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  1. Switch your console region to Mexico. Go to the online store, click to buy the game, you’ll be asked to enter an address if it’s the first time you’ve bought from that store (Google a hotel somewhere in Mexico); add store credit. Buy.
  2. I believe that works fine regardless of region you have your console set to.
  3. Yes. Alternatively buy USD or Mexico store credit and buy directly through your console without a VPN.
  4. Yes with a catch. It’s only available in North America (and possibly Japan) and thus to play it you must have your console region set to one of those countries. Switch back to the U.K. for example and you’ll get an error message on trying to boot the game.
  5. So Embracer is the parent of THQ Nordic. I’d never heard of them.
  6. I guess I’d call it anime take on an 80’s Saturday morning cartoon especially when it comes to the bad guys (one is a cigar chomping alligator in a cowboy hat). It’s not that long and very linear, but the protagonists have heart, and it clearly had a lot of money (by visual novel standards) thrown at it which is reflected in the visuals and audio. Really good in my opinion. There’s a demo available if you’re unsure.
  7. Marco & The Galaxy Dragon has been released on the Switch. Played a couple of hours last night and so far it's very good.
  8. Thanks. The local equivalent to GAME is currently doing a trade in offer where if you trade in a game from a very long list you can get a €25 eShop voucher in exchange. The thing is they have a load of mediocre stuff in said list (I traded in Balan Wonderworld on the PS4 for example) so am tempted to take full advantage - but don’t want said credit to suddenly disappear.
  9. Does eShop credit expire once redeemed and added to your account?
  10. Was that persons name @Mr. Gerbik?
  11. The Mega Drive box is worth more than the console...
  12. 20/02 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS5) - I think this is my favourite Uncharted. It's not too long, it has what feels like more focus on exploration and slightly less on cover shooting than earlier games in the series and in my opinion is better for it. The train yard section is however absolutely awful. 10/03 - Hashihime of the Old Book Town (Switch) - what is known in the trade as a Boy's Love Mystery or BLM for short. In other words a dating visual novel. Set in the Taisho era of Japan you follow the protagonist Tamamori who moved to Tokyo to enroll at the University, failed his entrance his exam, loses his motivation to live and ends up living in a fantasy world. This is a strange game, where it's difficult to know what's real and what's fantasy, in places it's quite dark, and is set against a very grey exterior (it's set during the rainy season, so no blue skies gaming) meant that at times it felt hard going. I completed the first story arc and seeing the end credits thus counting as completed, but will probably return to it at some point to see some of the other endings. Previously:
  13. People who only play FIFA or COD. One of my mates used to subscribe to Gold (or possibly still does - not sure if they binned it for free to play games). The only game he plays is Fortnite.
  14. Talking about wishlists. How do they work? I selected the star for half a dozen games on the eShop (which I assume is the wishlist option) and then assumed I’d get an email when the game went on sale? One of the games on my wishlist is now on sale, but I received no notification whatsoever.
  15. Is the DLC stand alone from the main game or do stats etc carry over?
  16. Picked up these two earlier. Rez was €8 and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 was €12. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 isn’t in the best condition but i’ve been after it for a reasonable price for a while, so very pleased overall.
  17. It’s better than in Grid where they threw in one complete outlier of a trophy which was to drive the equivalent of the earth’s circumference or circa 25,000 miles.
  18. I assume you can change your location on the Xbox to New Zealand. Not sure about PS5.
  19. Putting a game in a padded envelope and then that padded envelope within a larger one works well in my opinion. It's quick and easy and if a PS1 game will still qualify as a large letter. If selling something very expensive then best to put it in a sturdy box with lots of bubble wrap.
  20. It’s a bundle with both the single player GTA V and GTA Online. I *think* you can download them separately.
  21. Goes back up to £35. I think you can claim GTA Online for free even If you don’t currently have PS Plus.
  22. If he’d got into the team. DRS has been great for finger spinners who don’t do much.
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