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  1. sonic skateboarding anyone, or he sonic educational packs ? lol sonic became boring after the megadrive i believe. it just kept trying to reinvent the "cool" factor part of the formula for the origanals, and what did they come up with.... SHIT
  2. *rings gamesguru (from gamesville) for advice.* "ye i am in level 2, and i am uhh, being shot"... ahhh... "oi stop that you, i am bleeding!" "yes, you need to enter the code, up down up up up up up x triangle square" "but its the fucking xbox version" "yeah.. uh... i know... next call."
  3. do it to a person, let them run around, they will eventually get bored, when they get near other people BOOM !!!
  4. jigger_jay


    i thoroughly enjoyed 1 and 2 even though i never found the time to complete them, i cant wait to try snake eater. just the ps2's shoddy graphics which do it for me
  5. all i did was show up on the first date, went to the pizza place, then stuck a plastic explosive on her, punched her, she run away, BOOM !!! i am still doing nore thats pissing me off.
  6. roast chicken sensation and nice and spicy nik naks a few beers (budwiser) maybe a pizza
  7. the plasma sword is very effective, usually in 1 or two Attempts at it
  8. wow this is brill i cant wait to try it
  9. anyone played the way of the samaurai 2 ? the worst voice acting ever. its dubbed, with englist over the top, and they have not even tried lip synching it
  10. Best PC Game 1. Half Life 2 2. The sims 2 3. Evil genius Best PS2 Game 1. San Andreas 2. WWE smacdown v. raw 3. Pro Evolution soccer 4 Best Xbox Game 1. Halo 2 2. Fable 3. Burnout 3 Best Online Game (PC/PS.net/XBL) 1. Halo 2 (XBL) 2. Tony Hawks 2 (PS.net) 3. Burnout 3 (XBL) Best Technical Achievement (software) - San Andreas - The pure size of it, and the detail () Best Technical Achievement (hardware) - Psp Best Developer - Rockstar North Best Publisher - EA Hall of Shame 3. Burnout 3s online servers at first (XBOX) 2. Fifa 2005 (XBOX) 1. Driv3r (PS2) Most Wanted Game Of 2005 - STAR WARS - KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC 2 (PAL) (XBOX) Best Overall Game of the Year 1. HALO 2 - SHIT ENDING THOUGH (Xbox) 2. GTA - San andreas (PS2) 3. Burnout 3 (Xbox)
  11. where did you get the slurm in the background
  12. can you post a close pic of the fig cos i am really interested in buying ne on friday
  13. i have done it so i have sent the invite to myself !!! which free game should i pick ?
  14. is this the one that starts "i'm heaven sent, dont you dare forget, i am all youve ever wanted, what all the other boys all promised..." i fucking love that track i just could not remember the name of it.
  15. i think the mayonase part of these is proper vile. i have a mate who likes chicken, chips and gravey. thats like wtf.
  16. i take it you are middle aged, and prefer playing pokemon and yugiho games with your children. then play a proper game.
  17. just kill her, thats what i did then woozie will ring, and you just go to her house and get the key card.
  18. the first person to quote all that is banned !!! but ye its brill
  19. there is already a thread like this at the bottom kris
  20. wow i never knew. anything else cut ?
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