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  1. Ah, yeah, that's why you should never take that exit - it can count as a kill and nix your SA rating, unless they've patched it out.
  2. I sorta can, the way he was playing was scarily like the way I probably would - and no, I don't mean that as a compliment to me, either!
  3. Re: The Twin I'd love to know how you're supposed to SA that one, it just felt like there was so much that could go wrong if you tried to. I'll just settle for doing the job, ta.
  4. Imagine being some random schlub in the pools thinking "all I need is a good draw and some luck and I might get fa- oh fuck, it's Infiltration" It'd be like fighting a tank with a plastic spork.
  5. Can't say I blame the dude, if I was in a film and the costume department made me something as pimp as this, I'd probably wear it all the time too. "Fuck you, Bane - capes > overcoats."
  6. I'm genuinely struggling to think of any other game I've looked forward to as much in years, I haven't played anything on my PS4 in months. I just wanna make a cool as hell spaceship and fly around the galaxy swooping over the surface of stars and frolicking about in bluegrass fields under yellow skies.
  7. I am SO EXCITED. Gonna stock up on coffee and trash talk.
  8. Jeez, while I don't hate it, an adaptation where Jesse is a huge piece of shit and Cassidy - Cassidy! - is the most decent, moral and upstanding of the main trio is certainly screwy as fuck.
  9. I just watched this and came away convinced it's basically a feverish vision of an Andrea Leadsom premiership. We're one big train, utterly screwed beyond all hope at the mercy of despicable bastards and the only thing left to do is derail the bloody thing and take as many of them with us as possible, and perhaps whoever survives the crash may be able to make a better stab of things next time. Or get eaten by polar bears, you never can tell. Naturally, I adored Tilda in this and was more than a little distressed that she didn't stick around for the final act.
  10. I must confess, I was pleasantly surprised by this. It's not what I'd call good exactly yet I can't deny finding it rather enjoyable and watchable when I'd pretty much written it off entirely. Despite knowing the general story beats, it managed to surprise me in places (Orgrim's crushing heel turn; Durotan challenging Gul'dan did not pan out like I thought it would, even though there was only ever one way it could; ditto Draka and the baby by the river; Llane and Garona's final scene), and, much to my fucking amazement, Ben Foster, an actor I utterly loathe, actually did a fine job on Medivh. The editing is pretty haphazard, some parts are just bizarre (why does Blackhand want to Mak'gora with Lothar exactly?), there is an undeniable 'Attack of the Clones greenscreen-itis' in some scenes, and I can't imagine anyone unfamiliar with the source material could have much of a clue what was going on half the time but yeah, I'll hold my hands up - I kinda dug it.
  11. Late to the party but finally I have 'experienced' Fatman v Mopeyman: Yawn of Boredom - Ultimate 'Oh My Fucking God Is This Fucking Thing Ever Going To End' Edition Fuck me with a barbed wire brush, what a massive, stinking pile of horseshit. I didn't fancy it from the trailers but despite you lot slating it, I didn't think it could really be that bad. I was wrong. I was so wrong. That was fucking chronic, almost entirely irredeemable. It didn't even look or sound as good as Man of Steel, somehow..! Still, I did like Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, and yes, Jesse Eisenberg, I actually dug his take on Lex, despite being somewhat more crazy than we're used to. And Wonder Woman was alright when she joined in the manpunching instead of unnecessarily delaying the film's raison d'être in order to Netflix and chill in her hotel room, FFS. Otherwise, this was absolute bobbins. Hopefully Suicide Squad will cleanse the palate and get things on track...
  12. Batman doesn't kill people...this guy is absolutely fine, just unconscious and may even be able to move part of his body again some day.
  13. Plus there are times in the original where he's so spoiling for a good punch-up he literally forgets he has it and Tulip has to remind him. Jesse's not exactly the sharpish tool in the shed, y'dig?
  14. Oho, and so the seeds of Cass' discontent are sown. Somewhat baffled by the turn Arseface's story has taken there ("it doesn't work like that!!!11" apart from one memorable time with granny's boys) and Tulip's just outright awful (character-wise) so far but Fiore & DeBlanc are great, hopefully next week will see a wrap up of the Old West side-story so they can go to Boot Hill and hit that panic button. Edit: Hahaha, what the fuck? Even the nice lady from church is from the UK, so in this Texas set exploration of Americana, that's her, Jesse, Cass, the Saint, Fiore, and DeBlanc, plus Tulip being Irish. Has there been some kind of extinction level event for American TV actors or something?
  15. I do not fuck around: I arranged for a sniper rifle to be placed in the car park so I casually meandered to the Embassy, jumped the wall, entered the car park, grabbed the rifle and sniped the guy from the exit doorway before legging it up the stairs and back over the wall and away to the extraction with no one even sure who or what they're looking for. Too many people around him to get anywhere near SA but job done, bish-bash-bosh.
  16. Looks like Spidey and Deadpool were not terribly impressed either: Wake me up when DC does a Apollo Loves Midnighter flick, that I can get down with.
  17. Perhaps Italy should check and see if Diana Ross has an Italian grandparent because jinkies, even she'd be an improvement on those three fucking clowns there.
  18. I've lived in England all my life, supported the team since '86 and quite honestly, I don't give a fuck anymore. The players are almost always worthless garbage every time a tournament comes round, most managers have been mediocre at best, clueless muppets at worst for the best part of 20 years (and longer still if you include Graham Taylor's tenure). I've seen truly great, incredibly skilled players wasted or ignored entirely because they don't play for the important teams, because they might do little for 85 minutes before busting out 5 minutes of incomparable magic and inspiration that wins games, I've seen dross get picked time and time again no matter how past it, injured, ill placed or out of form they were that season. But I always stayed true. Then I actually went to Euro 2016. I spent time with fans from literally every country in the tournament and it was wonderful. Welsh fans, Irish fans, Norn Iron fans, German fans, French fans, Swiss fans (fucking hell, those are some amazing mentalists), Portuguese fans, Italian fans, all of them good people just chilling out and enjoying it all together, united by a love of football (and, Portuguese excepted, an utter loathing of Ronaldo - oh that penalty miss was like some kind of near universal focal point of hilarity). I saw Germany beat Northern Ireland followed up by the fans of the latter conducting a sing-along on the Paris metro while everyone smiled and cheered and joined in (though if I never hear that fucking Will Grigg song again it will be too soon, holy Christ) But England? I saw England fans up close too and all I saw was the most vile and ugly ignorance. I saw a roaming horde of arseholes colonising bars, hurling abuse at people, demanding to see tits, a mass brawl in a quiet side street that ended in someone spark out and requiring an ambulance. I saw a lovely little town breathe a huge sigh of relief when they all fucked off somewhere else. And the cherry on this shit sponge cake is the current England team. Bad against Russia, lucky to snatch an undeserved win against Wales, bad against Slovakia while Wales tore Russia apart. Arrogantly dismissing Iceland before a ball was even kicked and the media talking about who they'll get in the quarter-finals before the team giving a performance as bad as I've ever seen in my life by so-called professional footballers. Spineless and horrible and utterly pathetic. Fuck England. It's a burning skip full of trash that doesn't deserve nice things, an awful island full of awful people who have the leaders and footballers they deserve. The Welsh lads, who surely must have been sick to death themselves of everything always being about England, were perfectly justified in laughing their arses off. God knows I did too. Bollocks, I guess that's Portugal in the final then.
  19. PC version best version.
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