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  1. Yeah, it's still alive. They're planning to launch a Kickstarter in the first quarter of this year.
  2. Obsidian posted a target render with their latest update. When they said it was going to be just like the Infinity Engine games it turns out they meant it literally. It's going to use pre-rendered 3D environments with artists touching up the renders and painting in details. Pre-rendered 3D fell out of favour once realtime rendering became viable, so this has the potential to look absolutely stunning given the jump in technology since the old Infinity Engine days.
  3. The keys are due to go out very soon. http://blog.greenmangaming.com/2012/10/xcom-enemy-unknown-pre-load.html
  4. Sadly the devs said on the PAX stream that it won't be in at launch and while was something they really wanted to add in the future they weren't promising anything.
  5. Yeah, it looks so damn good. Definitely my most anticipated game after watching the PAX live stream. Multiplayer looked spot on too, reminded me a lot of Necromunda. They have to add mod support, there's so many possibilities. Regarding the GMG deal, does anyone know if it'll include the special Steam pre-order bonus? Not the elite soldier pack, this is supposed to be something extra but they haven't revealed what yet.
  6. Just noticed that The Hut currently have the PC version of this available for £24.85 (includes the Elite Soldier Pack pre-order bonus). It seems to be £30 everywhere else. http://www.thehut.com/games/platforms/pc/xcom-enemy-unknown-elite-soldier-pack-pre-order-edition/10217069.html
  7. A bigger version. Nice to see some colour in there rather than just the usual post apocalyptic brown. I glad they decided to go for a more stylised look rather than gritty realism. Looking promising so far.
  8. Ergonomically terrific!

  9. Tzigone

    TERA Online

    https://www.google.c...20elin&tbm=isch (potentially NSFW)
  10. I know, it's crazy. I never dreamt in a million years that we'd see another Shadowrun CRPG. It's one of my favourite RPG settings of all time along with Planescape. Now there's a thought, dare we dream?
  11. Tzigone


    Could the Witcher 2 thing be the Enhanced Edition that they talked about a while back? They said it'd be free for existing owners and it's due out this month.
  12. Yeah, that's the impression I got too. It has the potential to be amazing. Looks like the old school RPG is well and truly back. There's not a lot of details but they do mention it'll be party based and they'll be bringing back the conversation system from SNES game.
  13. Yeah, they come with SetPoint which is highly configurable, you can even create profiles on a per game/app basis. Logitech do good mice but the wheels on some of them tend to be a bit iffy as they're obsessed with with making them click sideways or roll forever, which interferes with the basic function.
  14. Yeah, generally the mice will come with software that lets you bind the buttons to anything you like so you don't need the game to support them directly. Same for the keypads.
  15. Ah, I see your problem now. You're supposed to use the same fingers for that as you use for movement but I can see why you might find that tricky, it does take a bit of getting used to. Perhaps a mouse with extra buttons on the side or a gaming keypad might help. Playing with the keybinds might also help as certain key combinations are easier to hit.
  16. I think that's very much a matter personal preference. For me, those 3 games you cite control much better with a mouse and keyboard (driving excluded), Batman in particular. It varies from game to game of course, they completely messed up the controls for Amalur for example, but generally I find controllers too slow and clunky for 1st/3rd person games. But like I said, it's really down to personal taste.
  17. Yeah, that's true. I guess I was thinking more of ME1 than 2. It's been a while since I've played them.
  18. In the case of those game I imagine it's because they actually did a proper job of reworking the UIs for PC, which is something of a rarity these days. It probably would have been too much work to also make them work with a pad.
  19. The latest Comedy Button is out (wait, let me finish!) and it's a GFW Reunion. It's a full house: Jeff Green, Robert Ashley, Shawn Elliott, Anthony Gallegos, Sean Molloy, and Ryan Scott. http://www.geekbox.n...ton-episode-23/
  20. You guys might want to be sitting down for this... Brian Fargo has just announced that if they hit $2.1 million they're bringing Obsidian Entertainment on board! http://www.rockpaper...-one-condition/
  21. I'll be genuinely gutted if this turns out to be true. This was one of my most anticipated games of the year. A game where you player a bounty hunter in an open world cyberpunk city chasing down criminal scum with sci-fi gadgets is just too good a concept not to get made. Surely they wouldn't cancel something that looked so promising this far into the project? It's not like Bethesda are strangers to large, ambitious games.
  22. It's modelled after games like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder which were also real-time. It worked pretty well in those.
  23. The game's made using XNA, as far as I'm aware, so it almost certainly already runs on PC. It's a bizarre attitude to have, you'd think after putting that much time into something you'd want as many to play it as possible. A shame really as the game looks lovely.
  24. The latest Humble Bundle is out: The Humble Introversion Bundle Main Bundle: Uplink Darwinia Defcon Multiwinia Bonus Games: Aquaria Crayon Physics Deluxe They're also throwing in the Subversion city generator prototype.
  25. Yeah, it was. It's on GOG for $5.99. http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/xiii
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