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  1. It's a port of a Wii U game.
  2. This is up for preorder on Xbox. They’re doing that super annoying thing where if you buy the deluxe edition (which is £5 more expensive) you get three days early access.
  3. Hopefully Microsoft will throw enough Game Pass money Bamco’s way for the even better sequel to be ported.
  4. Maybe. It’s essentially Game of Thrones the game. However, I think a lot of the subject matter would pass over an 8 year old’s head and they’d be delighted by dog villages, ninja villages and huge dragons.
  5. From what I recall the dialogue/translation issues was corrected for the PAL release.
  6. There's very little grinding. Low level characters level up super quickly.
  7. You can play the entire game in third person, or just some of the DLC?
  8. They’re not. I can’t stand the detective nonsense. Put it to bed, continue with Kiryu for the action combat based side of the series.
  9. Hopefully permanently replaced by proper Yakuza with Kiryu as protagonist.
  10. Is that confirmed? Rare Replay's on sale for a fiver for the next two weeks.
  11. It was on Gamepass. I assume a lot of people would have downloaded it, played for 30 minutes and then uninstalled.
  12. Has anyone played the Langrisser 1 & 2 remakes? I notice that it's currently 70% off and looks good in a 16 bit strategy RPG kind of way.
  13. Forest were easily brushed aside midweek.
  14. Forest after signing loads of players don’t really look like scoring and have a very shonky defence.
  15. Neto is a great name for a goalkeeper.
  16. It's one of those games that was always in print (you could find new sealed copies for circa 20 dollars for years). I think that supply dried up (possibly pandemic related), price of second hand copies started rising due to no new copies being available; and then people panicked and price became stupidly high. Square Enix then printed up some more and prices are back where they were.
  17. Square Enix printed up a load more copies of Drakengard 3 after that price spike.
  18. This is my GameCube collection. All great bar that WWF game, plus I need to replace the Player’s Choice versions with the proper ones.
  19. Some good NTSC games there. You do seem to be lacking Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion? I like how you snuck in a PS2 game (albeit a good one in Burnout 2).
  20. Aha! Found it on the eShop. How much did the controller cost? I can’t imagine it was cheap...
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