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  1. Wow what sort of hat? Supposedly it says 'I killed the Sleeper' when you examine it. Hmmm...perhaps the hat thing is a wind-up. If not, was there just one hat? How did they decide who got it? Did someone grab it and disconnect, laughing maniacally as they did it? Saw a post from a former EQ player that gives a bit more of an idea what this thing was in terms of bad motherloverness: Poor chap sounds scarred for life. At least tonight, he will sleep well. Would anyone care to post similar heroic efforts they have made in games? Beating PSO Challenge Mode on DC stands as mine - our team were pretty much the weakest one available and guaranteed a hard time on the later levels due to our low HP and attack power but we were \m/ to the power of 10 and kicked ass. Your turn!
  2. Actually... PSO and KOTOR are the only 2 RPGs I've ever played. Oh, I suppose I did spend 10 minutes on Grandia II once and there's the now often-repeated tale of my near-legendary copy of Skies of Arcadia being still in its wrapping (and I bought it on day of release, too) but no, never played any other RPGs, even though I get the feeling I'd probably enjoy them. Certainly, from what I've heard of FF Online, SW: Galaxies (after a severely stuttery start) and the upcoming True Fantasy Online, I'd love to give them a go... Just not enough hours in the day, rubbish PC, no broadband, etc.
  3. Evil! I name thee Evil! Still, 200, 500, a thousand...it wouldn't matter against Trogdor, The Burninator. The Burninator pwns all.
  4. http://www.corante.com/gotgame/archives20031101.html#61354 Woah. Makes the Mofos vs Dark Falz look like 4 kids going cow tipping. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or to mock their nerdish determination. Probably the former, but only just... Oh, and contrary to the article, it apparently did drop something... ... ... ... ...a hat. Now that's what I call a reward.
  5. Give that man a medal, he's remebered our scoring system Hmmm, I wonder if Cocopops will take you to task as well for saying that an average game deserves 5 and not the average score deducted from adding every review score ever together and dividing it byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... My guess is no. Strange, that. Anyway, what are the features/interviews in this month's issue, young Strider? Anything juicy?
  6. Still, I'm curious - which track? I'm getting hammered everywhere lately: Hardwired took POD, some USAF guy(!) took my Dub Pistols and Lo Fi records, some complete bastard virtually maxed Science Genius Girl (and I'd need a complete set of multipliers from start to finish to beat it - not gonna happen). Alls I got left are Orbit, Garbage and Mekon... *sniff* Anyway, should I post the table in here (could stick it in the second post) or wait and see...?
  7. Ah, feck away off. Especially if it's Chris Child.
  8. Okay, here's the table - show 'em if you've got 'em, boys & girls.
  9. First time I faced the hunters, I freaked. Once I learned what to do, though, I was tearing through the fuckers like no one's business. The scariest moment was on one of the bridges in AOTCR when the door ahead opened and a shitload of plasma fire suddenly appeared unseen from around 3 or 4 directions. I ran and ran but the bastards kept coming... Oh, and a pistol + anything-you-like is all you need. The pistol rules all (and how many games can you say that in? Usually, you never use the damn things ever again once you find something else...)
  10. Stand in front of, shoot in face. No good anymore then?... You are so going to get your ass kicked. *muhuhahahahahahahahaha*
  11. Only started it tonight but it's really quite lovely and charming so far, if somewhat strange (Carcarridon Sapiens? Eeek...)
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