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  1. I only buy the mag for retro and features nowadays. Ever since the HILARIOUS 9 for Prince of persia: WW.
  2. I liked it. Definately not worthy of a 9.9/10, but still an enjoyable RPG. Better than KOTOR I'd say.
  3. I'm really fed up with the lag in this game. Its a fucking disgrace. Bungie are knobs.
  4. Its not cancelled. B) Click here for the poster. "Coming 2007"
  5. I just went on when Don and preacher were on, but it wouldn't let me join the game. And now you're offline.
  6. I'm finding it very hard to put down Lumines. The best puzzle game since Tetris.
  7. To other RLLMUK players in the tournament: Head over to Gamestyle and set up your games please! Otherwise I'll be forced to do it for you.
  8. It seemed people forgot about DOA night. The twats.
  9. We still on for this tonight??
  10. If all games are as laggy and wank as that then count me out of future games lads.
  11. Well, been contacted by both Meerman and Preacher, so I guess I'll be your fellow teammate.
  12. I'll play OutRun 2 again. I haven't put it on in ages!
  13. ahhh....brings back memories of Battle Royale does this. What an AWESOME film.
  14. I've not only seen the terrible House of the Dead, but also Alone in the Dark. Believe it or not Alone in the Dark is even worse! I remember flicking it onto Boll's commentary for five minutes before his annoying accent made me turn it off. Worst director in history.
  15. Then that is utterly shit. I really hate Rare. One of the very few reasons I played this N64 game through to the end was to listen to everything uncensored. Shame that so many great British companies go under, and Rare is still riding on thanks to Microsoft. They haven't made a decent game in five years.
  16. Preacher Meh Jonny5 Gambit
  17. Conker an 8??? Piss off. Its a port with a crappy multi-player game added on. Now I remember why I never buy Edge anymore.
  18. I'll be on later 7.00-7.00pm.......maybe. Depends if I can tear myself away from Paper Mario.
  19. Bah! I've been joining you in that game for days before he came back. Anyway, I'd be up for it, as always.
  20. Well, I went a bit overboard on Ebay and won a bid for Streets of Rage 3 which went to £43. Oh well, at least I can have something in my collection that I can call "rare".
  21. Well, being a Sunday afternoon I just want to relax, so I turn on TV and all thats on is that Holland Moto GP thing. I watched that for five minutes hoping that some was going to have a nasty looking crash, but nothing. So, I look at what games I can play and out the corner of my eye I notice my Mega Drive sitting on the shelf like a proud museum piece. I decided to plug it in for the first time this year and the only game that I feel like playing is Streets of Rage 2. I was expecting only a quick burst before I return to the modern consoles, but oh no, I couldn't.....stop....playing. I actually played the game until I completed it, which I can't remember ever doing on a retro console before. It was just soooo addictive and it shocks me that it hasn't even considered for a 3D update. And now my hunt begins for Streets of Rage 1 (which I remember playing, but not that well) and Streets of Rage 3 (which is apparently so rare it goes for like £50 on ebay). Speaking of which, is SOF3 REALLY that rare and if so, how much would be a reasonable price for it?
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