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  1. ehat pissed me off, was it should have ended when you finished off don nuie. (spelling) and lan di was flying away. that was the perfect ending. nice opener for the next game. but it ended at a complete crap location.
  2. the only thing that sucked on shenmue 2 was the last hour, when your with shenhua, that sucked balls, it was so boring...
  3. both equally unique in their own way. what about, brand new - i believe you but my tommy gun dont ?
  4. how much does that set you back ? £30
  5. i picked up al murrey's and wine for the ladies, bill baileys part troll, trainspotting difinite edition and jay and scilent bob strikes back all for about £36 in the sales
  6. now that and road trip is what you call cult teen movies. the song in not another teen movie was funny, when they all sing before the prom
  7. well after completing shenmue 2 last night i thought there aint much left that could be covered in number 3, Click For Spoiler because at the end ryu is in guilin with that girl whose name is the leaf on the shenmue tree. so he is close to landi, and getting his rvenge on the murder of his father. but what else could he do ? visit joy and wong ?
  8. ye its in my game, but its like £20
  9. ban request, you rased my hopes then dashed them with a stroke of your keyboard
  10. ye but after that, you end up feeling well full up. we usually go supersize with that, eat everything, then down the coke with the ice, first one to run to the toilet is out . lol
  11. why dont we wait for it to appear on telly, instead of you rining it, cant you block that kick by moving away from it >
  12. it werent a bad film, the ending was shit though.
  13. cex suck, the workers are always lame asses, who have a little crack at everything you trade in.
  14. it was their christmas party or something
  15. it was good and bad, you really had to of watched the series to have understood it, but the riot scenes were funny.
  16. i sort of think of it, that americans call them video games and the english call them computer games. or so i think.
  17. wtf toon, i gave you honourable advice. FUCK OFF YOU NOOB
  18. likewise, but i waited till it dropped to £99.99 and the crystal one was re released.
  19. ye it says they have made it comptible. so wait and see i suppose
  20. www.gamefaqs.com should help, but in future can you us the forum section, ask the forum please
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