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  1. I just the discord today, hope to see some of you in there at weekend to get some fireteams going
  2. Added you buddy, Spinrs2k on battle.net as in sig
  3. haha good shout, literally after reading that post i booted the game and my mission reward was a sunshot choice :).
  4. lets get a clan going, who wants to set it up?
  5. I’m supprised at the lack of activity here I thought pc version would be really popular but I guess those that wanted to play destiny caved and went ahead on PS4/Xbox rather then wait.
  6. i tried but said its no longer available, not sure why i tried making a group, try this all if you wanna join and get some groups going be good to get some friends to group with . I'm a level 6 warlock just started https://blizzard.com/invite/MpKxKulmO
  7. just starting playing this on pc, is there a rllmuk clan going?
  8. So new patch 7.0 is out with huge changes, it's a good time to get back into or join in with Dota. who plays here? Been looking for people to group up with a have some fun nothing to tryhard. Anyone wanna play?
  9. Awesome thanks, will probably be online tonight so will jump on mumble and say hi.
  10. Hello All, Just brought the day z stand alone I never played the mod and so far really enjoying it, loving your stories in this tread. Sounds like it gets even better playing and coordinating with others, could I join up with you guys?
  11. anyone wanna team up sometime and try wraith night in a 5 stack see how far we can get? solo quein is so hit and miss only managed to get end fight once so far
  12. My Guild invite still hasn't come through its rather annoying seems bugged as hell, will PM you MOZ when i see you online next if thats ok to see if it can be sorted.
  13. Id love a guild invite as well please, be awesome having some people to party up with and play. Steam Id = spinrs2k
  14. i got one too, pretty neat idea, $2.50 from each sale goes to increasing the TI3 prizepools.
  15. Id also be up for playing some dota 2 with mukers, i want to play more but i don't particularly like solo matchmaking prefer playing with friends add me steam spinrs2k I'm also willing to give LoL some more play time if anyone else wants to play maybe give me some pointers, ive only played a few bot games in LoL
  16. I've got it downloaded not tried it yet, what its like?
  17. Id also love to play some dota with some rllmukers, add me on steam, steam name same as my xbox gamertag in sig
  18. Just got my boxed copy of GW2, will trying joining Desolation when i can and would love to join the guild and play with some like minded peeps I've never played Guild Wars so some kind souls might need to show me the ropes.
  19. so last night i was sat in the pub and all of a sudden 3 emails come through saying thank you for buying 5000 x 2 and 500 x 1 MS points, totalling £89.25 i rushed home tried to get online but keeped telling me my profile is logged in elsewhere and i could see the MS points dropping online by someone buying FIFA packs, i reset my password and used profile recovery quick and managed to stop the hacker before he could spend all the points. my bank card is now canceled and MS are investigating :S i have no idea how this happened but i've since been searching online and there seems to be loads of people having this happen to them over last 3 months and its always FIFA involved. anyone had this happen? i would keep a close eye on your xbox accounts and delete any cards you have saved on it to be safe
  20. Hey club bosses recently got forza 4 and would love to join the rllmuk car club, I've sent a request ingame
  21. Does anyone know how to do "world of tomorrow" & "fantasy fullfillment" achievements In scribblenauts remix? Can't get them tried all sorts
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