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  1. That shot of the buildings collapsed together. Those clicker sounds. And the talent behind and in front of the camera. I'm hopeful this will be great.
  2. One from Friday night while getting slowly drunk on vodka. 23/09 - Spec Ops: The Line What is a pretty standard third person military shooter hides one of the best stories in video game history. While the COD's and the like from the same time were shouting "GUNS! WAR! FUCK YEAH! USA! USA!" this took a real sombre look at the horrors of war. Some shocking scenes and honestly, I liked the shooting gameplay. 8/10
  3. Mirrors Edge I can only think there must have been some sort of mass hypnosis in 2008. It's the only reason I can think of that this game got decent review scores. Pure fucking shite.
  4. The only twitch streamer I actively watch on a regular basis is Limmy. It's like it's own little bubble and I'm happy with that.
  5. 18/09 - 007: Blood Stone Continuing through my Xbox 360 catalogue with probably what I'd consider one of the more underrated games. Bizarre Creations final game before Activision took them out back and put a bullet through their head, it's probably the most Bond-y game starring James Bond I've played. There's action, some light espionage and fancy cars. The script and story is a little.....shall we say poor? In one instance the female lead (played by Joss Stone who also sings the theme tune) happily lets our hero drive because, and I quote, "she feels safer with a man behind the wheel". Despite being set in the Craig era (complete with voice and likeness) it's very much written like it's more of a Brosnan adventure. Still, I enjoyed it right through to its end, which came all too abrupty, proper sequel baiting the audience. 7/10
  6. Maybe it was just mapped to a button I didn't press then.
  7. 16/09 - Stranglehold So after listening to the latest Back Page Podcast, I decided to trade in some old blu-rays and purchase an Xbpx 360 once again. If only to experience the many 6 and 7/10 games, the ones that they really don't make much of anymore. The Gears clones and the like. Probably at the top of that list is Stranglehold. Gameplay can be samey, and it's quite easy to get lost in the maze like levels at times. However. You get to play as Chow Yun Fat in this sequel (kinda) to Hard Boiled, shooting people while doves fly about, and then when you've unlocked enough points head to the Store and unlock stuff from a virtual John Woo shopkeeper. So yeah, it's pretty good. 7/10
  8. Well I could do without this special history of wales episode of This is Wrexham. Painfully unfunny. Bring back the sports drama please.
  9. No. Like A Dragon is the name of the entire series in Japan I think.
  10. Jeff Grubb is a hack whose entire career is built around relaying what his "sources" tell him with zero journalism on his part. And he happened to be wrong about loads on this Direct. Pretty funny actually.
  11. Both Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn snubbed at the Emmys. Fuck those awards.
  12. Agree with this. I had to unsubscribe from pretty much all my other gaming podcasts because the hosts always had this air of "my opinion is right, this game is stupid and if you like it you're wrong". Mostly from Americans.
  13. Want some easy Trophies? Turns out you can just press the Watch button on the menu for the game, then start to play it just before you beat the final boss, save the game, quit out back to the main menu, then load that save back up, get that last hit and watch the trophy unlock. Doesn't work with the SNES and MD versions of Tournament Fighters though.
  14. 11/09 - Turtles Cowabunga Collection (Platinum Trophy) To get the Platinum Trophy you have to beat all the games in the collection, something I did, albeit I cheesed a few of them. Turns out you can just watch someone playing the game all the way through, jump in and start playing it just before the final boss or whatever is beaten, then you get the trophy. I did only do this for three of the 13 games included. Those being the NES version of Tournament Fighters (just as cheap as the Snes and Mega Drive versions, which I ended up hating by the end), the NES Turtles game (for obvious reasons) and the Game Boy's Turtles: Radical Rescue, which did seem like a neat little MetroidVania, the only problem being there's no map you can view, so no, I don't think I will complete you. Anyway, the collection itself is great. It has all the Turtles games you could want, apart from maybe the XBLA remake of Turtles in Time, some nice history included with art and whatnot. It did cement my opinion that Shredders Revenge is the best Turtles game ever made though. 7/10
  15. https://www.slashfilm.com/920415/taika-waititi-let-actors-improvise-major-plot-points-in-thor-love-and-thunder/ Sounds like Waititi didn't have a handle on what the story was through the whole shooting of the film. Improvising dialogue, sure. Your plot? Not great.
  16. I have finished it. Amazing. It really is just a live action video game. Give these guys the Streets of Rage movie.
  17. It was the same story but they weren't the same characters. Chan wasn't called Mr Miyagi for example. But they have nothing to do with the characters in this so should never EVER show up (please).
  18. I managed to get to episode 6 of the new season in one night. God, I love it. Spoiler for episode 6.
  19. It's shite apparently. Another one of those live action remakes that add nothing. Joseph Gordon Levitt coming in for much scrutiny as Jiminy Cricket. Might watch it if I get bored
  20. Those are some of the worst animations I've ever seen.
  21. Played the majority of the games now. Of course how much you get out of this collection depends on your love for Turtles and nostsalgia for all the games included. Surprisingly I've found the Game Boy games (well, the first two, not played the 3rd yet) hold up the best. Those sprites and anaimations. It's also a game that actually understands the target market and haven't made the game bastard hard. Speaking of, The Manhatten Project can get in the bin. What a terrible game. As is the NES port of Turtles Arcade. If it weren't for the "enhanceents" menu I would stand no chance with the games. And god bless the rewind feature, I may actually be able to complete Turtles NES for the first time! Good collection, with some nice art and extras to dive into. I especially enjoyed seeing that Green Turtles handheld game. Brought back memories of owning one!
  22. Super excited for this. I feel like Hangar 13 understand the crime fiction they're paying homage too far more than the likes of Rockstar. Really must do a replay of Mafia 2.
  23. Reviews are starting to trickle out. Its looking good!
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