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  1. Really for that price it should have some on board storage, although I'm guessing they've taken the whining of the anti PSP-Go crowd morons to heart
  2. Console finally gets released with no region locking… all the major Japanese SHMUPS get released on the other major console instead which actually has a smaller install base in Japan. Life isn't fair and cave/treasure don't want my money it seems
  3. Yet this is pretty much all I can think of. The previews were so misleading, the separate engine used for the multiplayer mode was atrocious, everything about it was fucking awful and I bought the expansion pack t play it too. Only other regret was Turok 1, cost over £60 IIRC and didn't even save the fucking game to the cart so the first 2 weeks of owning it I couldn't even get anywhere (Couldn't afford a memory cart yet) FUCK TUROK, FUCK ACCLAIM AND FUCK IGUANA
  4. Just found out about Funland today and was really disappointed that it had shutdown (even if it wasn't amazing). Namcoland is pretty bad, it's 90% crane/tickets and gambling. Has some Outrun 2 cabs, Daytona, few other racers and some shooting games and DDR. Better bets are Las Vegas which also has a few driving games, outrun 2, DDR etc but isn't as far out of the way as Namcoland. Or Goodge Street Casino if you want to play some proper arcade games They've just got this beast. Actually come to think of it Goodge St Casino is the best it's ever been in the few years I've been going to it. I'd happily trade Funlands death if GSC would be more like a Japanese game centre
  5. Put Ikaruga in this boat too, I'd think it looks great even if it was released tomorrow
  6. Anyone know if Gunstar Heroes is the PAL version or NTSC version in the UK store? Only just got a PS3 last week so out of the loop.
  7. Not true, you have to rely on Adobe and their production schedules and questionable competence. If Apple had allowed that from day 1 then the App Store would have been flooded with shoddy Flash ports and then it would be down to Adobe and Apple working with them to make sure these don't break or become unstable when the OS updates. Adobe could have ended up having Apples market by the balls, makes perfect sense to cut them out when their product is of questionable quality anyway. iOS is much much more expensive to develop for than Flash however. We can get a Flash game thrown together for under £8000. iOS developers quote a minimum of about £12k+
  8. quick save or regenerating health (like in Halo), just an excuse for poor level design, poor difficulty balancing and lets morons feel like they're actually playing a game when really it's an exercise in trial and error.
  9. Wouldn't really say so, I mean in the end it's still just sending a couple of numbers. Killzone 3 actually looks really good with it, I like how it decouples the gun from the view so you lose that feeling of steering a gun on legs you get when controlling FPS games with a mouse which is something I think Rare tried to do back in Goldeneye by adding the targeting mode.
  10. Just because you died the first 3 times doesn't make it a bad game. You've become too used to just sailing through games and checkpoints 15 seconds before your death that let anyone trial and error their way through anything.
  11. Mii clone - check Waggle clone - check WiiFit - soon to be checked 360 will soon just be a flimsy wii
  12. Well they've got the Mii clone, guess the 360 just needs its waggle clone and it can finally become the poor mans Wii that MS wishes it was.
  13. Yeah its totally fair to compare multimillion dollar productions to something made in a bedroom in the 80s
  14. as horrible as the cassette era game boxes are, they still have more personality than the latest Xbox bald identikit space marine game
  15. Ico was never rare, the price just got kept artificially high because people thought it was rare
  16. df0notfound


    Dead easy to kill, throw a bomb into their web before you walk under them and it'll stick there and kill them while they sleep
  17. Gotta be this, Nintendo must have been laughing all the way to the bank. or the project natal boy simulator Peter Molyneux is currently squeezing out of his arse
  18. Interesting look into the future of gaming if MS has any say in it. Thank god the Wii kicked the shit out of them this time round
  19. I doubt they'll even hear the internet nerd backlash over their money printing machine
  20. Dev tools are free actually, $90 is the dev licence so you can actually submit things and I'm sure Sony will be taking a cut of their digital sales too. I understand Sony not wanting to have a completely open shop like the App Store (definitely masses of crap on there and only a few gems) but I mean surely the dev licences and dev kit costs are enough to stop that happening anyway, why charge extra just to get the game onto the digital store shelves when the machine is already on its last legs.
  21. Should post your password on the Gamefaqs board, or just google shiren rescues and find another active rescue thread on a forum. The element of loss is one of the best things about roguelikes, I find it hard to feel excitement or any emotion at all in games like Halo where death will result in replaying the last 15 seconds, you lose nothing and any old fool can luck their way through the entire game. I like my games masochistic and want to be on the edge of my seat as me and the boss are down to the last slivers of health knowing that death means going back to the start. Pretty much why I mostly play SHMUPS and roguelikes these days, they're the only games that actually make me feel actual excitement.
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