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  1. I've recently bought Darkstalkers for PSP. Seems to be rather good thus far, although after extended play sessions hand cramp becomes a problem.
  2. I completely agree with everything that Yawdib has said regarding Halo 2 online (although I could only be bothered to read the first page). Fuck Halo 2! You can find me on PGR2 and Burnout 3.
  3. Halo 1 is still the best. Halo 2 is just pure shit in single player. No level in the entire game came close to being as good as the Silent Cartographer...or Halo....or The Maw.
  4. I'm not. I'm waiting for Advance Wars and Animal Crossing. The only two games that remotely interest me.
  5. I've been playing my review copy of Outlaw Tennis. Its definately no Virtua Tennis.
  6. I have it, but never tried it on Live. To be honest, I doubt I ever will. Its good, but Dead or Alive has me hooked as far as beat em ups go.
  7. Ridge Racer - Brilliant racing game. My favourite game on the sytem thus far Wipeout Pure - I still prefer F-Zero, but I'm certainly impressed with Wipeout Pure. The handling hasn't grabbed me though. Lumines - Best thing since Tetris!
  8. Well, I have Mario 64 DS and Mr Driller: Drill Spirits. Ones a port of an N64 game, and the others just plain shit. As you can imagine, the DS has yet to impress me. Hilariously, the only game I've played on it in the past couple of months was Metroid Fusion (a GBA game). *wanders off to play his PSP*
  9. I've given up with the game completely. An utterly, utterly shit Live service from Sega, its like they're using the EA servers.
  10. BADUM TISH! I've had this on pre-order for ages, but these comments are making me slightly worried.
  11. The race ends afrer the first person crosses the line, so you don't have to worry about that. I'll be on this Sunday, if it lets me join of course.
  12. I've once again found the joy that is Project Gotham Racing 2! I've almost got all Golds and can't stop playing it online.
  13. I had the same problem. Tried joining, but to no avail.
  14. I hated it. I remember the single player being far superior on the N64 and YellowSamuel pretty much summed up the multi-player perfectly.
  15. I'd play if the bloody game actually let me join.
  16. Anyone up for some DOA tonight at around 8.00pm - 9.00pm???
  17. Bah! Wesker wears the shades in the first game BECAUSE HE IS THAT DAMN COOL!!!!
  18. Gambit


    I've just bought Metroid Fusion and am loving it, which surprised me seeing as I hated the two Prime games.
  19. I doubt I'll be playing.
  20. Xbox - Legends of Wrestling 2 (62) Gamecube - Mega Man X: Command Mission (68)
  21. I still can't join your games Preacher. At first I can hear you all talking and then it says theres no more free spaces.
  22. I won't be on till around 6.45pm - 7.00pm. If I can join this time and you're still online then I'll be there.
  23. Are we on this again sometime today? I'm free all afternoon, and probably night.
  24. I beat you. Thats how I got on. (You're not going to hear the end of this)
  25. Gambit

    Killer 7

    I'm afriad I'm falling into the "Hate it" category. I'm trying my hardest to like it, but so far to no avail.
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