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  1. you love that fucking cooker dont you. great idea anyway disciple
  2. it says, it will only let a certain amount of people download once, i bet its filled up with 56k'ers, just be patient
  3. yes i did this as well, please shun me, i think i did about 80% of out team,,, later on, when those hunters were on your side, i had no clue, but my rockets had a vauge idea...
  4. woo its finally entered abandoware. woo !!! this is truely the best 2d gta... dont fucking question that theory.
  5. for him it was embarassing. we was playing split screen, and he said, i bet you could not hit me with the rocket laucher from here (we was on coigulation (the one with two bases, banshees and warthogs, and a sniper rifle on the top of both bases.) i prefered the halo 1 one though.) so i covered that, with a bet as well a couple of quid i think. boom, clear head shot, he tried to be cocky, so he stood still hoping it was going to fly right past his head, werent he wrong...
  6. i am going to give this game another attempt in a few days, i started it up, then got to "adulthood" and got bored...
  7. dude wheres my car, was a pathetic attempt on a movie, it was shit, it had no real story, just an event with loads of plotholes, the two leading actors and actresses should be shot in the face because they cant act for shit (or in the film anyway.) it wasn't even funny, there was the occassional part where you would chuckle, but thats because you were laughing at them not with them, come on, the tattoo bit "dude, what does mine say ? sweet, how about mine ? dude..." i walked out of the cinema then, it was not funny, and after being forced to watch the film fully i still find it a pathetic excuse
  8. do you mean rotk ? as in return of the king ?
  9. i am lost, wot the fuck, is going on ?
  10. i thought it looked really shabby as well PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP i digress.
  11. I hate those fucking mongs on boxing days "oh its sale time!" so they get up nice and early grab a bit of breakfast, wearing yesturdays clothes, feel too fucking energetic to have a wash and brush their teeth, or even put some deoderant on. and then they come out in their masses, ohh look a door handle, only 50p we gotta get this... then you will get all the post twats walking out of the shops empty handed, because everyone smells like shit. thats why i hate sales, its good if you go early, because theres usually real good cheap items available, but all those mongs are pushing and they smell funny. talking about mongs, my mum went to pick up tony hawks 2 on xbox for me. "ye uh, can i purchase tommy hawks please." "ye, that will be £39.99 please." "but the ad in the window says £19.99" little did she read, the clause said, "when brought in conjunction with anything in store." "ok, ummmm...." the guy just got bored of my mum looking for something cheap so he just sold it to her for £19.99.
  12. ye i did post about this a few threads down, its great, the album is not too bad THANKS SUPRNOVA theres a cool track on it called i shot william h macy, i assum they mean that twatish actor, its a real good tune. i am looking out to see if they got any gigs coming up soon
  13. i am sure that film has finished by now...
  14. the vines, the hives and the white stripes all good !
  15. ye for me its those or nothing, all other microwavable burgers taste like jizz
  16. what about "the killers" they are pretty good
  17. i think for me, i am just going to put on 5 dvds, in between saying hello to people. heres my choices - please rate them lunchtime - naked gun after - lord of the rings - return of the king dinnertime - master and commander later on - starship troopers or terminator 2 midnight - paris hiltons porno vid....... lol... just kidding, TRAINING DAY.
  18. when i saw this in the cinema when i was about 11, i remember crying at the end, when willis blows himself up to save the earth.. i havent cried so much, untill futuramas jurrasic bark episode.
  19. THE WAY OF THE SAMAURAI 2 anyone ? this is a real gem i believe, it has a good story, where you basically choose your own path, loads of moves to learn, but let down by bad voice overs and is not a scratch on bushido blade !!!
  20. the best place to look for memory stick duo's are on ebay, for about £50=70 you can get a san disc (3rd party) 512mb card
  21. i think ea's assets amount to just over $8 billion, wow, with that money you could probabily buy a country... why would microsoft buy ea, it would make no sense..
  22. sounds pretty lush, how much did that set you back >?
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