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  1. Today is progressing like a constant war. Except with orange & cranberry muffins.

  2. Sat out on the grass. And looked in through the door. Same as it was before. So I'll try and get some sleep. I'll try and get some rest.

  3. What's on my mind? Gravity the Seducer, that's what. Glorious.

  4. "Don't you see? We're the same. Split. Right down the centre."

  5. Irsmuncast Ultras vs Nullaq Riftspawn Academicals

  6. Oh baby, here comes the fear again. The end is near. Again.

  7. It's not 'what's wrong?', it's 'what's right?'. It's the facts of life, sunshine.

  8. What do I care now, now it's over?

  9. If your friends all bitch, you're a punka. If your life is kitsch, you're a punka. Oh shi-

  10. I can distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous reptiles and I know the roads.

  11. Mmmmmm, maybe. Thing is I've just moved, don't have net (other than a work lolberry) so it means lugging the 360 about first *sigh*

  12. Shinku Hadoooooooooooooooooooooooooken.

  13. Unknown Pleasures, In Utero and The Holy Bible. Yes, it is now One Of Those Days, in One Of Those Moods.

  14. Ding-dong, the bitch is dead. Consider it a mercy killing.

  15. Deck those halls, trim those trees, raise up cups of Christmas cheer. I just need to catch my breath, Christmas by myself this year.

  16. Saviour of Allansia? I hate Allansia, Analand was always so much cooler.

  17. All I want for Christmas is a lighthouse and a kiss under the mistletoe. I have a feeling the former is more likely than the latter.

  18. Never let them see you bleed and always have an escape route.

  19. Best thing about chest infections: BATVOICE. I defy anyone to not enjoy growling simple statements like 'oh dear, there's no milk left' or 'tut-tut, it looks like rain'.

  20. Strangely enough, a pigeon bumped into my window yesterday. I'm not going to become a pigeon, though.

  21. Sitting waiting for a bat to crash through my window and give me renewed purpose in life. So far...zip, zilch, nil, nada, ziparoonio.

  22. Okay, that didn't work. Today I am mostly Pagliacci. Oh well.

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