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  1. Been away for a week else would have fixed the previous post y'all lost your shit over despite nothing properly plot revealing being in - shit like that, wanting to turn threads into goddamn CIA documents, whining about trivial stuff is why I near enough gave up on this place and the negative reaction to something as innocuous as that post (KALLO SAID SOMETHING FUNNY AT THE END, OH NO DON'T TELL ANYONE!)  just affirms that this board is probably no longer for me.


    Mass Effect Andromeda is sadly flawed in parts but I truly, honestly believe if you have any love for the series, you will find that - after that interminable opening act - it is an enjoyable experience and most definitely not the abomination and worst in the series some would have you believe. And Ryder is something of a delight as protags in these things go. If they can pull off the kind of jump in quality between the first and second games here as they did with the opening trilogy, then we could be in for something truly spectacular in a few years.


    Peace and love and farewell, y'all. Enjoy exploring the final frontier. Mods - delete the account, yo. I'm done here.

  2. Can I just add that I really loved that moment on the last mission where all hell's breaking loose in space around the Tempest and Sara on the bridge goes:


    "KALLO! How close can you get us to the Scourge?"

    "Um...too close?"


    It's just the way Kallo's VA and model combine to say it, followed by his ridiculously happy grin after he pulls it off.


    Going through the screenies folder, and I got one of the Archon with a surprisingly good trollface:



  3. In my defence, I would say there were times I channelled the young and impulsive, devil may care, get stabbed in the back through the frickin' heart Picard instead of smart, thoughtful old man Picard.


    Re: the other thing - hmmm. Actually, now that you say that, I can see the sense in how it might work:



    Sarissa needs time and focus to pull off the barrier around the Hyperion's command deck, luckily the Spectre shows up in his Turian X-Wing providing covering fire keeping bad guys off the Kodiak while she builds up to it. Kind of hard to do if the other guy isn't around and you're in a getting flung around everywhere while your pilot tries to keep from being blown up...


    Not sure where the Salarian Pathfinder fits in though, I just remember him hanging out of a Kodiak shooting a rifle at one point. Can't imagine he was much help!


    Probably could have been depicted clearer but I think that's probably it.

  4. Re: Ending Chat


    I don't think seatbelts would help much anyway as you're not really supposed to slam capital ships into huge, stationary objects. A magical all absorbing mass effect biotic field, on the other hand, is a somewhat different story.


    I was really glad about that actually, as the captain snuffing it was the one thing that I managed to read somewhere so when she didn't, I was all "wooooo!"


    So what decisions did y'all rack up in the end then? I had:


    • Sloane still in charge of Kadara but Reyes is out there in hiding somewhere (don't know if taking the shoot option kills him or not) and was just about always open to reconciling with the Exiles because "it's hard to calculate how few fucks I give about Tann's opinion"
    • Destroyed the Exaltation facility
    • Saved the Krogan scouts over the Salarian pathfinder. My reasoning was that so far, all the other pathfinders have died and their replacements seem to be okay so what's losing one more over saving several other guys. Plus I didn't want any more exalted Krogans running around, screw that noise.
    • Didn't let Drack kill that pirate dude but did exile Spender so he could go after him at some point, and teamed up with Morda so the Krogan are in a really nice position back onside with the Nexus now. I'm also godmother to Kesh's kids, which is a terrifying thought.
    • Held off shooting Asakuul, despite wanting to. Supergoon failson Jaal was pleased, despite getting shot in the face.
    • Spared Angaran GLaDOS and gave her back to them. She's contained on Aya but I get the feeling she could cause some serious shit down the line.
    • Coldly shot Pelessaria's arsehole ex, so we were able to retrieve the Remnant data core instead of waste time saving her instead. Feel kinda bad about that, it was another one of those heat of the moment things.
    • Exposed the new Asari Pathfinder but still recommended her for the job because hey, we all fuck up sometimes. Looks like that might be what saved Captain Dunn in the crash as she does have beast shields. Convinced the Turian Spectre to become their new Pathfinder as well.
    • Made the Moshae the Nexus Ambassador as it is the Angaran's home cluster, we are the guests and should be as respectful as possible. There must be no frickin' Cortés and the Conquistadors shit here. Like I said, gotta full on Captain Picard this.


