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  1. ONRUSH has deformation, but not like in the original MotorStorm. That technique nowadays isn't practical and wouldn't scale well to the modern day resolution requirements. The ONRUSH one is way more refined, but won't persist forever in the same way.
  2. Going for the triple barrel roll takedown!
  3. Took a few neat ones today...wish I could release them without marketing approval
  4. GT Sport is Sony's premier racer, I'd be amazed if they updated a 4yr old racer now. DC felt great even at 30fps because our input latency was as low as many of the best 60fps games. Plus the game never drops any frames....ever. (Don't forget that many 60fps titles actually have terrible input latency, almost nullifying the benefits of the high refresh rate - good article to read more about it)
  5. Day one the game had major online issues, but the visuals were never a problem. The game never had any visual upgrades bar the addition of weather and improvements seen in new tracks. You can even test this now, simply delete the updates and you can compare the day 1 game with the final patches and you'll see how your claim doesn't hold up - the game looks identical. Sure the game transformed over time with many new features, settings & content but to say the visuals were poor upon release and transformed over time is simply not true. I presume you never had the game day 1 and are simply basing your opinions on rumour rather than actual experience?
  6. Development is very different to how most people picture. All games could do with more time for additional polish and iteration, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a developer who wouldn't want more time/budget to refine the experience. It really isn't about pushing the game out of the door early. At the end of the day you've got set a line in the sand and say the game is done otherwise you'll never end up releasing it - or as is the reality for many you'll run out of budget. And sometimes you just have to accept the game isn't perfect - which again I'm sure all developers would accept too. Ultimately though I'm proud of every game I've shipped even though I would have loved to continue working on them for longer
  7. You don't 'design' that stuff, that's a by product of the physics solution and lack of time to resolve the issue.
  8. We're working on one...but for now some more screens will have to do The tracks are very arcadey, more so than MotorStorm, but they're based in the hyper real exaggerated real world. When we start to show off the tracks in action you'll understand
  9. https://twitter.com/onrushgame/
  10. I'll try and keep you all updated here , but please follow/visit for the latest updates: https://twitter.com/@onrushgame http://www.facebook.com/onrushgame http://www.instagram.com/onrushgame So what do you think?
  11. Up to 80? The default was 100 on the PS4. What's the default on PC?
  12. Evolution All of the additional tours are far better than the original tour and make good use of the games weather (which didn't feature in the original tour as the weather got added afterwards).
  13. Tinkered a little bit last night. Settled on 'Informative' with gain set to 50 and menu strength to 0.2. Still need more time with it though for fine tuning. Disappointed that the defaults are just maxed out with incredibly high FFB values that just will destroy your wheel with any extended use.
  14. 4K update is a separate (optional) on-top of the day one 95gb install due in November.
  15. 99% of the time slow D/L speeds are due to the users setup. As long as people use a decent ISP, a good router (not one from an ISP), use a wired connection and setup the correct port forwarding/DNS settings you should be able to maximise you're available bandwidth. I have no problem getting 75mb D/L all the time at home, and 100mb+ D/Ls from the office.
  16. Rushy

    Sonic Mania

    Hype rising. Just had to the order an official T-Shirt
  17. I've added some missing titles. Great month. I'm interested in quite a few Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) F1 2017 (PS4) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NS) Absolver (PS4) Redout (PS4) Nidhogg 2 (PS4) Sonic Mania (PS4) Undertale (PS4) Matterfall (PS4) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4) Tacoma (XO) Redeemer (PS4) Obduction (PSVR)
  18. If you have the DC season pass you get a loyalty discount. Full price - https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/driveclub-vr/cid=EP9000-CUSA03296_00-XXXXXDRIVECLUBVR Season Pass Discount- https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/driveclub-vr/cid=EP9000-CUSA03296_00-XXXXXDCVRUPGRADE
  19. Fastest way to do it is visit this link, add everything that is free to your basket. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/search/f=^driveclub|bucket~games|release_date~asc
  20. It's a standalone title (new content, new features).
  21. To get all of the expansion content you'd need to get: - DRIVECLUB - DRIVECLUB Season Pass - DRIVECLUB BIKES - 2x DRIVECLUB BIKES individual expansions
  22. Rushy

    Xbox One X

    Indeed. Even the bookends aren't added on by Sony, they're supplied by Sony to be added on by the pub/dev. Trailers are a pub/dev responsibility in nearly all cases and in this case its EA/Bioware.
  23. Rushy

    Dirt 4

    Official Patch notes:
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