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  1. Sounds about right but its localised to small areas of the screen. As I said nothing to serious just thought I'd mention it.
  2. I was hit 3 times in a row, and the prices you quoted above are just pretty much standard tbh. Nothing to make a thread about.
  3. Rushy

    Ouch No More!

    Been discussing this at NTSC-UK and although its possible it is only a rumour at this point as UBI hasn't said a word yet. I've still got mine pre-ordered.
  4. The pistol is widely known to be over powered and can kill an opponent with full shield in 3 good shots. When u say skimming do you mean using the melee attack? Any close range combat should involve some slapping, its one of the most useful moves in the game. Still an amazing mulitplayer game which never seems to stop entertaining me and my mates. Noob
  5. Xbox Version is a must tbh. The controls are pretty much identical to HALO, which means the big chunky pad is perfect for this game. There is no 'jumpiness' at all as mentioned by Games TM, but it does suffer from screen tearing at times (nothing serious though). Loading times are minimal, actually I can't remember having to wait for any loading really. Plus this version is the cheapest
  6. I have to disagree, I find that the game has great variety in both weapons and levels. True you get many of the weapons early on, but no earlier than you do than in Halo and it all about how you use the weapons and apply them in the situations. I actually like the level design for the majority of it, there are few points which aren't thought out too well but on the whole its excellent. Coming back to the point of variety again, thinking more about it I can't disagree more. There are plenty of vehicles to commandeer, many robots to 'possess', different characters to play as and weapon upgrades. It's got full on shoot-em up action, puzzles and exploration....what more could you want for £14.99 BTW I got the Xbox version which is a silky smooth 60 fps (although it does suffer from tearing). And the multiplayer is fun too.
  7. Up to the final boss now, and I have loved it. Its a wacky little ingenious game which now at only £14.99 is a must buy. And contrary to popular belief it isn't that hard, I've had very little problems reaching this stage in the game. Go buy it !!!
  8. Rushy


    I'm not denying the game is hard, as it is. But tapping X (or A in my case) just doesn't work in the long term, the first few bad guys will fall with ease but unless you start to use combos (which have to be purchased) you wont progress very far. I do agree on you with the idea that the difficulty setting should adjust so you don't end up repeating the same section over and over again, and I think that the checkpoints are extremly poorly placed. A tip if you want to make things easier is play the game in co-op first and repeat the easy levels to bulid up masses of experience points, buy all the combos and upgrades and you'll get through it no problem then in either single player or co-op. £40 are you mad? Do people still buy games at this crazy price? If you shop around EVERY new game can be found for £29.99 delivered.
  9. Rushy


    Ok, its hard, but its not 'that' hard. Well certainly not as hard as you make it out to be. Has it not ocurred to you that you may be extremely bad at it?
  10. Rushy


    Get that joke from a christmas cracker eh? Well.....only in terms of they don't normally let Fatal Bugs into the finished product.
  11. Rushy


    This is the game I have played most since Christmas day, and it is very enjoyable. Co-op mode is definetly the best, but it does feel like a bit of an after thought in places, as sometimes it has its fair share of problems. The difficulty is totally unblanced at times, and can feel a little unfair, but perseverance and repeating levels in co-op (this cannot be done in single player - until completion) to build experience does make it somewhat easier. Suprised by the the amount of faults with the game though as EA's QA is normally spot on. Guessing they must have had to get it out for deadline, but nothing to spoil the game really (well apart from the odd crash - Xbox version (known issue it seems)). But it really is quite a good game and the way it integrates with the film is superb, combine that with stunning visuals and brilliant sound it makes quite a nice little package.
  12. Rushy

    Chrimbo Games

    Amped 2 Top Spin Lotr:Rotk Broken Sword 3 Metal Arms GITS Gregory Horror Show
  13. Rushy


    No sense of direction Can't say I ever got lost for more than 30 secs.
  14. I've been on Xbox L!ve for most of the day with no problems what so ever, and plenty of people from my friends list have been online too.
  15. SoR2, one of favourite games of ALL time. I still go back to it when I get the chance too, and the music, ohh I how I love the music.
  16. I've got all but Dragon Force (which I've never heard of), and only PDS cost me a bit. TBH I thought there are much rarer games for the PS1 and Saturn out there on PAL.
  17. Not always true, although it is normally the way things are. Some testers do get to put a lot of suggestions and feedback forward to the team, but it really depends on the team/company your working with/for.
  18. Cone challenges are the best driving mode in PGR (1&2), they can be very frustrating at times but when you get it right its sooooo rewarding.
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