    I was respectful, diplomatic, rational and generally mega friendly and helpful to everyone open to it this time round, albeit kind of impulsive and prone to making the odd bad decision in particularly heated moments. Which brings me to the big one.


    I MADE THE DEAL. And I know that bitch is going to cause no end of fucking trouble if there's a follow up/expansion. Drack was really against it, Vetra and I were both trying to think practical in a 'enemy of my enemy' kind of way. She kept up her end but yeah. She's bad news.


    In short, lots of good work and one little spur of the moment decision made in the arse end of Eos is probably going to bite Sara in the arse so hard, she'll never be able to sit down again.

  5. Reminds me when people would post horror stories about playing the original on Insanity and it sounded like the most miserable, unfun load of bobbins imaginable, pinging away at Geth Primes, or Krogan Battlemasters with near perma immunity on. I find life's too short such nonsense.

  6. Re: The Milky Way


    I don't think they have - or will - go with any ending in particular. Most likely the other end of whatever the arks/Nexus use to communicate with was destroyed in the war and whoever survived won't have known anything about the Initiative. Or assumed that they were all destroyed either in the war or en route to Andromeda.


    I wasn't remotely interested in the status of the Quarian ark while playing, didn't miss them or the others at all but fair play, they found the one hook that's irresistible to me - not an SOS but a dire warning not to come after us? That's proper Alien/Event Horizon shit, I'm obviously gonna come looking for you now, you dopes.


    That's a real shame, @Oz. Like LeChuck, I have no time or patience for bulletsponge nonsense so just played through on Normal and never really had any issues in combat apart from one encounter on Eos where a seemingly infinite number of Kett spawned to a point even Drack couldn't keep up. Had to dash inside their outpost, finish the quest and leg it in the Nomad with about a hundred of the bastards shooting away at us...


    Other than that, the bugs I got were mild. Quest/Inventory/Codex not clearing the new item notification, Pelessaria dying on one mission and not reviving, then becoming invisible on the ship until a restart, helmets being perma on after the Turian ark mission, again until a restart.

  7. And that's that. Worst Game of All Time, All Involved Must Suffer A Thousand Torments, etc.


    Need to digest properly but honestly? The first game has the best story and a finale better than most games in their entirety but plays like a dog, the second has the best cast and overall experience, the third has the best combat/mechanics but - Tuchanka apart - is a largely joyless and disjointed chore. Andromeda just has to make do with being the second best in most areas, which puts it behind ME2 as the best in the series. It's a buggy, unoptimised mess at times, that first act is woeful, the glacial pace of the galaxy map is infuriating (admittedly, pretty tho) and all those fetch quests are lame as but it picks up, builds momentum, the characters grow into their roles and actually shine, and its themes on the importance of family, community, hope and optimism are, frankly, something of a godsend in these miserable, cynical times. That final section, everything coming together as it does, was a delight. And to repeat what I said earlier, Sara Ryder is as good a player character as they've ever done, the Tempest gang feel like a proper family in the grand old Star Trek tradition, much more so than the Normandy. Hopefully most of them will stick around on board in some form if there's a continuation.


    (I'd also suggest the subtext of the recurring instances of new, inexperienced and unprepared 3rd and 4th rate understudies having to step up and take the reins in the absence of leaders and visionaries in situations where they are totally in over their head and out of their depth is hilariously apt, and on the nose)


    I can totally understand someone not feeling inclined to carry on after those first few hours, especially with all the technical issues but in the end, I only enjoyed ME2 more.


    They really need to bring back Jack Wall and Sam Hulick back though as the music was - main theme apart - utterly unmemorable. Criminally so.


    Anyway, here's to the finest crew in Heleus. It was a rocky road but they got there in the end.





  8. Not really, though there was talk of a salarian teammate who was dropped from the final roster.


    Speaking of salarians, oh man - I am stuck on what can only be described as a peak salarian mission. I'm so confused and conflicted I genuinely have no idea which way to turn. Bloody Tinker, Techie, Soldier, STG shit. This could backfire horribly...yet once again I shall use Cap'n Picard as my guide. Sod it.


    Then again, what if...arrrrrrg.

  9. Just pootling about on one of the seemingly innocuous sidequests that I don't even recall where I picked up and, er, something rather unexpected happened at the end of it.


    The Primus (the Archon's #2) and I cut a deal to allow me to get in close enough to kill the Archon. She still wants to conquer the cluster eventually but for now she just wants him gone because she's sick of all the obsessing over the Remnant shit.


