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  1. Almost finished season 9. Good god Alpha is shite. I hope these Whisperers don't survive past this season because fucking hell it's painful.
  2. Saul, Doc Brown and the fucking RZA is a team I had no idea I wanted but holy fuck. Absolutely loved this. Hope it gets a load of sequels.
  3. First two seasons of The Orville have been added. I remember hearing it's one of those shows that starts abysmally but gets better. How much shit do I have to put up with before I get to the good stuff?
  4. Was Twisted Metal mainly a thing in America? Because I remember one E3 press conference where a new game was announced and while Americans were losing their shit, Europe just did a partridgeshrug.gif.
  5. As someone who read Marvel Zombies back in the day I gave this one a try. I kinda liked it. Certainly better than the first episode which is the only other one I've watched. Mainly because of Paul Rudd. Not quite sure why people are confused about the ending.
  6. I love the amount of podcasts out there. There's something for everyone, whether it's Games Club style ones, more serious stuff, ones with jokes and proper bantz. And it's even better when you find an awesome, relatively small one that you can help champion. And from a more games dev position - I will play anything the Yakuza and Persona teams put out.
  7. In honour of this weeks Back Page Pod I decided to do my own Top 10 games of 2010. Feel free to ridicule my choice of number 10.
  8. 11/09/21 - Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury It's been over a month since I actually completely anything, which may or may not have something to do with getting back into Apex Legends again. I didn't know whether to include this on my completed list, as I still have levels to unlock and stars to collect. That said, my rule is, if credits roll then it's finished and anything after that is considered bonus content. While Skyward Sword I initially loved and grew to hate with it's recent Switch edition, Mario 3D World is the other way round. I didn't hate it on Wii U, I just found it disappointing after the brilliant couple of Galaxy games. Now though, with time passed I appreciate the more contained, well designed levels of 3D World. And Bowsers Fury is a great addition. The complete opposite, an open world that you can explore, with the only downside being the framerate was somewhat iffy in handheld mode. Really intrigued to see if this is the future direction they take the next Mario game. Will probably keep jumping back into this throughout the year to try and find the last bunch of collectibles. 9/10
  9. And that's the second "Nextlander Watch....conference" in a row that's unwatchable because of the audio sync being way, way out. They're proper fucking it up lads.
  10. I hate Geoff Keighley and his constant ignoring of the problems with the games industry in order to shill for Activision Blizzard and Ubi Soft. He's a fucking cunt and I would love to beat the shit out of him.
  11. I always had it in my head that it was "Roll Muk". At least that's what I remember people calling it in those late night Xbox Live games of PGR2 and Forza!
  12. I'm now going to start calling the forum "Real Muk".
  13. Season 9 is a bit boring, eh? But looks like I just met the Whisperers.
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