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  1. On 30/06/2020 at 09:54, Dimahoo said:

    I see @Rushy has left the project.

    He's at Avalanche games now. 

    That's correct, I'm at Avalanche Studios Group now, working on an open world experience but it won't be racing.


    On 30/06/2020 at 10:24, Dudley said:

    Codemasters to buy Avalanche.

    :blink2: Avalanche is a much bigger entity than Codies ;)





  2. On 23/06/2018 at 21:39, petrolgirls said:


    I don't have Onrush yet but isn't there a pause when you capture your screenshot in photo mode? It likely adds a large dollop of proper AA, perhaps an improved AO pass too. That sort of stuff can make a big difference to perceived image quality. Not that it isn't a fine looking game of course. 


    Largely in ONRUSH what you see is what you get in-game versus photo-mode.

    We switch the game to 'Prioritise Resolution' rather than 'Prioritise Frame-rate' so it forces it to run at 30fps with the highest possible resolution supported by that platform (this option is available during gameplay as well). After we that we just push out the LODS, Tesselation and mips further (i.e. push the detail further in the distance).


    Obviously we process any optional effects you choose to add on top after that (depth of field, motion blur, etc), but we don't switch on any other effects such as improved AO as suggested. The real difference in photomode is that you're able get up close, see the detail, frame the action and appreciate what we're pushing all the time whilst you're racing round at speed.

  3. 1 minute ago, SeanR said:


    yeah, but he said "base PS4" ;)

    It'll still be identical in terms of framerate :)

    In the next update we've made further optimisations so that that on base PS4 now runs as smoothly as the more powerful hardware. But obviously the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions look better. So if you've got an base PS4 and an Xbox One X I'd definitively recommend to go for the latter. 

  4. 11 hours ago, SeanR said:


    is that even a question? Surely the best version of any multiplatform title will be on xbonex now? Even without "enhancements" if only for a more stable framerate, right?



    Framerate is identical on both PS4 Pro & Xbox One X at a locked 60fps. The Xbox One X supports a higher resolution and 4K textures, but I'd say choose the platform you want to play with your friends on (shame multiplayer isn't cross-platform).

  5. 1 minute ago, partious said:

    Someone mentioned levelling above. What sort of levelling system does the game have?


    Fairly straight forward really:


     - By performing actions in a match you earn medals ('actions' can be anything from taking someone down, to scoring a number of points, or simply completing an entire match)
     - Medals give you XP (Bronze, Silver & Gold medals for 3 different sums of XP).
     - XP goes towards your level.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Gotters said:

     with it being so heavily dependent on online and multiplayer 


    I think that's a misconception.


    There's a full single-player campaign with over ninety events and hundreds of objectives. There are hundreds of challenges and a full set of achievements/trophies to unlock (non of which need multiplayer).  With at least 20hrs of solo gameplay at launch if you want to try and complete everything on offer alone.

    In-fact I wholeheartedly recommend you play through all of the single player campaign before considering jumping into multiplayer. That's exactly what I'll be doing at launch (probably spending a little too long in photo mode ;)).

    Plus we plan to continue to add more features and content post release, so watch this space.

  7. 14 hours ago, Eighthours said:


    I too would like to know the answer to this!


    Countdown mode is fairly simple, but there more depth and strategy to it than you might expect:

     - Drive through the gates to earn time for your team, that's the important bit ;)

     - The first person to hit a gate (on either team) triggers it to widen, this makes it easier for players behind to catch-up and takeout those that they're chasing (which naturally condenses the pack).
     - Hitting every gate isn't necessarily the best strategy, as taking down an opponent will mean they miss 3-4 gates, so sacrificing a gate to wreck someone is well worth it.
     - Time earned for your team is relative to the number of team members who've already passed through a gate, so if you hit the gate first you'll earn more time. So as long as you get 3-4 people on a team through each gate you're earning the bulk of the available time (we frees allows people to miss some gates without being too punishing and allows for more aggressive strategies).

     - So if all of one team is ahead of another team it actually offers no advantage at all. Providing everyone on both teams all hit a gate the time earned per gate will be the same per team.

     - Vehicle Class choice is key, as with everyone following a similar path you want to make it as hard to follow as possible. So the Vortex Wake, Blade Firewall, Titan Blockade are all super useful at cutting off routes or slowly people down.

     - Gates are randomly generated, so don't bother trying to learn their routes.

  8. 9 hours ago, Mr Tony said:

    @Rushy, can't wait to play, but why bother having the Xbox version say "Ready to Start" when in fact all that does is boot you into a installation screen while it downloads the rest of the 10+GB the game needs to be installed. That shit is just frustrating man.


    That's just a bug, it shouldn't say ready to start whilst still downloading the additional Xbox One X 4k Textures. Apologies about that.


    10 minutes ago, stefcha said:

    I spent forever downloading this (more to download on X?) then once I did get to a point I could launch it I wasn't able to play it anyway due to the beta servers apparently being full. It's disgraceful, I can't believe the game was released in this state and I'll be returning it for a refund :quote: 


    Good music, though. 


    The beta servers aren't full, as with the message above, the game simply hasn't finished downloading. Once the download has completed you'll be able to jump on with no problems.


  9. 18 hours ago, Fatsam said:

    Everyone on PS4? Even regular PS4 owners?

    That's ace. What resolution does it drop to?


    Yup, PS4 or PS4 Pro you can play at 60fps. 

    By default its 60fps on Pro, and 30fps on Base (although that's changing for release to 60 by default as we've optmised the game further since then). So jump into the settings, and see what you prefere.


    Resolution output is still 1080p on base using temporal construction of 900p.


    1 hour ago, Super Craig said:

    There’s a high-res texture pack for the X apparently. Not sure if it was installed when I had a shot, but it looked great anyway.


    Yup, if you have an X then the 4K textures will download automatically.


    53 minutes ago, Yuujiin said:

    Downloading now not got a psn sub anymore . I take it I can play it in single player?


    You can play all of it, no PS+ required.

  10. 12 hours ago, Escaped said:

    What sort of spawn logic does fodder have? So as not to penalise the ‘leader’ it must be proximity-based to an extent (minus volume), and so I'm wondering what happens if higher scores are achievable from collective no-race exploits.

    There's a series of rules and mode specific logic that dictates where the fodder spawn to ensure there is the right balance for all players and we heavily use telemetry and analytics to measure our KPI's.

    It's also important to note that fodder don't 'directly' score you any points, they're just there to fuel your boost.

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