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  1. 08/10 - Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds The seond time I've completed this game, though the first was straight after it came out in 2013. While I liked it when I first played it, I absolutely love it now. The Overworld, the dungeon design, the way you can now do any dungeon in any order, a kind of freedom I feel was taken into Breath of the Wild. it's just masterful. Nintendo gave us a brand new 2D Metroid not so long ago, I now hope they do the same with Zelda. 10/10
  2. This feels so good. I bounced off V straight after lauch so this is my return to Street Fighter and I just love the way it plays. At least I did once I figured out how to change the controls from Modern back to Classic.
  3. He's just doing his own voice then? Okay. Jack Black is alright though.
  4. RetroTink arrived and works perfectly with my SNES. Went for the scart version. Looks about as good as I was expecting on a big 4k. And zero latency which was the main thing I wanted.
  5. Turned on for five minutes. Then turned off. Dan screaming. Jeff just sitting on a couch staring into space. Didn't they have an office? Or have they already been kicked out of it? Seen better production values on one man operations and GB is owned by a legitimate company. Oh how I miss The Big Live Live Show.
  6. Anya Taylor Joy as Peach is great casting. And Seth Rogan could be a funny stoner Donkey Kong. And fuck knows what Keegan Michael Key is going to do as Toad, but I'm interested to find out. It's just the Chris Pratt of it all. Not just a bland actor, but a shitty person in general.
  7. Thanks everyone for all your replies. That said, I've decided to go in a different direction. I found myself with more money than I anticipated thanks to doing an ungodly amount of work overtime the past couple of months and am investing in a RetroTink. Will let you know how that goes. Hopefully someone in the future is in a similar position to me and finds this thread useful.
  8. I take it the purchase by Red ventures went well. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mass viewer exodus following Gerstmanns departure. You just need to look at the lack of comments on some of their videos. Grubbs news shite is lucky to get more than two comments per video. Just take GB out back and put a bullet in its head.
  9. I might go and see it for sexy Pierce Brosnan.
  10. Basic version is still worth having. Ultimate just has all the dlc characters and new story. The roster is already pretty stacked at the start.
  11. Out of all the fighting games on the market it's probably the easiest. There's enough difficulty options that you can just throw it on the easiest and just watch cool moves happen. Just stay away from online and enjoy the single player towers and story mode. It's fairly cheap for a PS5/Series X game too at around £15 on Amazon.
  12. 01/10 - Mortal Kombat 11 (Story Modes Complete) Netherrealm proving once again that they're the master of the fighting game story modes. Maybe a little too cut scene heavy but I enjoyed them nonetheless. I have the Ultimate Edition of the game so it had both the original and Aftermath story DLC, both of which are worth your time. Game as a whole is great as well. Was going to wait to list this as "complete" until I beat The Krypt, or at the very least found all the areas. However, I now discover doing so requires more grinding than I was willing to do. So it's something I'll hack away at over the next 10 years I guess. 8/10
  13. I'm about an hour into Blonde and am about to bin it. Pure misery. And that interview paints the director in not a great light at all.
  14. An absolute all timer this week folks. The Doom story will go down in history.
  15. 1. Not massive. Around £70 to £100. 2. was looking at some around the 21 inch range. 3. I am proper wank at the technical side so nope. Thanks for all the replies. Will have a look through eBay and Facebook.
  16. Hello. I'm going through a mid life crisis at the moment, but instead of buying a Ferrari I'm looking at getting a TV and N64. I've never really thought about what kind of TV to get so I'm confused. Is CRT the best option? What price will I be looking to pay? I was originally just looking at any TV that has scart compatibility but apparently LCD TV's are shit for retro stuff. I'll mainly be playing SNES and N64 stuff on it. Thanks for entertaining this newbies questions. Have a nice day and down with the Tories.
  17. My main game podcasts are now either retro related or have a theme every week (Back Page Pod). Although I like what Jeff's doing, the act of here's what I've been playing, news and the emails is a little too blah for me to tune in every week. Still better than the Bombcast though. I ended up listening to the Immortality chat on last week's one and it was painful. Jess and Grubb is death to me.
  18. That shot of the buildings collapsed together. Those clicker sounds. And the talent behind and in front of the camera. I'm hopeful this will be great.
  19. One from Friday night while getting slowly drunk on vodka. 23/09 - Spec Ops: The Line What is a pretty standard third person military shooter hides one of the best stories in video game history. While the COD's and the like from the same time were shouting "GUNS! WAR! FUCK YEAH! USA! USA!" this took a real sombre look at the horrors of war. Some shocking scenes and honestly, I liked the shooting gameplay. 8/10
  20. Mirrors Edge I can only think there must have been some sort of mass hypnosis in 2008. It's the only reason I can think of that this game got decent review scores. Pure fucking shite.
  21. The only twitch streamer I actively watch on a regular basis is Limmy. It's like it's own little bubble and I'm happy with that.
  22. 18/09 - 007: Blood Stone Continuing through my Xbox 360 catalogue with probably what I'd consider one of the more underrated games. Bizarre Creations final game before Activision took them out back and put a bullet through their head, it's probably the most Bond-y game starring James Bond I've played. There's action, some light espionage and fancy cars. The script and story is a little.....shall we say poor? In one instance the female lead (played by Joss Stone who also sings the theme tune) happily lets our hero drive because, and I quote, "she feels safer with a man behind the wheel". Despite being set in the Craig era (complete with voice and likeness) it's very much written like it's more of a Brosnan adventure. Still, I enjoyed it right through to its end, which came all too abrupty, proper sequel baiting the audience. 7/10
  23. Maybe it was just mapped to a button I didn't press then.
  24. 16/09 - Stranglehold So after listening to the latest Back Page Podcast, I decided to trade in some old blu-rays and purchase an Xbpx 360 once again. If only to experience the many 6 and 7/10 games, the ones that they really don't make much of anymore. The Gears clones and the like. Probably at the top of that list is Stranglehold. Gameplay can be samey, and it's quite easy to get lost in the maze like levels at times. However. You get to play as Chow Yun Fat in this sequel (kinda) to Hard Boiled, shooting people while doves fly about, and then when you've unlocked enough points head to the Store and unlock stuff from a virtual John Woo shopkeeper. So yeah, it's pretty good. 7/10
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