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  1. Looks like an easy DRS overtake soon to me.
  2. Tyre deg has been very low here this weekend. He might be able to take them to the end.
  3. 45 mins to finish the race isn't it?
  4. I think we'll have a new race director next year.
  5. Offers? Who the fuck is running this race?
  6. Going to be a penalty for Max there too
  7. Bottas needs to slow down a bit, doesn't he?
  8. NOW TV seems to be half a minute behind you guys. Please delay your comments.
  9. Not much of a rundown to the first turn to do much.
  10. The tension is high for sure.
  11. Adrian not inspiring confidence in the gearbox there.
  12. Should make for an interesting first corner.
  13. I tend to agree. It was a new gearbox though and they did say they wouldn't hesitate to replace it if they had any doubt, so hopefully they feel pretty secure about it if they decide to keep it. I think I'm right in saying that they will have been allowed to take it fully apart to check it out?
  14. Any who know what they're talking about?
  15. Oh right, was confused because you said once that lap is taken away from the argument. I think it's pretty clear it's a huge mistake.
  16. No, the yellow lights were at the end of the straight and he at the start of the straight. But the protest will fail for sure, if it comes.
  17. Yep, Merc have to be favourite for it. Wow though, the season that just keeps giving.
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