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  1. They're spending what feels like 10 hours on every game. It's all incredibly boring.
  2. Gambit


    I think Broker needs a timeout. You can think Ubi Soft are a horrible company and they don't just make right wing brown people murdering simulators. They aren't mutually exclusive. Fucks sake man.
  3. Gambit


    "This game was designed, developed and produced by a multicultural team of various religious, faiths and beliefs" Turns out those various beliefs they always post at the start of their AC games includes racism, sexism and homophobia. Fucking hell it's all a bit grim.
  4. Yeah I enjoyed this too. Would make a good double bill with Extraction.
  5. And on the other side of the spectrum... The Old Guard I had no idea about what this was other than "action movie with Charlize Theron" so thought I'd give it a watch. So because of that the plot didn't exactly go where I was expecting. Lovely bit of nonsense, some great fight scenes, good acting (aside from the main British villain who I was told by the OH was in Harry Potter) and a decent Friday night. Would make a good double bill with the other Netflix action movie, Extraction. 4/5
  6. Rumour is that this is a prequel to Far Cry 3. If you look at the picture of the kid he has an identical scar to Vaas over his eyebrow. And the Vaas actor (other guy from Better Call Saul) has said he may get to play the character again.
  7. If you pointed a gun to my head and asked me which Far Cry that described I'd just pull the trigger myself. (I'd probably say 4)
  8. The Lara as a kid is the worst most unbelievable (even for this game) part. It doesn't get much better after.
  9. This is the space in converting. It's currently a dumping ground while we sort the rest of the house out. Currently it's just a basic desk that we inherited, eventually that will change once more space is sorted. Gives me a nice view out into the back garden and people's windows. Hoping to get a desk with drawers and shelving units on the top of it.
  10. People who want to play playable games care about frame rate. Amazing people can defend this, even when the first DP didn't have this issue.
  11. After a not so brief detour with Last of Us Part 2 I'm back with Yakuza 5!
  12. I actually thought you would've had to climb the dinosaur to continue the section because it seemed that obvious.
  13. I've liked it throughout, even if part 3 wasn't as good as the first. I got a huge kick out of seeing Sabrina go to Riverdale. Shame it's now unlikely we'll get them crossing over with those characters. With how much money Netflix seems to be hemorrhaging I'm surprised so many shows are still going. I expect the axe to fall on a few going forward.
  14. The Switch port of the original Deadly Premonition had issues at launch too (don't know if they got fixed), so sounds like the devs are just struggling with the Switch hardware.
  15. I think Swery was only involved in a minor role (the game was developed by Toybox Inc), so maybe this is his way of getting the Devs to sort their shit out?
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