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  1. They’re not. I can’t stand the detective nonsense. Put it to bed, continue with Kiryu for the action combat based side of the series.
  2. Hopefully permanently replaced by proper Yakuza with Kiryu as protagonist.
  3. Is that confirmed? Rare Replay's on sale for a fiver for the next two weeks.
  4. It was on Gamepass. I assume a lot of people would have downloaded it, played for 30 minutes and then uninstalled.
  5. Has anyone played the Langrisser 1 & 2 remakes? I notice that it's currently 70% off and looks good in a 16 bit strategy RPG kind of way.
  6. Forest were easily brushed aside midweek.
  7. Forest after signing loads of players don’t really look like scoring and have a very shonky defence.
  8. Neto is a great name for a goalkeeper.
  9. It's one of those games that was always in print (you could find new sealed copies for circa 20 dollars for years). I think that supply dried up (possibly pandemic related), price of second hand copies started rising due to no new copies being available; and then people panicked and price became stupidly high. Square Enix then printed up some more and prices are back where they were.
  10. Square Enix printed up a load more copies of Drakengard 3 after that price spike.
  11. This is my GameCube collection. All great bar that WWF game, plus I need to replace the Player’s Choice versions with the proper ones.
  12. Some good NTSC games there. You do seem to be lacking Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion? I like how you snuck in a PS2 game (albeit a good one in Burnout 2).
  13. Aha! Found it on the eShop. How much did the controller cost? I can’t imagine it was cheap...
  14. It's not really a question of inflation (technology is deflationary). More that at the UK launch GBPUSD was 1.32 and it's now 1.18. In USD terms the console at GBP 450 has gone from USD 594 to USD 531.
  15. I think the price hikes are more due to weak currencies versus the USD which is the currency almost all their manufacturing costs will be in than anything else.
  16. It was stated that it would be free
  17. The components to make the console are all priced in USD.
  18. The new DLC from Mega Mix+ was released yesterday for the Switch in North America, but seemingly not in Europe. US$35 for an additional 72 songs or you can buy them in packs of 10 or so songs for US$7 each (there's 7 packs). The DLC apparently takes up an additional 20GB of data. EDIT: The base game is on sale (50% off) at the moment too.
  19. Video games publishers charge what they think will maximise their revenue. A digital copy of PS4 FIFA is £60. £10 of that is VAT. Sony take £15. EA pocket £35. If Sony didn’t take their cut does anyone honestly think EA would charge £35 plus VAT so £42? Or would they continue to charge £60 and simply pocket £50 as opposed to the £35 they were making before?
  20. I used to like it when nine times out of ten I’d get the game on the Saturday morning. Weekend sorted. Does anyone know if tomorrow I switch my Xbox to New Zealand whether I’ll be able to play it?
  21. 27/07 - GRID Legends (PS5) - Other than the addition of a story mode and a few new car classes (electric; drift, possibly some others) this is largely more of the same compared to 2019's GRID. The story mode has an awful storyline with full video cut scenes, that's incredibly poorly acted (it's not quite as bad as the full video they put into one of the Need for Speeds but still bad) and largely serves to introduce you to all the different car classes and types of races. Career mode is an absolute grind, with many races being locked until you've driven a car a minimum number of miles and a ridiculous number of events. I abandoned the career mode after around a 100 events due to the grind, however I completed the story mode which triggered the credits so counting as complete. Good if you like Codemasters racing games. 07/08 - Picross S: Mega Drive & Master System Version (Switch) - Picross x Old School Sega. This is a very nostalgic take on the Picross S forumula with all the pictures relating to classic Mega Drive and Master System games, which in my opinion definitely elevated it over other games in the genre. It's much easier than some of the other Picross S games with few challenging puzzles in the standard Picross mode. Very good. 13/08 - The House In Fata Morgana (Switch) - visual novel covering the events in a cursed mansion over a period spanning a millennia. This was fantastic, a great story and some excellent music. The only small downside is that it's very linear, with no branching story paths - it's a case of select the correct choice to proceed with the story or select the wrong choice to get a bad or alternative ending there and then. 16/08 - KUUKIYOMI 2: Consider It More! - New Era (Switch) - Face 100 scenarios and be evaluated at how considerate a person you are. It reminded me a little of Wario Ware in that the first time you face a scenario it's not immediately clear what you should be doing and what button presses are actually valid. However, unlike that game there's next to no replayability, not helped by a vague scoring system. An interesting diversion but nothing more. Previously:
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