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  1. 20/08 - The Magnificent Truffle Pigs (Switch) - Rather boring walking sim that has you metal detecting whilst talking to a long lost friend. I didn't get the ending. The music is great and perfectly suits the game. Good job @noob 20/08 - Idol Days (Switch) - short visual novel about a delinquent who becomes an idol. I enjoyed it, but mainly because it reminded me of some of the Haruka storylines in the Yakuza series. 12/09 - The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence (Switch) - companion piece to the main game that fleshes out the background to parts of the main story. Recommended if you enjoyed the main game and want more. 27/09 - Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series) - I bought this at launch and got dragged down by the absolute mess of icons for events the game throws at you in the first few hours of play. I understand the approach to allow you to have flexibility to do the types of races that you want, but it's just hugely offputting. Once you apply heavy filters and slowly work your way through sections of the map, it has some form of structure. In many ways this is more of the same compared to the prior game, but with an interesting map and a lot more single player events. It's probably the third best game in the series (after the original and the third), however I wish they'd return to the structure of the original where you work your way up versus various rivals with boss battles etc. 27/10 - Blind Men (PS4) - short visual novel that's very much a James Bond spoof from the perspective of the bad guy. Enjoyable. Previously:
  2. I did. Or at least the Xbox 360 version. It really hasn’t aged well.
  3. Sonic Colours was in 3D?
  4. You have to pay. Think it's £10 for the upgrade
  5. Wait until your expansion pass expires? Those codes are valid for a while.
  6. If you like Metroid as opposed to Castlevania then it might be ok. I hated it.
  7. 3D Dot Game Heroes is the only game I’ve ever purchased from CEX to get lost in the post. If you buy from CEX online it’s Russian Roulette as to the condition of the game, and whether you will receive a manual etc. Anyhow it got lost, and per their website when I raised a request for a refund they had no copies in stock, so I simply expected a refund. Much to my surprise they sent me an actual copy in near perfect condition. I still haven’t played it.
  8. Payback? I liked that despite the focus being on loot boxes (subsequently removed) when I played it. It was essentially NFS Horizon.
  9. I imagine it would look amazing on an OLED.
  10. I enjoyed that Need for Speed. My only criticism is that there wasn't much of a police presence.
  11. Was that the one with the FMV cut scenes?
  12. I'm not sure if they added anything to the PS4 version other than higher resolution graphics and 60FPS?
  13. Three years ago. Xbox port came out a few weeks ago.
  14. It's a port of a Wii U game.
  15. This is up for preorder on Xbox. They’re doing that super annoying thing where if you buy the deluxe edition (which is £5 more expensive) you get three days early access.
  16. Hopefully Microsoft will throw enough Game Pass money Bamco’s way for the even better sequel to be ported.
  17. Maybe. It’s essentially Game of Thrones the game. However, I think a lot of the subject matter would pass over an 8 year old’s head and they’d be delighted by dog villages, ninja villages and huge dragons.
  18. From what I recall the dialogue/translation issues was corrected for the PAL release.
  19. There's very little grinding. Low level characters level up super quickly.
  20. You can play the entire game in third person, or just some of the DLC?
  21. They’re not. I can’t stand the detective nonsense. Put it to bed, continue with Kiryu for the action combat based side of the series.
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