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  1. More creepy and unsettling. There is some blood and death, but it's not that splatty and gore soaked.
  2. The Call is a great Korean horror/thriller about a phone call between two characters who live in the same house, but in different time periods. It's a film where I'm sure if I think about it something will fall apart (the curse of most time travel-y related movies) but I loved it. With this and #Alive (also on Netflix), it's been a good year for Korean horror.
  3. Not unlocked that yet. I just tried the Idol job that I wasn't a fan of, so may go back to her waitress one (big fan of the champagne attack).
  4. Is it possible to change jobs without going to Hello Work all the time?
  5. Had a mess around with the different jobs. Despite how delightfully silly it is, the breakdancing fight style seems incredibly weak. Might just stick with Hero for Ichiban and mix and match the other party members. I think this is the first JRPG I've played that has a Job system, so it's taking a while to get to grips with it. Like, is it worth ranking them all up equally or sticking with one till the end?
  6. It is true though. (Which admittedly may have skewed my opinion slightly and make me look for what was added late - as I read that article before playing)
  7. I'm around Chapter 5/6 now and I have mixed opinions so far. On the one hand, of course the writing, story and performances are all great. Love the new character of Ichiban, they could've just done a reskinned Kiryu type, but they avoided that thankfully and crafted someone completely unique to the Yakuza series. I'm less taken with the combat system however. I love the moves, how silly it is, and just the general "this is how Ichiban see's the world" aesthetic. But it's clear as the reports say, at least in my eyes, that the turn based combat was a shockingly late addi
  8. I think this will stick to JRPG and the Judgment series is where the traditional Yakuza gameplay will live going forward.
  9. That's a Dynasty Warriors game with a Persona aesthetic sadly. I really need to replay the first game before getting this. Is it a good Switch version and does the game actually work well without the two screens.
  10. This joins Supergirl in getting cancelled after its new season. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/black-lightning-final-season-4-cw-1234836722/ They're doing a backdoor pilot (oo-er) though during the season for the character of Painkiller. So that's Supergirl, Arrow and Black Lightning all going. Can't see Flash lasting that much longer. I do wonder if theyre going to condense or wind down this era of superhero television and reboot it all on HBO Max.
  11. Does anywhere have this available for streaming? This thread bump has made me nostalgic.
  12. I'm having real trouble finding this in my usual....ahem....places. If anyone wants to pm me a link it wouldn't go amiss. Pretty please. EDIT: Nevermind. Found one.
  13. From that SA forum thread: This is a completely normal thing to think about when talking about The Flash.
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