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  1. Fernando in P6 will be putting every fibre of his being into getting in front of Lewis by turn 2. We might actually get an interesting Sochi race.
  2. He should be beating Lance with ease. I'm damning him.
  3. Stroll through to Q3, Seb out. That's damning.
  4. Could be an interesting tussle from the back of the grid between Max and Charles, who is trying out Ferrari's power unit upgrades that they're hoping will see them much further up the grid next year.
  5. Definitely looking a bit damp in Sochi.
  6. It's Lewis's turn to take Max out this week isn't it? Can't wait.
  7. So what's the verdict on the sprint race format so far? I have enjoyed the spicing up of Fridays with qualifying (for the sprint race ) and the excitement before the start of the sprint race, and the sprint races themselves I have quite enjoyed, bizarrely. They have shaken up the grid a bit, which seems to be one of the stated objectives. Having said that, I think overall, I prefer the regular format better. The sprint race does cheapen qualifying somewhat, imo. I have a feeling we're stuck with it at selected tracks again for next year and maybe it will work better with the new cars?
  8. What kind of asshole are you now?
  9. Today you will pass Lewis on the outside at the Rettifilo chicane, ok kid?
  10. He undid the nut, did up the nut, then forgot the next step. Sat staring at it for a lifetime, then when told he was the fuck up, went back to step 2 and did the nut up again instead of pressing the button to say the nut was done up.
  11. Mind you, who wouldn't be fucking incandescent with rage when a guy whose job is to undo a nut, do up a nut, then press a button, can only remember two things in that sequence.
  12. "If you see a gap and don't go for it, you're no longer a racer." - Senna. I'm not disagreeing with you. I think Max has matured a lot during his time in F1, but he has a wicked temper, which got the better of him yesterday that he really needs to get on top of.
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