    There is, of course, absolutely no way at all that this will bite either of us on the arse.

  10. Yeah, sniping is harder yet I guess it is more rewarding now when you do head shot some sucker 70m away who's darting across the field like Usain Bolt thinking he's hot shit and then his head explodes and Jaal yells "EXCELLENT SHOT!" and it's time to spill drinks on the Cita- Nexus.


    Still can't stop taking pictures.











  11. I crafted an M8 Avenger last night. Vintage heat sink, bunch of bonuses, 2 extra mod slots. I don't even care that it's a crappy rifle when it comes down to it, it's not like I'm gonna use it when I've a Black Widow with 60 odd shots to hand. I just wanted one for its sheer iconic status.

  12. Still got to finish off Elaaden, Pelessaria's loyalty mission, and Addison's missing friend (it only took almost the entire game but she delivers a good line: "FUCKING HELL") then it's off to the finale.


    Alas, I finished the memories quest and now poor Sara's innocence has been shattered somewhat. 



    Sure, finding out there's still hope for MomRyder was a much needed break...but discovering the truth behind the Initiative, and just why the Milky Way hasn't responded to a single transmission in the last 600 years has gotta be a tough one to swallow. One thing to strike out at a new frontier, another entirely to discover everything you left behind may now be a dead, smoldering ruin and you're probably the last group of your peoples in the entire universe now.


    It's also hilarious that for all the whiny nerd bitching about the stated reasons for going to Andromeda (because we can, recapturing the frontier spirit, etc) instead of it being an evacuation from the Reapers the actual underlying reason was just that all along, with the Illusive Man - for who else really can it be - wanting a contingency plan if all else failed. Speaking of the old bastard, a shame there hasn't been an opportunity to grill Cora Harper about her family.


    Anyway, between that and a meeting with Drack in the medbay, last session was something of a downer. I almost get the feeling a follow up game could open with the old man's funeral, all that talk of replacement prosthesis and failing redundant organs didn't sound very promising. Which would be a shame because he's just a lovely, lovely space frog murder grandpa. Getting into trouble in bars, telling Ryder about how Kesh changed his outlook, dispensing family advice to Vetra, laughing at finding out PB's dad not being a krogan...he should get to have a nice, long, leisurely retirement.


    Then again, he's a bloody krogan, maybe this is his perfect idea of retirement.


    Between Drack, the Ryders, Jaal, Vetra and Sid, there is something of a strong focus on family here. I'm already pre-emptively resenting the videogame conventions that demand a follow up will replace nearly everyone and mess around with the Tempest - I could quite happily take these guys and ship as is off exploring other clusters, they feel like a proper starship crew*. Obviously Drack's probably going, Pelessaria's too flighty to stay, Jaal isn't the explorer type but I can see the rest sticking around.



    * Yes, even Suvi.

  13. 1 hour ago, Captain LeChuck said:

    One thing that has been a very pleasant surprise is the Archon turning out to not be the clichéd one-dimensional villain portrayed in the trailers. 


    Looking back, the trailers and marketing for this game were way off. 


    Until last night, my thoughts on him were this:


    i) His intro scene where he's watching Dad Ryder interact with the Remnant interface, trying to copy it and failing, then just silently staring at Ryder with the coldest, most envious and slightly sad glare was actually kind of cool;


    But then nothing else happened for the longest time so it became more like:


    ii) Who the fuck is this guy? What does he want? Does he have anything approaching a personality in the slightest? Is he just gonna silently fume the entire game? Are all these dudes just mindless killers?


    After finishing Voeld and last night's mission though, I've have warmed to him. It reminded me of that scene from Dr No where it turns out No's spent most of the film trying to get a bead on Bond and what kind of threat he presents until now, finally, he's seen enough to say "[oh] you're just a stupid policeman." It's that same level of confusion the Archon has over Ryder giving way to "hmmm, you're not really anything special, are you?" except this goes both ways between them.


    I kind of wrote them off in the first few hours as puttymen machine gun fodder but since getting to explore a lot more, the Kett have become far more intriguing. Playing off the body horror aspects of the Borg while clearly having a kind of structure, culture and degree of manipulation at all levels that wasn't immediately apparent.


    Do they ever say who the mysterious benefactor who helped bankroll Garson was?


