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  1. Blue


    Since the first lockdown started I've bought beans from many different suppliers and hated every single bean I've had from them. I only did so because my beloved Algerian coffee stores couldn't operate at times. Thankfully they have been back up and running for some time and I was able to restock on my favourite, Huehuetenango. Then Brazilian bourbon happened and oh my, what a bean. Not sure which is my favourite now. The bourbon is full on in every respect, which is exactly what I like, whilst the huehue is a little smoother. Still happy with my little bean to cup machine as there's no faff and the coffee tastes great. I conclude that if you have a bean that you love, it doesn't much matter how you turn it into a cup of coffee but if you don't love the bean, no fancy grinder or machine can save it.
  2. He was a great personality. American football games weren't the same if he wasn't the colour commentator. Great coach too of course. Everyone loved John. RIP big man.
  3. Way too many holes to count in this series and quite ridiculous from start to finish but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was always going to be too much to hope for a return to the form of the early seasons when Dexter was believable and nuanced.
  4. mexos is bored again I see.
  5. He doesn't, which speaks to the quality of his acting.
  6. They have a very fancy new factory going up in Silverstone and have snaffled RB's head of aero. Def gonna dominate.
  7. Although if you're a multi billionaire and you're determined your son will get some podiums/wins...
  8. Ha, no I don't think AM will dominate. I wrote it quite badly. The video just started me thinking that these new rules just might be restrictive enough to actually level things out a bit. All their under floors should be very similar and it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of scope for fancy aerodynamics on the bodywork. Might be quite engine led? It would be amazing to see 4 or 5 teams fighting for the win. A man can dream!
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