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  1. Fuck me I started this thread 6 years ago. I guess it was too much to hope for LeBron James to be a better actor than MJ.
  2. #ReleaseTheWingardCut
  3. That last fight was worth the price of admission alone!
  4. Nobody is going to be able to replace my boy Mick Rory. At least they haven't gone back to the Hawkpeople I suppose...
  5. Funny how that video has the most dislikes I've seen on Honest Trailers. They're a precious bunch those Snyder folk. Has he ever denounced his cult for the utter shitty behaviour? I know people upthread kept saying that "he seems like such a nice guy". But until he comes out and tells his 'fans' to stop being such utter cunts, then no, he's complicit in their toxicity.
  6. 31/03/21 - Mega Man X (Switch) Like I said in the "Comfort Games" thread, Mega Man X is a game I try to complete at least once a year. I've owned this game on the SNES (twice), Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch and the Maverick Hunter remake for PSP. It's my favourite platform game of all time. Stunning level design, music, gameplay. It's simply sublime. 10/10
  7. It's Mega Man X for me. I like to play through it at least once a year, in fact, I was playing it this morning for the first time in a while. Other than that I'd say Ocarina of Time, though since I sold my 3DS I don't have anyway to play it. I really wish Nintendo would hurry the fuck up and put it on Switch.
  8. You're Next was good. And Godzilla Vs Kong is getting surprisingly good reviews for the kind of movie it is. He's got a real hit/miss thing going with his filmography.
  9. I think so yeah. It's a decent price IF you live with someone and can split the money's. (And have a decent TV and audio setup). I have none of these things lololol.
  10. 1) not until Thursday when it's on Premium rental. 2) Probably? I'll be getting the premium rental because I want to support my beautiful MonsterVerse.
  11. Reviews are now coming out. And are mostly positive! General consensus is that it's the kind of escapist entertainment we need right now. And the fights are cool as fuck.
  12. Gambit

    It Takes Two

    Giantbomb have a Quick Look of this and Alex Navarro ( a child of divorce himself) absolutely hates it. I managed about 15 minutes of watching. First there was the "love is hard work" comment when the kid is reading from some relationship advice book. Then the book came to life and started speaking in an embarrassing Mexican accent or something. I hate it all. The game should end with the kid realising that sometimes things just don't work out and if people aren't happy together they should just go their separate ways, but I fear it's going in the opposite direction of them finding
  13. #RestoreTheSnyderverse is now trending on Twitter. This is never going to end.
  14. The concept was better done in Battlestar Galactica which I felt Universe was trying to copy. I'm surprised that a reboot hasn't happened yet. I mean, they even did Lost in Space.
  15. How dare you disrespect my boy! At least Wellings incarnation was a hero, unlike whatever the fuck we have here.
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