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  1. Ocon wasn't quicker in the last sector.
  2. And the quite stunning qualifying lap he put in, yes? Ocon also drove a great race under extreme pressure. While everyone else was skidding around like Bambi on ice, he kept it on track better than anyone I'd say. Alpine's strategy was also perfect by settling for 3rd from the start and consolidating that by deliberately holding up those behind and forcing their strategy.
  3. Crazy talk. It doesn't matter what Alonso did in the 3rd sector, the fact is Max had to make up 0.3 seconds in the shortest sector of the shortest track and did so by pushing beyond the limit and cutting the corners so fine that he hit the barriers twice. That his first two sectors were poor by comparison due to traffic affecting his tyre warm up and being cautious at the first corner make it all the more remarkable. Once again, in a qualifying that saw times separated by hundredths of a second, he made up three tenths in a ridiculously short distance. If that's not a special lap, there's never been one.
  4. Great drives by Max and Ocon. Scary race at times. Pity Aston made things boring for Alonso.
  5. Max for 20 laps: "Tyres are shot" RB: "No tyres for you." They're going to put him in the wall.
  6. I so wanted Alonso to get pole and he drove phenomenally, but Max is a beast. Max has had some questionable starts at times so hopefully Fernando can nip it at the first corner. Either way I don't think either will be afraid to go for an overtake in the race if given half a chance and Max has more to lose, which Nando knows.
  7. Just passing on what Ted said in his qualy notebook. Where did he get those numbers from?
  8. His last sector was apparently 0.288 seconds faster than anyone else, which is pretty crazy, especially as he hit the wall pretty hard in that sector, twice.
  9. Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Or whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not!
  10. Yuki doing his chances of the big seat no harm there.
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