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  1. Less than a month from the beginning of the end.
  2. I've seen a couple of reviews now of that new TV show I-Sland and both have called it one of the worst shows they've watched in years. That for some reason makes me want to watch it even more! Has someone taken the plunge?
  3. This Armed and Dangerous mode is the most fun I've had with Alex Legends. Every game is tense. It'll be sad when it goes.
  4. Gambit

    Nintendo Switch

    I would like to meet the people who say Doom 64 is one of their favourite games. Super excited for the updated version of secret best Wii U game, Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
  5. I don't think a third entry in a series when the last movie was 16 years ago is beating a dead horse. Its not exactly Die Hard levels of abuse. I'm excited for it anyway. 4 life yo.
  6. I have about 9 kills to get to earn one of the Apex packs. Honesty with the way I'm playing at the moment, give me an extra week and I still wouldn't hit that number.
  7. I didn't even know the new episode was out til I got a Square Enix email. Little fanfare at all. I'm going to guess sales wise this has been doing dreadfully. Can't see there being a season 3.
  8. Finally given up the fact that aside from the 30 crowns I've earned (lol), I'm not going to be earning anything in the Iron Crown event.
  9. Okay so I've found a purpose of the solo games. Mopping up those weekly challenges that require me to drop in certain areas.
  10. This reminds me of something Jackie Chan would star in during the early 2000s. I love it.
  11. Another thing about Solos. I'm not going crazy when I say the first ring is smaller and closes faster than in a team game? In my first game I was as far as I could get from the ring, thinking I had enough time to loot but before I knew it the ring was closing in on me. I understand they will probably want people to group together faster, but it adds even more stress to an already stressful game mode.
  12. Yeah solo is shit. The amount of times I win a firefight only to be shot in the back by a third person waiting for the winner was infuriating. Also doesn't help that it makes some Legends abilities completely useless, like Lifelines passive. And looks like I won't be getting much, or any, of the new cosmetic items because holy fuck does it take a long time to earn those crowns. And no, I'm not paying for loot boxes. Respawn have sadly proper fucked it with this.
  13. Bottom tier of Gold but Im struggling to make much progress with it. Had some absolutely shocking games at the weekend which I solely base on my teammates picking shit places to drop.
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