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  1. Yeah that was a crossover for the mobile game, Power Rangers Legacy Wars. I had to play Battle For The Grid for a work thing a while back and really enjoyed it despite having zero affinity for the source material. It's basically MVC in different clothes (little surprise given that the design team includes MVC legends Clockwork and ShadyK). Was really impressed by it. It's on Game Pass and one of those things you can just scroll past without noticing but I encourage all curious fighting-game persons to give it a look.
  2. I don't get the Ryan hate honestly. Yes he has strong Carphone Warehouse Regional Manager energy, but I've sat down with most of the Sony bods over the years and he was the most engaging, though that was a couple of years before he got the top job. He's a good egg I think, and the changes he's made don't strike me as evidence of a particular agenda, just that he sees which way the wind's blowing. While I mourn the loss of Japan Studio as much as anyone, the sort of lavish, $100m+ blockbusters Sony is seemingly focusing on are really hard to make. Like there are fewer and fewer comp
  3. I tried it on Apple TV yesterday with a DualShock 4 and it certainly makes applying spin a lot easier as it’s on the left stick, with swing on the right. Loading times are mad though.
  4. I'm exactly the same, it's clearly not a very airquotes-good game but it just borrows a lot of things from a lot of games I like and combines them all into something that flicks a lot of my personal switches. I totally understand that connectivity issues like this aren't just a simple matter of turning on more servers, but I equally think they could have been better prepared. The minute the Game Pass deal was signed they should have been focusing on making sure their architecture could cope with demand. It's a biggish release from a respectable developer and a big-name publisher i
  5. I don't understand this at all. Completely get what's in it for Evo, the Cannon name is mud and they needed an exit. But for Sony? I'm at a bit of a loss.
  6. Nate Dogg III


    Yeah really into this. Immediately made me think of The Warriors and Sleeping Dogs and all the good old games about punching people in the face and chest that don’t get made so much these days. Absolver had a terrific combat system but a structure and setting that I just couldn’t get into. This is much more like it.
  7. Oh that is fantastic news. I haven't played this game in forever and have no real desire to, but that restores it as a spectator sport somewhat. Few things more deflating in a match than a hard-earned jump-in getting blown up by a wee slap.
  8. Anger and Unceasing Top dies to the Heart though, eh. Unless you also get Torii and Tungsten Rod I suppose. And Time Eater.
  9. You’re absolutely right about Harrison, whose constant upwards failure is really quite remarkable, but I think that’s a bit unfair on Jade Raymond. She built the Toronto studio for Ubi from the ground up, then did the same for EA with Motive. In that respect she was the perfect hire for Stadia — Google wanted to make games and needed someone to get a development division stood up — albeit far too late in the day to make any difference. Sad about all this, they had some good talent over there that I suppose were always on a hiding to nothing but presumably thought, like I did, that ma
  10. Mine only came the other day (Monday I think? What is time) so I'd give it another day then get in touch. This new MagazinesDirect thing is a shitshow. I ordered a single issue of the Xbox Series cover at the same time as sorting out my subscription and they just never sent the thing. Took three emails for them to understand what I was asking them about, each needing five to seven days for a response. I know better than to be surprised by Future but you'd have thought the idea of building a new webstore would be to make something better than the one you had before, eh.
  11. Okay Pandora's Box, I think maybe I can make this work
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