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  1. Taking Curtis' arguments and picking holes in them is a bit like pointing out that the stuff that magicians do isn't real. It's entertainment - and some people derive entertainment form being presenting with a point and view they hadn't considered before and thinking about it for a while. If it's done in a stylish way with a decent soundtrack, then all the better. For those that want to find out 'what really happened', there are plenty of dry academic texts out there. However, the only ones that haven't been criticised are the ones that are so dry that they're of almost no value.
  2. Yeah - thought it was ok. I see it fairly often in bars in London, but only in bottles.
  3. Snowstyle commentary was a bit cringing. I think it needs to strike a balance between knowledge, description and enthusiasm - and it veered way too far into enthusiasm at the expense of the other factors. You see it with a lot of commentary for 'minor' sports on the BBC - but the guys who do the BBC swimming coverage always seem to get it bang on.
  4. Man with a Movie Camera (1929). My advice would be to watch the version with the soundtrack by the Cinematic Orchestra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iey9YIbra2U
  5. dman


    The Angel's Share isn't much better, either.
  6. This is the problem when you do something that resembles a list show, or at least, attach numbers to segments for no good reason. Want to talk about about 26 important games, or perhaps 27? Forget it. It has to be a multiple of 5 or you'll blow the viewers' minds. Apparently.
  7. Never mind - it was meant to be a reference to the "You've made two basic mistakes" speech. It's worked in the past, honest.
  8. But does Cyrax? DISCUSS! The sexualization thing is a complete red herring, in my view. It's exactly the same animation for men, women, robots and aliens. I can completely understand why people find it horrible, but I really don't think it has anything to do with gender or sex, as some people seem to be suggesting.
  9. It does. Choosing a clip with a female character was just a bit of visual rhetoric.
  10. Fatalities have always been horrific. Not sure there's much difference between ripping out someone's spine with your bare hands and sawing someone in half lengthways. The graphics have just got better. To me, they're so ludicrous that I just find them funny. I've always assumed that was the intention given that the franchise has never taken itself particularly seriously. I see them as different from the militarised, slow-motion bullet in the skull stuff that's trying very hard to be cool and completely failing. The programme seemed to want to bracket them together, but they're different to me.
  11. Needs less clueless, humourless, no-mark games journalists, and more Brooker.
  12. I do something very similar. You get used to a review just always being there, no matter what film. Going to be hard to shed this habit for future films. I didn't think of him as a critic, per se. I didn't really pay any attention to whether he liked or disliked a particular film. What I loved was that he could almost always be relied on to 'get it', no matter what 'it' was, and to offer a little insight you hadn't quite put your finger on yourself yet. I'll miss that.
  13. Some of my favourites that haven't been mentioned yet: Louie Bluie - Biopic of a old blues musician with a load of other hidden talents. He's hilarious, and it's great spending time with him. Gimme Shelter - Behind the scenes (with some live performances) of the disaster that was the Altamont Free Concert. Woodstock - Mix of great live performances and great shots of the crowd, with some interesting bits about the organization. Best music documentary of the lot.
  14. "Who'd have thought a whale would be so heavy?"
  15. You can read this using Barry Shitpeas' voice.
  16. I thought that the basic premise was really interesting, but it was handled clumsily. The idea that people would like Waldo because he's so obviously a fake, and they would like the fact that you can see people live Googling his responses etc. just doesn't make sense. Also, it made the classic mistake, which loads of TV writers seem to make, of assuming that everyone can relate to having to deal with dickhead TV exec/producer types, even when 99.99% of the population have no experience of this.
  17. dman

    Neil Young

    Thanks. Will give them a listen and report back.
  18. dman

    Neil Young

    It's like the version of 20 Questions people are made to play when they go to hell. I have tried: After the Gold Rush, Harvest, On the Beach and Zuma.
  19. dman

    Neil Young

    WARNING: What follows is a request for information based on a hopelessly vague description. I remember going to a bar years ago and they were playing what sounded like a Neil Young album, and I have been trying to track it down since. Every track sounded a bit like 'Down By the River' and 'Cowgirl in the Sand' from 'Everybody Knows this is Nowhere' (distorted electric guitar, lengthy bits of instrumentation etc). Any suggestions as to what this album might be?
  20. dman


    Really enjoyed it on the whole. It's not just an American The Thick of It, which I think is a good thing. However, I thought that it peaked in the middle and tailed off a little towards the end of the series. I also watched the entire series without realizing what POTUS meant. I just thought it was the president's surname...
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