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  1. Carlos isn't exactly a slouch though.
  2. It does, although with 15 wins, that much we already knew. It highlights quite a few other interesting things too, like what a force Lewis still is. George may have got the win, but five 2nd places for Ham is pretty remarkable with that car. Also just how much Ric cost McLaren 4th in the constructors and Lando really outperforming the car. For all he had a miserable season with reliability, Nando really showing he's still got it too.
  3. The suggestion is that you won't even see them for wet races, only extreme wet races. The whole thing seems to be a reaction to Spa-gate.
  4. It seems F1 are looking to implement changes designed to reduce spray during extreme wet races and may introduce rear wheel "mudguards" which they believe will reduce spray as much as 50%. These could be introduced as early as the 2nd half of the 2023 season but more likely 2024. They would only be used in extreme wet conditions rather than all wet races. Pirelli will also be producing and testing improved full wet and intermediate tyres following complaints that the full wet tyres lacked so much performance that teams were switching to intermediates on too wet track conditions as seen in Japan this year.
  5. I've no idea what that means, sorry.
  6. Yeah Lando is extra special, isn't he. I have little doubt he will annihilate Pastry. McLaren have been such a disappointment, it's really disheartening. I'd love RB to put Danny Ric on the grid. Get Checo and his delusions of winning a WDC to fuck and see what Ric can do with a pointy car with brakes again. No point in having him otherwise.
  7. For someone that no-one cares about, he sure does seem to occupy a lot space in a lot of people's heads.
  8. Gosh, when you put it like that, he sounds great.
  9. 1st quarter of the season maybe, but thereafter the RB was dominant, so I maintain that Checo should have been easily able to secure 2nd. "Shit" might be a tad harsh, but in terms of driver skill he's a long way behind half the field.
  10. Checo doesn't deserve 2nd place. With Max circa 150 points ahead of his nearest rival, Checo should have easily been able to secure 2nd, but he didn't, because he's shit.
  11. Ham driving for Ferrari next year?
  12. Hopefully they can make them look better than the sprint medals, which are an embarrassment.
  13. Why on earth they allow people onto the grid I have no idea.
  14. Seb starting to wish his dad hadn't turned up I think. "Ok, one more hug, dad, but that's it."
  15. Normal service resumed then.
  16. Exactly. "I am unable to confirm or deny..."
  17. There hasn't been an allegation, just supposition from the media.
  18. That's what's being mooted, but he can obviously be whatever they decide. It might already be too late for Checo if team principal Max doesn't trust him to do his bidding any more. If Danny hadn't proven to be such a liability in recent years he'd have been straight into the hot seat, imo.
  19. 3 place grid penalty for Danny Ric for taking out KMag. What a miserable season he's had, incredibly even worse than last season. He might be begging Hass for that seat in a year or two as I can't see anyone decent taking a risk on him. Unless RB fire Checo and take him on as a patsy for Max.
  20. OK, 'fess up. Who told Lewis it was a pyjama party?
  21. Blue


    Glad you like it. I think I've tried all their coffees at this point and now mainly alternate between bourbon and huey. I just stumbled upon ACS about 10 years ago and fell in love with it. Have been ordering my coffee from it ever since and always visit when I'm in London.
  22. I like win tunnel. It won't slow them down at all. The question is not will RB be slower, but have Merc' finally unlocked the potential in their car and be faster. Abu Dhabi might go some way to answering that question. Hopefully they'll be happier after AD than they were last year.
  23. Nando reckons AM will be fighting for the championship in the next 2 years. I can't help but feel he has fallen for the same bullshit hype from papa Stroll that Vettel did, but I guess we will see lol.
  24. The ease of cleaning them is one of their biggest plus points. They have a good non-stick coating so a quick swish in dishwater is all it takes.
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