    Surely it has to be dear old Timmy, though if so, it's surprising how many of his screw-up prone former staff made it through the screening process. Speaking of Initiative screening, good on them for addressing why so many of the colonists turned out to be total psychos, was just expecting it to be ignored entirely because [enemy mob variety].


  14. Wiper gets it. I don't want any more of those things in the Archon's room running around than is absolutely necessary. Speaking of, Drack's attempts to talk it down were proper "awwwww".


    Generally speaking, the idea of Krogans setting up home in an already inhabited cluster sets off a load of alarm bells because they're one of the ultimate example of a invasive species nightmare in the making. On the other hand, Krogan are typically always awesome and loveable space frog buddies to a point I find it almost impossible to side against them. I could understand it if any Angaran who spends five minutes reading up on them is shitting themselves, though.

  15. Just done Drack's mission. It's official: Drack is the Best Krogan. Brogan. Fight me on this and I will cut you.


    I feel a bit bad that I denied him the John Matrix moment at the end there but damn it, I'm totally Captain Picard'ing this shit. Well, mostly.


    And Cap, actually no.



    I was so mad at Reyes playing me like a fiddle that - despite swearing blind after meeting Kelly that I would get her kicked out on her arse - I saved her out of pure spite, though I couldn't bring myself to shoot him. So now I'm stuck with a working relationship with that vicious cow instead. Great. Smashing. Super. SHIT.


    Photo of the Day. I call it 'Peak Liam'




  16. Awwww, that poor Krogan who's desperate for more gingerbread cookies. Wonder if anyone did bother to bring some roots with them...


    In other news, I screwed up on Kadara in ways so shockingly shameful, I'm not even sure I dare send Sara back to that system ever again. Or, as the Mammoth Penguins once sang, I got played, I got plaaaaaaaaaayed.

  17. Cora's too much of a weeablu to hang out with. Plus I can tell she's still salty af about the job thing, which I can empathise with to be fair.


    Liam Costa's loyalty mission beautifully nails that old LotSB/Citadel screwball farce feel, it wouldn't have been a surprise if Sara ignored everything just to boot him in the balls repeatedly but hey, at least she got to do a Han Solo.

  18. Carfted Black Widow with 4 mod slots + the outlaw set with head/weakpoint bonuses


    I was mad about losing the sniper slomo effect from ME2 & ME3, now I just straight up take a breath and murder fools anyway while they're busy panicking at the 1000lbs of angry Krogan about to headbutt them and Vetra lays down suppressing fire like a Turian Vasquez with whatever the hell that thing is she's packing.

  19. Truth bomb: Sara Ryder is a better and more interesting and likable character than Shepard was in their first, or any other lead/PC they've done to date, with the arguable exception of DA:O's Kill Bill City Elf. She's a complete dork, out of her depth and in over her head, making it up as she goes yet endearingly hopeful and optimistic in the best Star Trek way and grows into her role after understandably being almost ignored/dismissed at the start (that first crew meeting, ha). For all the game's problems (and even so at 2/3s through, I'd still rate it above the last one), I will happily admit I was wrong about how she'd measure up - she's great.


    And more real talk: Drack is the best Krogan/grandpa you never had. Despite falling for the ol' Nigerian Asari 419 scam.

  20. 58da2f9c54cb9_MassEffect_Andromeda_20170325145410.thumb.jpg.f94515d87d3e1add92b7127adf963d19.jpg


    "Oh my god, they've found me. I don't know how but they've found me...RUN FOR IT, GUYS!"




    "Who, who???"




    "WHO DO YOU THINK? T.V. LICENSING! I'll hold them off!"




    "You, er, you have no legal authority to board my ship, and furthermore you have no proof whatsoever that I have anything capable of receiving television signals on board. My ship is 600 years old! We can't even pick up FM radio!"

  21. 3 hours ago, Flub said:

    Some screenshots from the PS4 Pro. I'll spoiler them just in case people don't want to look

      Reveal hidden contents





    For some reason embedding stopped working after the first two. Let me try a new post

    Here's a non-spoiler one of my funky jacket (You can change your off duty outfit and colours)




    *Edit* Weird. Did somebody just break embedding?


    High five, Asian Sara buddy.








