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  1. So when does Begbie become a lahdee-dah new man artist living in L.A? Because that I have to see.
  2. While I loved S3&K, there were two things about it that bugged me. One, the lack of the Sonic theme, replaced with a couple of ditties nowhere near as good; and Two, the new art style for Sonic, never liked it given the original and its sequel nailed that shit first time round. So seeing that they've gone back to that look for him in this, while a little thing, certainly pleases me no end.
  3. So is that it for DeBlanc then? Assuming that the cowboy has already achieved sainthood and has the pistols that will kill literally anything that exists, how can DeBlanc come back? And if he does, doesn't it effectively mean the Saint isn't anywhere near as scary as he should be because if b-tier angels can still rebirth, it would follow that anything more powerful could too... I suppose it's possible the cowboy is currently just another dude experiencing his own private hell and they're about to offer him a way out but then why would the angels keep talking about him as a last resort if he's just another man at this point? Also, daaaaaaaaamn, Emily. That was some stone cold shit.
  4. Gray suit's better but the new cowl is an improvement, looks less derpy.
  5. Going by people's impressions here and elsewhere, it seems all the actual Star Trek fans like/love this, so I'm rather looking forward to seeing it now. Most of the negativity seems to have been the general sense of despair over poor Anton Yelchin understandably overshadowing it somewhat.
  6. Man, you guys and your low effort, low content OPs. Like, you're so obsessed with being first and then...you do nothing except paste in a frickin' press release. No effort, no artistry, no flair. Tres disappointing. Anyway, at least once this flick is out of the way we can finally get around to getting Kamala, aka the only Marvel worth a damn.
  7. At that size, Kong ain't gonna be getting the hots for no piece of skirt, it'd be like preferring one ant over another. Even scaled up, I still can't see Kong putting up much of a fight against Godzilla. If you come at the king, you best not miss? Sure, mate, my money's on the spikey, spiney fellow with the fuck off tail and atomic halitosis.
  8. I was gonna ask why The Fastest Man Alive needs a suit of body armour but maybe the poor bastard also suffered through Age of Ultron and decided not to take any chances.
  9. Man's inhumanity to man. Also, it's WWI so no Nazis. Just The Hun.
  10. I think the Warglaives and the Kil'jaeden bow are kinda middling unless you're doing TBC timewalking but Shadowmourne, the Fangs, and especially Dragonwrath are the dogs' bollocks for any of them. Dig out your Ashen Verdict rings too, the proc is way better than keeping the WoD ring on. I need to do some Mythics (well, the Iron Docks) as the patch has completely upturned things - haste was garbage for Destro and mastery was tied with crit as King but now it's the other way around so my beautiful DSI is kinda lame and a lucky warforged roll on the ID trinket means it's 2nd or 3rd BiS. Pah.
  11. Ralph or no, it's well fugly. Like, if an OG Klingon tried to design a Federation ship or something.
  12. That looks fucking hilarious and demented, I am in, Day One, etc.
  13. Liked everything except the slow-mo and that godawful screeching nightmare of a theme tune they've saddled her with.
  14. Rob Liefeld is an international treasure. He's like the comic book version of that guy who did The Room.
  15. TRUFAX: Robbie is a much more fun Ghost Rider than Blaze. Ideally though, the best use of the concept would be one making full use of the insane legion of the bastards throughout history. Red Baron Biplane Ghost Rider, G-Man Ghost Rider, burning elephant riding Hindu goddess Ghost Rider, burning bear riding Cossack Ghost Rider, shark riding Atlantean Ghost Rider, bus Ghost Rider, truck Ghost Rider, Sherman tank Ghost Riders, centaur with mini-guns Ghost Rider, etc.
  16. I'm kinda disappointed. Not that it's a Blair Witch sequel but rather that they've revealed it already. The joy of his previous films was that sudden midway turn where you realise you're getting a sly take on Predator and Captain America respectively, and going to see The Woods then discovering these fucks are gonna get wrecked by the Blair Witch would have been ace. Ah well.
  17. Oh hey, guess who Fiore & DeBlanc have paid a visit to? (you sure as hell don't need three guesses)
  18. Maybe riff on Blood & Whiskey in parallel with the Angelville stuff? That could work.
  19. Comic chat, skip past if you're only watching the show and want no surprises. One thing that comes from re-reading it is seeing how incompatible the story arcs are with a standard, regular cast TV show. Cassidy, Arseface, and the Saint sometimes entirely fuck off for long periods which makes me wonder how they can possibly do stories where it's just Jesse and Tulip, or a long flashback, and there's nothing for the others to do. The Saint peaks about midway then is barely seen again till the very end, Cass is hardly in the final stretch, and Arseface becomes largely peripheral before the halfway point. If, as rumoured, the network are so enamoured with Joe Gilgun that they see Cassidy as the Daryl of the show (the breakout character more popular than the main), they may want him around as much as possible. Similarly, in light of this latest episode, I wonder if Arseface is going to take John Wayne's role in the story from here, as Jesse's moral centre/imaginary friend. Presumably there'd be some kind of estate/image rights issue they might not want to deal with and it'd be a shame to ditch the kid for season or two as he's doing a good job with the character.
  20. Leto's in his 40s, he's not that young... ...shit, wait, 40 is the new 30, it ain't old at all, he's well youthful, yo.
  21. I shall be intentionally bodging this mission because I can't kill the man who gave the world this:
  22. *watches the new episode* "What a bizarre diversion of a side plot with Tulip. And what about Cassidy, are we going to see hi- OH FUCKING CHRIST" Guessing the town is totally going to blow up by the season's end, though more through corporate environmental idiocy than anything supernatural. And looks like Fiore & DeBlanc are off to Boot Hill, yay.
  23. Dig Dug, if I could give you all my upvotes for that Aladdin post, I would. My god, it's beautiful.
  24. I just saw a doubles match between some anime dude and a WoW Paladin vs Luke and Vader. It was possibly the greatest thing I will ever ever see. Team Skywalker won when a clip of Han Solo going "Woohoo!" shooting shit in the Falcon appeared. I may have had a couple of seizures too, not sure.
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