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  1. Yep. They asked Reggie about it and his response was basically "I didn't see anything". This was while he was trying to shill his shit book.
  2. Enjoyed this film. Not as good as Get Out but then I've come to accept that Jordan Peele is likely never going to top it.
  3. Masterpiece. That's all I'm gonna say.
  4. A lot of dirty old men getting their young teen fix.
  5. I was honestly expecting a complete disaster, but it was just......there. I didn't hate it like with Fan4stic Four. It had some interesting ideas that may have worked if not for studio meddling. Would rather watch this again than the last two MCU entries.
  6. The New Mutants has been added. Remember that?
  7. This is okay. Certainly more enjoyable than The Gray Man. Has a particularly good scene with Scott Adkins. 3 stars I guess?
  8. 10/08 - The Legend of Zelda (NES Switch Online) Yes, the original. And also yes, I used a guide for most of it because fuck me games were obtuse back in the day. I can imagine this being mind blowing back when first released. A full world to explore, hidden secrets, essentially what Breath of the Wild would become albeit designed a lot more favourably towards the player. 7/10
  9. Well Grant Gustin's final season on The Flash is coming up....
  10. Yeah. Early scenes at night were awful. It's now daytime though (in the film) and I can tell what the fuck is happening.
  11. I've also completely fallen off all Nextlander content. Vinny is great as always, but unfortunately it still has Brad. They just finished a Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough and everytime I happen to click on it it's just Brad moaning. And not in a fun "goofing on the game" kind of way that always made GB so enjoyable (like Gerstmann on Garfield). But in regards to GB. I saw they didn't do another UPF last week because they were ranking more Tekken endings. Something that was funny in the first episode but soon got old. Like a comedian telling the same joke over and over again. Will be interesting to see how long they last, subscriber numbers can't be good considering all video content is now free
  12. Looks like Supergirl is next to be chopped (this one at least hasn't been filmed yet). The character is still (for now) making her debut in the cursed Flash movie. Cancelling your two female led movies. Not a good look WB.
  13. Well this is weird. I mean, if they want to just bury it it's not like they don't have a streaming service to dump it on.
  14. 30/07 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Ended up waiting a month so I could get the physical edition, such is how little faith I had that the license wouldn't suddenly disappear. Something I think eventually happened with the Turtles in Time Remake. All I can say is, give DotEmu all the old scrolling beat em up licenses. Simpsons, X-Men, Final Fight.....have them all because after SOR4 and this it's clear they have a kack for it. Great music (honestly, fighting while Wu Tang plays in the background is weird and amazing), nice visuals and it plays super well with enough content for multiple playthroughs. The only minor gripes I have are that post respawn there seems to be zero invincibility frames, a number of times I just spawned and got hit immediately, secondly is just my usual pet peeve of flying enemies being a pain in the arse. Other than that though, totally radical bodacious......cowabunga? 8/10
  15. Jeff Grubb in a nutshell. And people on GB fawn over him. Video games are in desperate need of some more actual investigative journalists.
  16. I'll always remember him from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.
  17. They were very careful there not to show Ezra Miller's face in that trailer.
  18. Was Donnie Yen blocking gunshots with a sword???
  19. How dare you mention this film alongside the masterclass of Commando.
  20. 23/07 - Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Rebuying a 3DS means I've been rebuying all the classic, and not so classic stuff, I can find on the cheap. Nabbed this for about £4 from eBay which is honestly a bargain. I played it years ago when it first came out and remember enjoying it. Decade later and it still holds up. A real innovate way of using the DS hardware. Holding it on its side adding to the alrerady novel-like style of the game. Your former detective character finding himself in a Hotel where a nunch of guests have mysteries that need solving. It's your standard DS game full of quirky and gimmicky ways of using the touch screen, yet it's thre story that keeps you playing. Brilliantly written with great, fleshed out characters and a unique art style. Only main downside is that it has "Game Over" states that can be annoying when the checkpoints are less frequent than you'd want. 7/10
  21. I stand corrected. It's been a while since I've seen them and just knew it was one of them that gave me a headache with the wobbly action camera.
  22. Can they though? Winter Soldier and Civil War they could, but here? That opening fight sequence was badly lit and impossible to follow, same with most of the others I've seen so far. It's almost like at times we were slowly digressing to Bourne Identity levels of shakiness.
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