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  1. I'm playing Picross S Mega Drive & Master System Version. Why are the pictures you uncover in both standard Picross and Mega Picross the same? Is the idea that you simply play through the one type of picross you prefer? Or did they run out of Sega games to use?
  2. Some PAL games were never sealed (Konami for example often didn’t bother from what I recall). Please do list what you plan on selling especially if US NTSC versions
  3. It was a limited release that could only be purchased for ~6 months.
  4. EDF? Not sure what’s been released on Switch and whether they all have co op split screen. But yes EDF.
  5. Actually I just checked and six of mine are on sale as opposed to the three/four stated in the email.
  6. Nintendo actually sent me an email stating that four of the games on my Wish List are on sale. It’s how I thought the Wish List function was supposed to work. It’s a first. I’ll ignore the fact that the email only listed three games as opposed to the four in the heading. I’m amazed.
  7. Nurse Love Addiction & Nurse Love Syndrome are both 60% off. Joke is on you.
  8. Famicom Detective Club please!
  9. To claim the cars as part of the DLC car pack, do you actually have to go to the Auto Show and manually buy each one, once at a time?
  10. The Hot Wheels expansion in FH3 wasn't very good. You need a turbo/boost for such courses. So hopefully this leak is just made up nonsense.
  11. It's Backwards compatible. You'll need a disk unless you bought it (or claimed it when it was a Games with Gold).
  12. I completed it the other day and it felt overly dragged out and by the end I hated the psync puzzles.
  13. The original Forza Horizon
  14. I don't think the scoring is any different compared to Future Tone. I can comfortably do most of the songs on Hard on the Switch version (until they become too fast) whilst I'm not on that level on Future Tone.
  15. 07/04 - Fatal Twelve (PS4) - visual novel following a high school student who dies, but gets a chance to survive by playing the game of Divine Selection with another eleven characters (the "Fatal Twelve"). This was very good, mainly due to good writing and strong interesting characters. 12/04 - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega Mix (Switch) - This is effectively a port of Future Tone on PS4 with less songs but an added waggle mode. To get the game running on Switch the graphics have had an overhaul and we have a new cell shaded look that perfectly suits the game and looks stunning on the Switch OLED screen. It's more of the same really, but a great game nonetheless. 20/04 - Root Letter: Last Answer (PS4) - I'm not quite sure why a remake of Root Letter was required but here we are. The remake simply adds a live action mode (i.e. photo'd characters and locations) in addition to the same animated scenes found in the original. I'm not a huge fan of detective style visual novels, and often it seems difficult to strike a balance between not being too obtuse and providing too much hand holding. This opts for the latter which saves the frustration of not knowing what to do next, but at times it does feel you're just going through the motions. The story follows a young man who seeks to find the pen pal he exchanged letters with whilst at school. I got the standard bad ending and currently have no motivation to go back and obtain all the others. 29/04 - Marco & The Galaxy Dragon (Switch) - highly enjoyable visual novel as you follow Marco on her quest across the galaxy to find her mother. 30/04 - To the Moon (Switch) - thoroughly enjoyable story of two doctors who seek to fulfil a dying man's last wish via the use of artificial memories. 03/05 - Legend of Talia: Arcadia (Switch) - budget visual novel that'll keep you occupied for the hour or so it takes to play through. 02/06 - AI: The Somnium Files (PS4) - very linear detective style visual novel. I have to be honest I didn't like this. The story is fine if a little odd for my tastes but feels overly dragged out, and I disliked the psync puzzles when your in the mind of another character - by the end I was dreading having to solve anymore. Previously:
  16. The timing window seems better/more accurate in the Switch game. Not sure if they changed anything, or I simply became better or there’s additional lag whilst playing on PS5 (I’m convinced there is) but I’m far better at the Switch game than the PS4.
  17. If I'm reading that correctly the Extra Song Pack DLC with an additional 70 songs is to be released on the Switch too?
  18. Capcom a few months ago announced Exoprimal. Dinosaurs are falling from the sky and only you can save humanity or something. From the brief video below it looks a bit like EDF but with dinosaurs. Looks promising. Due out next year.
  19. Top 3 (I can’t pick just one)
  20. I hated it. The only game where I’ve taken advantage of CEX’s 48 hour returns policy.
  21. That's a worse selection of games than available via streaming on PS Now.
  22. You can largely breeze through all the games in the series knowing a handful of combos and a certain fight style. My approach is largely to dodge counter, which works well most of the time, but there will be the odd boss where it's the absolute worst possible approach. Shimano wasn't a difficult fight from what I recall, the fight on the other hand was painful.
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