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  1. Publishing the game on a platform yourself is a very different proposition to working with a publisher to develop a game - and are in most circumstances entirely different operations within a company.
  2. He published The Witness himself. I think you're missing the point.
  3. It's no CGI. That's in-engine running on PS4 Pro.
  4. Wow, never knew that, thanks! That's super hidden away, and also rather convoluted. Glad its in though, its been frustrating me for a while.
  5. Yup this happens (no idea why though - it shouldn't really).
  6. Rushy

    PS4 Pro

    Be sure on the Samsung NOT to rely upon the auto update/update via internet. My KS7000 told me was up to date 1140, however I knew 1150 (UK) was the latest. Best to always grab the firmware manually and update via USB (1152 should be available soon with HDR support for Youtube).
  7. Rushy

    PS4 Pro

    Would have loved to have done that, but it wasn't something we were asked to do. And its too late now, busy working on the new game, which will of course support PS4 Pro.
  8. Rushy

    PS4 Pro

    You're forgetting the fact that most games now have a wide range of downloadable items or Micro-transactions. MAU & MAR (from digital content) is just as important as unit sales, so any reason to come back to game and play it more will generally see revenues spike. And given that the costs are generally going to be very low to do a Pro Patch then its hard to see the reasons not to do this for any recent/current game unless there is an 'Opportunity Cost'.
  9. Rushy

    PS4 Pro

    Latency of 23-25ms is actually the best out there (that I've seen anyway for a consumer TV) and is the exception rather than the standard. Most of 2016 TV's actually hover between 35-45 in game mode, with many even over 50ms.
  10. Rushy

    PS4 Pro

    You mean when they go OLED surely? The rumour is their OLED (using an LG panel) will be announced in January at CES. It's the one I'm holding out for, as its so hard to find anything better than my Panasonic Plasma.
  11. There won't be any further updates I'm afraid. We are now 100% on our new racing IP now and in the future.
  12. There will be improvements, but we haven't taken full advantage of the hardware as we're no longer working on DRIVECLUB.
  13. The weirder thing is that you adapt to it, become used to it over time, and games that once made you feel nauseous are just fine.
  14. Amazing, just amazing. Can't believe how good this is in VR. Desperately need to unlock 'Area X'
  15. Rushy


    Brilliant game - thoroughly enjoyed it in VR too.
  16. It's happening, just don't have a date. I would expect them soon though.
  17. Definitely get the T150, its leagues above the T80. Force feedback makes a massive difference.
  18. £30, that's mental! The T150 works well with DC, enjoy!
  19. There are two versions of the game - one with the discount and one without. Make sure you've selected the right one.
  20. You can stop and get out the car to look around too.
  21. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll get a code, otherwise I'll be buying it from the store like everyone else!
  22. The Ex-Evo team developed it. We had the entire team work on it for 18 months, re-working the assets and changing/optimising the entire engine. Building a new tour, new trophies, new stats, new modes, new features and more. And you want this for free? Loyal season pass holders get it for £15.99, everyone else gets it for £34.99.
  23. Well I don't know if that's the longest, but its the longest deal I've heard of. Some games might have done longer deals, although they'd be few and far between. It would be possible to re-license, but that would be cost prohibitive. Hence why all the old PS3 NFS games on the PS Store are listed as 'Disc Only'.
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