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  1. The Nintendo Store has broken. Because of course it has.
  2. The last one was great because it didn't have Michael Bay involved. It had actually well written characters, with drama and stakes. But it really should've ended with that after all, Im not sure if Martin Lawrence has much action movie left in him.
  3. I'll just take The Batman: Part II thanks.
  4. Bit too much in that trailer for my liking. But looks fun at least. Hope this does double the Black Adam numbers just so I can laugh at Dwayne.
  5. Chuck was good till it went all in on stunt casting and fan service. Then it became a bit shit. Of course in recent years it's all become ruined because Adam Baldwin is a gamergating shithouse.
  6. I actually listened to the first part of the Bombcast today to see what they said about the situation. It seemed to very much tow the company line as opposed to on Grubbs show where he basically confirmed there would now be less content. It's getting a little old now having them say "we're going to need to sort out our next steps". That's been said multiple times a year now for ages. Also, the Bombcast is now Bakalar, Jan and Grubb. What exactly does Dan do? It seems like he cares more about Fire Escape and his Twitch revenue rather than the job he's employed to do. And I guess them saying that Tam and Lucy are part of the core crew was a lie?
  7. Some absolute shocking Deadly Premonition slander on the latest Pc Gaming patreon release. Terrible.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a group of people out there already archiving the premium stuff for when the inevitable happens. As I'm currently playing Persona 4 Golden I've been rewatching the endurance run alongside it. Such classic content.
  9. Jason. Will forever love his fighting game videos with Jeff. Hopefully with all the experience he has he'll find other employment fast.
  10. This is like Amazon wanted to make a Stephen King TV show but didn't have the rights to any of his work.
  11. 15/01 - Marvels Midnight Suns What a game. I honestly didn't expect to love this as much as I did, considering the Firaxis lineage. But I couldn't stop playing since I got it for Christmas. A wonderful mix of the Persona social links, card based combat, X-Com base building and the Krypt from Mortal Kombat 11. A combination of things that shockingly work together. Yes, it's rather buggy and could've done with another month in the oven. Graphical and audio glitches, sometimes missions just crash on completion (god bless the amount of auto saves the game generates), but it never dampened my enthusiasm for it. I'm not sure of this game did particularly well seeing as it quickly gor reduced in price, but I really, really hope there's a sequel. 9/10
  12. Intrigued. Moreso than I have been for a Marvel project in a while. Looks like there might actually be stakes here and wouldn't be shocked if certain characters don't make it to the end credits.
  13. I remember seeing that live. Absolutely killed me.
  14. It begins again! 02/01 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution One of those games I bought close to launch, bounced off after a few hours, and never returned. I think at that point I was trying to play it too much like a Hitman-esque sneaking type deal and not truly engaging with the combat options at my disposal. This time though I did a bit of stealth, but when it did go tits up (which was often) I was specced out and equipped enough to mow anything down that came at me. Really enjoyable this, despite a little 360-era jank. Enjoyed it enough that I picked up the sequal Mankind Divided! 8/10
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