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  1. Are we on this again sometime today? I'm free all afternoon, and probably night.
  2. I beat you. Thats how I got on. (You're not going to hear the end of this)
  3. Gambit

    Killer 7

    I'm afriad I'm falling into the "Hate it" category. I'm trying my hardest to like it, but so far to no avail.
  4. When is everyone going to be on this? I want a few games!
  5. The game will always have modders.
  6. You could at least trade it in for something decent.
  7. This thing is, I don't really want to play Halo 2 much anymore. I have better games to play.
  8. Any regular RLLMUK players want to take my place in the tournament??
  9. I'll be on tommorow around 7.00pm, if any of you are still on it I'll pop in.
  10. I just thought I'd use this topic to now say that I have Streets of Rage 3 and it truly is a dire mess.
  11. I wouldn't mind playing you tonight Sithlord.
  12. Then Preacher beats you. But anyway, I prefer losing to people I know rather than some C- cunt who is obviously an SS player. grrrr....
  13. Count me in if you need someone else. email: zeldaking2001@hotmail.com Gamertag: Adam1986
  14. I need more players to fight against!!!!!!
  15. I only buy the mag for retro and features nowadays. Ever since the HILARIOUS 9 for Prince of persia: WW.
  16. I liked it. Definately not worthy of a 9.9/10, but still an enjoyable RPG. Better than KOTOR I'd say.
  17. I'm really fed up with the lag in this game. Its a fucking disgrace. Bungie are knobs.
  18. Its not cancelled. B) Click here for the poster. "Coming 2007"
  19. I just went on when Don and preacher were on, but it wouldn't let me join the game. And now you're offline.
  20. I'm finding it very hard to put down Lumines. The best puzzle game since Tetris.
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