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  1. It's not him. It's secretly Mecha Godzilla. It sounds fucking dumb but it's my theory and I'm sticking to it!
  2. Apart from why Godzilla is now a heel. Or who the third act villain is. And possible (likely) Mecha Godzilla reveal. Or is this some Canadian Trolling you're doing?
  3. Well, I finished it last night and I have thoughts! It's the only Yakuza game where every time I feel like I'm falling in love with it again, it does something insanely stupid that brings me crashing down to Earth. So the good: side missions are a delight, as is the main story (for the most part), overall I do like the battle system, characters are superb, some of the mini games are enjoyably addictive and holy shit the Poundmates are great. Now the bad, while the battle system is good, it really needs tweaking if the series is continuing to go down the JRPG path. Waiti
  4. 23/01/20 - Yakuza: Like A Dragon Oh, I have thoughts on this one. See the dedicated thread for my more thorough thoughts, but it's been a while since I've played a game that every time I begin to love it, it does something insanely stupid.
  5. I have no interest really anymore in watching this or any other CW Superhero show. Especially now that Crisis has happened. There's just too many of them.
  6. Yeah, does make me wonder if they cut any content between the sections. Because I remember having no issues being around level 30s during the previous section but as soon as chapter 12 happens you're expecting to be around 50. It's weird.
  7. Well I've finally hit the point of no return in the final chapter. Concentrating on doing some side stuff first though. So far I've: Done all the vocation tests. Completed all the films in the theatre. Nabbed a number of other trophies on the side. Currently working on: The go kart side story. Maxing out my personality so I can get the two girls trophy. What I may abandon till reloading a save after completion: The management stuff. Cans.
  8. Let's see if I can keep this going for the whole year. This is from last Sunday: 10/01/20 Spider-Man: Miles Morales After the latter half of last year, and the beginning of this, it was nice to play a game that didn't last at least 30 hours. A nice short story, with some good side stuff that I still have to complete. I loved it and can't wait to see where Insomniac take the story next. I just hope they don't do a Batman and go in the co-op route.
  9. I made that mistake too. Make sure your crew is level 50 and you'll be fine.
  10. I thought there was a topic for this, but I guess all the news went in the King of the Monsters thread? Anyway, this has now been pushed forward to March 26th for an HBO Max and theatrical simultaneous release. Yes, it's out in two months and other than some artwork there's been nothing. No images from set, no trailer, nothing. I'm sure everything is fine!
  11. Currently playing this for review. Enjoying what I've played so far. And in the credits as a "special thanks" is our very own @Ste Pickford
  12. I'm genuinely shocked that the cause of the BURN wasn't BURNham. It would make the title of this thread even more hilarious.
  13. I burst out laughing when I pressed Play and the time on it was 1hr and 2 minutes.
  14. Okay so I was looking at my phone for most of this episode.
  15. I'd second that. Out of all the new playable characters they introduced, only Akiyama is any good. I loathe playing as Saejima. Speaking of, maybe 5 is worse because of the god awful hunting section?
  16. Honestly I'd rate Kiwami as equal to 0. Mainly for the story as the second chapter in the Kiryu/Nishki story. It's my second favourite in the series.
  17. I managed to finish it all in one day. Loved it. Final episode spoiler:
  18. Yes. But I think there's something in Japanese folklore about them and sleep? I'm working my way through the battle arena still and I have a question. If I lose is it the same as a real fight or does it just send me back outside? I need to know how cautious I should still be.
  19. I think that was my issue. I didn't bother with the Battle Arena because I just thought it was the alternative to the Yakuza Colliseum that was here as a bonus thing to do. Will grind through that (even though grinding is where I usually drop off on most JRPG's).
  20. Fucking state of this Gamergater style bullshit. Oh and as for Discovery? I was never a Trek fan and only really enjoyed the series from Abrams Trek onwards, and even liked some of season 1 and 2. But even I can tell this is some badly written shite. And not in an entertaining, turn your brain off sort of way.
  21. I'm done. Every time I start to enjoy it again it throws a fucking annoying boss at me. This wouldn't be an issue if like most JRPG's these days it had a difficulty option that allows you to just enjoy the story more. They've killed my favourite franchise.
  22. I quite liked it. Not top tier Brooker, but it was quite amusing at times. The writers of Spitting Image should probably watch it to understand what political humour is.
  23. The Royalist scum are absolutely outraged at this. Lol.
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