    All hail the Philomena Cunk of the 29th Century

  22. 2 hours ago, Captain LeChuck said:


      Hide contents

    Ted had the authority to completely delete Apollo, his reasons for doing so were sound (to avoid the new humanity repeating the mistakes of the old), but he was clearly not sound of mind. 


    Who's to say, in his madness, he wrote something into the programming, something subtle, yet dangerous?  




    His reasons can be argued as sound, yes but just lol if anyone thinks he did it for any reason other than ensuring future generations never know just who was responsible for the complete destruction of both human civilisation and the entire goddamn eco system of the planet Earth. It's all about his fucking ego.


    Ted Faro is literally the single most detestable fictional character creation in recent memory. A full on megafash like Emperor Palpatine was more likeable and had more redeeming qualities than this sack of shit and it were announced tomorrow that the DLC costs £20 just for reused bunker assets full of Ted clones in stasis tubes, I would happily pay it and punch them all in the balls for months. What a pathetic prick.


    Horizon Zero Dawn is simply an excellent, wonderful game, I can't praise it enough. Aloy owns, the gameplay owns, the robots own, and the backstory to the apocalypse is probably the most depressingly plausible and terrifying in a long while - at least, for example, Skynet only nuked everything in desperation and was only concerned with humans. This was just utterly horrific in pure conceptual terms any way you look at it. Even The Thing reaching mainland would be less appalling.


    Best comedy moment: having spent most of it as the Predator, the absolute highlight was coming out of [somewhere] and finding the bad dudes all cowering in the long grass. Feeling good at the fact I now clearly scare them shitless, I go over to batter one only for one to hear "for pity's sake, they'll see you!" at which point I realised there was a big shimmery/glitchy area several yards away and the penny dropped. Oh. Oh dear.


    Oh and proper lol @ any chumps who didn't choose the aggressive option in the final meeting with the Eclipse dude. Aloy's a good person in the main but sometimes, you just gotta tell it like it really is. Stone. Cold.

  23. *seeking shelter from the storm, you enter a cave, its entrance draped with vines. Inside, you find a skeleton, a scroll gripped tightly in its hand...*




    Well this is all rather weird. For the first time since Eredar Twins way back when, I'm 'on' the Cutting Edge instead of checking things out in fun runs after a new tier has come out - after defeating the true boss of Mythic Nightmare who had us stuck for weeks (Evil Fucking Bastard Tree, Jesus Christ he was an absolute shit), Cenarius and Xavius went down really fast without much incident. Given how much we struggled with Blackrock Foundry on Heroic, our progress in Legion has been surprisingly good, all things considered, though admittedly, we didn't even bother devoting time to the Trial of Valor (because it's rubbish!).


    I didn't like the Nighthold much at first, the early bosses are all hilariously unfriendly for a poor, cleave-focused Chaos Bolt spammer like me - but by the time we reached the last group of Tichondrius - Tel'arn - Elisande - Gul'dan, the tide turned somewhat and I can Wreak Havoc with impunity. Gul'dan on Heroic is an end boss done nigh on perfectly - the fight doesn't take forever (despite his insane amount of health), the phases are varied, there's lots to deal with but nothing impossible, and it's just plain cool to see the old bastard hulk out and give it all for one glorious last showdown. Too bad about Xe'ra's awful husbando killstealing him at the end, I honestly wanted Gul'dan to escape while shouting "and I would have done it too if it hadn't been for you pesky murderhobos" because he's the best bad guy this side of the Lich King. Ah well.


    Despite having numerous issues with class balance, specs, talents, and itemisation (my god, the tier set stats are awful, so much versatility, the shoulders are pretty much an abomination of uselessness in particular), I'm feeling rather positive about Legion at the moment. The set bonuses are brilliant in quality of life terms, I really enjoyed the Suramar campaign, my professions are maxed, M+ with pals is immense fun, I have Nightbane and a ghost moose, six (largely awful) legendaries, all but the PvP and Glory of the Hero artifact appearances unlocked, and more snazzy outfits than I can ever hope to choose from. Unlife is good.


    Anyway, we've been checking out Mythic now and gonna be doing Trilliax tonight, who I utterly loathe but it appears he becomes a cleave fight now so hurrah and bring on the cakes.




    Love to you all, see you anon...



    *you turn to leave and find scores of fierce looking murlocs at the cave entrance. Nervously, one holds up a bottle of grog to you. This could be a long night...*

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