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  1. 06/11 - Bayonetta 3 I have more thoughts in the dedicated thread, but in short. One of the most disappointing games in recent years. Maybe since the Halo 2 campaign? It's certainly a massive step down from Bayo 1 and 2. Awful plot, the new mechanics are bad, and it just felt messy. When you're left to just play as Bayonetta and do cool stuff it's okay, but those moments are few and far between. A generous 5/10.
  2. It is finished. Wow that was a slog. Nonsensical plot, terrible new characters and mechanics. And the cut scenes are just messy. It's probably not a good idea to have excessive particle effects on screen, coupled that with shaky cam and constant cuts like it's a Michael Bay film, results in some headache inducing nonsense. And I loved Bayonetta 1 and 2. Some spoilers regarding gameplay mechanics that come later in the game: Regarding the story and ending:
  3. Yeah. Not exactly Knives Out but an enjoyable enough time.
  4. Okay. It's come to the point where I'm just mainlining this and not doing much exploring because fuck it. It's unbelievably frustrating. Maybe I'm misremembering but I felt like the first two games were better at signposting when an enemy is about to attack, and didn't have as many enemy's just battering you from off screen. A lot of the fights I'm squinting at the screen as I use my summon to batter something in the distance. If this is the thing they took from Scalebound then thank fuck that game was cancelled. Maybe I'll play Astral Chain. That's supposed to be top tier Platinum right?
  5. I think Zoey Saldana and the bland boring protagonist are back.
  6. This is now on Disney+. Two episodes in and quite enjoying it. Paul Reiser is great and Judy Greer is ace as always. Nice little send-up of the TV reboot phenomenon.
  7. Looks dull. I don't know man, is this going to one of the biggest box office bombs ever? Do people care about Avatar any more?
  8. See How They Run has just been added which I've heard good things about.
  9. Gambit

    The Thing

    My local Vue fucking sucks for anniversary screenings. And they tend to cater towards younger audiences with that stuff.
  10. I'm around chapter 6 and I agree with this so far. When you're playing as Bayonetta just doing cool shit it's a lot of fun but.. Really confused by the 9/10's I've seen. So far it's easily the weakest in the series. Can't wait to see this ending everyone is talking about though.
  11. Gambit

    The Thing

    My local cinema wasn't showing the 40th anniversary. They had to make room I guess for Hocus Pocus and the 10th anniversary of Paranorman.
  12. I forgot that when you change your outfit to the "Yasogami High" uniform it also changes some of the music to the P4 songs.
  13. Mario Party Party Steal My Sunshine 13 Deadly Sims
  14. Glad he's finally able to tell what we all expected. I mean, I was done with Giantbomb before this and now I definitely am.
  15. Reviews are coming out. Currently sitting at 89% on Metacritic. Think I'll be ordering a copy!
  16. Which would also make Earthbound a multi million dollar franchise which is just batshit.
  17. Best episode so far. Loved the little dig at Rooster Teeth. "Maybe I should get them more pit boys". And for those that don't get the reference:
  18. Considering the reason I got into Persona at all was because of the Giantbomb Endurance Run of Persona 4, I find these decisions by Atlus frustrating as hell. This could help build a bigger fanbase ffs.
  19. I ended up cancelling mine once I had the sudden realisation that I don't have much nostalgia for the Mega Drive. I was just buying it to own it essentially. Now if they ever make a Dreamcast mini.....
  20. The Shallows is great. But that's about it. I wonder if this is worth seeing just for Pierce Brosnan.
  21. Scratch that one off on this week's Patreon episode.
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