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  1. Re. Garrisons Followers: There's no real point now but the main thing to do with them was i) make obscene amounts of easy money in conjunction with the Treasure Hunter trait (RIP) and an Inn; ii) get the odd toy, mount, rep boost token, archeology tokens; iii) collect a shed load of gear/outfits for transmog via the fortnightly raid missions. Despite not being anywhere near a cutting edge progress guild, I was able to amass complete Mythic T18 Mage and Warlock lookalike sets, and am just a pair of shoulders off getting the Priest one, just through the Highmaul and Foundry missions. You need 8 and 15 kills per difficulty setting to unlock missions at the next difficulty setting, so 8/15 Raid Finder kills in Highmaul/Foundry gets you Normal mode caches from the garrison mission, 8/15 Normal kills opens up Heroic caches, etc. Hellfire Citadel was different in that you needed 8 kills of a level to get caches of the same level, so 8 Heroic kills unlocks Heroic caches, 8 Mythic kills gets you Mythic caches. If you like playing dress up in a multitude of snazzy outfits, it was something of a godsend.
  2. You think Captain Boomerang is bad, just wait till you see Slipknot - his super power is being really good with ropes.
  3. "In one scene Captain Boomerang leaves the team and then in the very next shot he walks in a slomo shot with them, completely unmotivated. That’s kind of Suicide Squad in a nutshell" "Jared Leto is fucking insufferable. He doesn’t even share the screen with any of the Squad besides Harley, so I don’t know why Jared Leto needed to abuse his co-stars so thoroughly during production. Nobody has a scene with The Joker!" Ha, this could be a work of bad movie genius.
  4. Given Morrison has a history of misrepresenting and misunderstanding Moore, I'd be inclined to believe the opposite, personally.
  5. Never read Avengers #200 then, I take it. There's been fucked up stuff in comics long before The Killing Joke arrived on the scene. Christ, looking back on some old X-Men stuff leaves me wondering how the hell one man can squeeze so many fetishes into a single comic without anyone saying anything..! (Don't. Friends don't let friends read Avengers #200!)
  6. I'd be more hyped to see a tightened up, live action version of Alien: Isolation than whatever Blomkamp has in mind. Them Seegson bots walking around like a Lidl version of Ash and Bishop, those guys are ace. Plus a more morally flexible Ripley who uses suckers as decoys to keep the big chap busy with, love it.
  7. I'd say you/we're all best off getting the PC version if possible but that said, fuck it, I'm going for the PS4 and hoping it runs okay. Let us fly the friendly skies, my brothers and sisters! The USS Michael Bay shall blaze a trail across creation for all to follow.
  8. Someone asked JC why he didn't sue Kojima and he replied that Canal Plus were going to but he talked them out of it because Kojima is a nice guy. So there you have it, Luc Besson. Be more Kojima.
  9. He made some bizarre and insane comment on gay marriage, like dads might marry their sons to avoid inheritance tax or something. I'm probably got it wrong but it was just so fucking mental and odd whatever the fuck it was he was trying to say that I'm not sure even he knew what his actual point was.
  10. i) The Fast films are, in the main, joyously ludicrous and delightfully entertaining, and have more heart than the vast majority of summer blockbusters, which goes a long way; ii) Mister Michael Bay's Transformers films are beyond good, beyond evil, beyond your imagination. Their appeal lies in both scratching the 'robots smashing shit up' itch the more base, simple-minded cinema audience member craves, while also containing layers of depth, commentary and satire for more sophisticated viewers with which to laugh darkly at the horrorshow that is modern America and its attitudes to sex, race, class and violence. Both series are far superior and more enjoyable than Fatman v Murderman: Yawn of Boredom
  11. Anyone remember Heavy on the Magik on the 8bits? A massive pseudo graphical text adventure where you have to escape a dungeon that could take weeks/months, except there was a sequence of actions where you could do it within 90 seconds if you somehow knew (ie, read the Tips page in a mag) what to do and where to go. Sure, you're bypassing, oooh, 99% of the frickin' game but hey, you could say you 'finished' it, go you, etc.
  12. Moonraker is pish (though Space Nazi Drax is great), Live And Let Die is Moore's most boss film. You're wrong and what's more you're a grotesquely ugly fool if you disagree. "The name's Bo-" "NAMES IS FOR TOMBSTONES, BABY. Y'ALL TAKE THIS HONKY OUTSIDE AND WASTE HIM."
  13. I only watched a few seconds of the video but I'm not too worried about spoiling things because hey, we're all gonna end up on different planets, right? Gonna stock up on gin, build the biggest, clunkiest looking ship I can and head straight to the centre of the galaxy, leaving a bunch of newly discovered places like Gorftopia, Sabreworld, Davrosville, and Costa del Stu in my wake.
  14. Holy shit, Raiden's ending is brilliant. Re: Ken's Hurricane Kick, I refuse to accept that it's not "some Shang Tsung squirrel Ken"
  15. I really enjoyed this! Boo to anyone dissing the use of 'classical music' in this, boo I say. Yorktown was amaaaaaaazing, the use of older 'assets' was a delight and yeah, it just felt properly Star Trek to me. Too bad that Facehuggerhead Lady got the 'Random Horizon Woman/Kelly Chambers (if you're bad)' treatment, I wanted to see more of her. Jayla was pretty ace too, it'd be grand if she comes back. Oh and holy shit at Cochese' palindrome point.
  16. Dear Blizzard, Pls delete current Karazhan and replace it with this one. TIA.
  17. Interesting theory doing the rounds at the moment: DeBlanc is a demon and he and Fiore aren't just Genesis' custodians but its actual parents. Hence the wanted poster, singing lullabies to it, DeBlanc's refusal to get Heaven involved, listing 'serial killer' as his occupation, seemingly knowing more about Hell, calling Fiore the 'sweet one' and saying he's 'loved up there', refusing to let sinister travel agent lady have her way with Fiore, etc. Hmmmmm.
  18. I've seen this so many times and it never fails to crack me up. That Cena walkout chain, man. Hopefully Mister Michael Bay's next meisterwerk TRAN5FORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT will provide them with plenty of inspiration for a follow up.
  19. Only good thing they've ever done with those furry freaks.
  20. Haha, you dumbo. There is no Emily in the comic, no one remotely like her or her character arc at any point.
  21. It's not so much going evil, more like a mini-breakdown. She's a somewhat strung out, god-fearing woman whose seen the preacher she admires/fancies start acting very strangely and ungodly, she sees men like Quincannon getting their own way no matter what, she literally just discovers that vampires (and who knows what other monsters) are real, and she feels trapped and pressured by the Mayor, who repeatedly tries worming his way into her life and her bed. Reckon she just had a psychotic break or something and decided the mayor is an acceptable price to pay to free the innocent guinea pig (and herself). The way she tells it it's free and it just stays there in the box can be seen as symbolic of herself - both have escaped but neither know what to actually do from here.
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