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  1. It's my number 3! I just felt it did too much plot wise in its last quarter. Needed more of a streamlined plot for my simple brain I think.
  2. Shouldn't a mod delete all the posts relating to the hilarious Cassidy meltdown? Just think that would make it easier for whoever is collating results.
  3. I felt that for the first part of his introduction. Proper wanted to burn the fucker. Got better though.
  4. Game of the Year 1. God of War Ragnarök 2. Horizon Forbidden West 3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge 5. Marvel's Midnight Suns Biggest disappointment: 1. Bayonetta 3 2. The Quarry (video game) 3. The death of Giant Bomb Best visuals 1. Live A Live 2. God of War Ragnarök 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Best audio 1. God of War Ragnarök 2. Live A Live 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Best writing 1. God of War Ragnarök 2. 3. Best not 2022 game: 1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 2. Spec Ops: The Line 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Best developer: dotemu Best format/console/controller/brain interface: Playstation 5
  5. Last Chance U Basketball season 2 arrives on Tuesday! A pleasant surprise!
  6. Bound to be temporary box ary surely? The game is fucking great from what I've played so will be a shame to see it saddled with that shite.
  7. Seeing Bayonetta 3 winning best action game..... I feel like I'm losing my mind. People seen to actually like the combat in this game and I'm just struggling to see why. Did they not play the superior 1 and 2? Scanners.gif
  8. I feel like I'm going insane that nobody remembers this and still treats Ken Levine with this amazing reverence.
  9. They should just build it all around Pattinsons The Batman. That movie was actually good. I haven't looked on twitter but I assume the Snyder Cult are all having full blown meltdowns.
  10. Also, people probably didn't hear it because the amount of people who watch giant bomb is shockingly small these days for a supposedly major site. It's not uncommon for his show to get 0 comments. A far cry from the heyday of people shouting "First" in the comments.
  11. He's the TMZ of games "journalists". At least we still have real journalists like Schrier doing important work.
  12. It's alright. Its literally just Norwegian Godzilla. I mean, the first half an hour or so of the film is almost beat for beat the same as Godzilla 1998. It's quite impressive how shameless it is.
  13. The first Knives Out is heading to Netflix a few days before Glass Onion for those that want to revisit the original beforehand. Edit: my mistake. It's coming out the same day!
  14. No Hailee Steinfeld or John Cena? Shame. Bumblebee was the only one of these movies that was actually watchable. Also, this incredible scene:
  15. Making use of my two days off work! 01/12 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 This one took a while! Loved all the systems and gameplay. The plot, like a lot of JRPG stuff, gets a little lost in the weeds towards the end with so much stuff being thrown at you, with cut scenes that can sometimes approach Kojima-length. But I enjoyed my time with these characters, so much so I picked up the Expansion Pass. Maybe now it's time to revisit and finally complete XC1. 8/10
  16. Low scores. Even for Sonic which i thought the general consensus was "it's alright".
  17. 30/11 - God of War: Ragnarok Credits have rolled. What a game. Loved the evolution of the Kratos character over the years, from someone I grew to absolutely detest in God of War 3 to what he is in Ragnarok. The only blemish on this otherwise fine game would be a rather lengthy, talky bit with Atreus midway through. That's all I'll say, but if you've played the game then you'll know what I'm talking about. Now to mop up some trophies.... 9/10
  18. Loving the combat in this. It's nice that it alerts you about attacks coming from off screen, which is the complete opposite of the frustration I found with Bayonetta 3.
  19. 12/11 - Megaman: Maverick Hunter X (PSP) Mega Man X is one of those games I try to get a playthrough done once a year because I love it so. Decided to mix things up this time though by digging out my old PSP and grabbing a copy of the X remake. I've played it before many years ago and find it to be a worthy remake, with some nice new additions and some unfortunate technical limitations. Unfortunately by making it look so pretty and filling the screen with enemies, it means the framerate grinds to a halt during some hectic sections. I do however like the remixed level designs and additions to the story, including a short anime prequel movie that I believe is also included in the X Collection on consoles. Shame that this has been one of those games that has never been set free from the PSP/Vita. 8/10
  20. Well I'm pretty sure Giantbomb doesn't review the boner pills so that's not an issue. She really is so fucking dense.
  21. An amazing 14 comments on the GB site for that podcast. If those numbers and views are anything to go by then I'm saying GB is dead within 12 months.
  22. And in further "downfall of Giantbomb news". Check out the first comment on the Sonic Frontiers quick look. https://www.giantbomb.com/shows/sonic-frontiers/2970-21970 An affiliate link for money off the game in question. So more uses of the code means more money for GB/fandom. Which then makes you wonder if they're being truthful or saying more positive things in order to get more money in. This is the exactly opposite of what Gerstmann envisioned when starting Giantbomb.
  23. Yeah. Technically great. Painfully annoying and unfunny. So will fit right in at new Giantbomb.
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