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  1. He keeps retweeting a bunch of inspirational Twitter posts. He doesn't seem to heed their advice though and keeps going back to his usual fuck CEX and nintendard posts straight after.
  2. Is Death Note still on Netflix? If it is then that. I fully expect Lost in Space to meet the same fate.
  3. They're already planning their next big crossover on what the producer says is "Endgames catering budget". I do wonder where they can go from here, I don't know many DC stories that are on the level of Crisis. Maybe we get Injustice and have an evil dictator superman?
  4. Having watched every movie he's made since the 90s I'm grateful he's not involved. 6 Underground is unwatchable.
  5. No surprise really. They've already proven they have great chemistry and Hoechlin is a great Superman so far. My only issue is that he's already been operating as Superman in this universe for a while now, and fought many of his threats. Including Lex Luthor. Who do they go with for main villain?
  6. The way people have been raving about it I'm surprised at the lack of Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems nomination.
  7. If they want a corporate Yes man then JJ Abrams is now free.
  8. Edit. Never mind thought you were talking about this film rather than something else. im tired sorry lol Dont know why I thought Kevin Smith would know who Matt Willis is.
  9. Marvel shitting it at the thought of an R rated horror doesn't give me much hope for Blade.
  10. Seems risky if they're planning a multi film storyline with him. Could be another Edward Norton situation.
  11. Along with the New Day podcast hes also producing After The Bell. It's a podcast by Corey Graves. For those that don't know inner workings of WWE he cheated on his wife and bullied a coworker with anxiety and depression off Twitter. So that's cool. Does also mean Dan is flying to Saudi Arabia twice a year?
  12. Glad to see someone else wanted to slap the shit out of Daniel. They tried to make him more likeable in the final two episodes mind, but by then it was to late.
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