decent upgrade so you could be competitive. I ended up simply dropping the difficulty to Easy which compensated for having pathetic upgrades.
  20. It’s plagued by an awful micro transaction driven upgrade system. Which is a shame because it’s essentially Need for Speed x Forza Horizon.
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