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  1. He’s also been in every Destiny review. It’s the only reason he puts up with me I think
  2. There's hope for humanity yet, my brothers.
  3. All the people that drove that are gone, pretty much. Of those that are left Yoshida's been sidelined, and as we all learned (or were reminded of) today Mark Cerny ain't no messaging expert.
  4. I don't mind the hard drive size. I think however big it was, it still wouldn't be big enough, if that makes sense. Give me a 2TB drive and I'll still be deleting old things to make way for the new, it'll just take me another couple of months to get there. The more I think about this the more colossal a mistake it seems. As annoying as it is to read people calling it the worst console reveal ever when that's not what Cerny was doing, Sony should have realised that's what people *expected* it to be and tweaked the plan accordingly the minute GDC was cancelled. It's like the Stadia thing from GDC last year that was clearly meant as a pitch to developers but was also streamed to millions of consumers around the world, who naturally figured it was a coming-out party for the platform as a whole. If you're going to change the venue you have to tailor the message accordingly.
  5. yeah totally, but this would be a smart time for at least a wee peep at something I think. A very strong showing from your rival a couple of days earlier, the eyes of the world on you, etc. Delivering the planned GDC talk as-is was never going to be enough.
  6. Was always going to be dry as a bone but they really should have showed a game imo. Would have reminded people that firstparty is where Sony still has the advantage.
  7. Nate Dogg III

    NIOH 2

    The smoke signals a grab, which is unblockable. Not sure I can be arsed with this. Difficulty is one thing but I find it very hard to read with all the effects flying around everywhere. Not sure a super / devil trigger equivalent works in a Soulslike setting either.
  8. I don't disagree. I'm on the organising committee for the E3 fan club, we have jackets and everything. I love the absurdity of it, the sense of everything that matters being in one place while the entire world looks on. And as I think I've said before on here it's very important for the industry in a lot of other ways. But it's been on the wane for a few years and this might be the thing that finishes it off. Assuming consoles are still actually happening this year, Microsoft and Sony and all the developers and publishers making games for them are going to have no choice *but* to launch them without an E3 or even their own equivalent of it. Providing that goes well I don't see much of a way back. One of the big booths costs $20 million and that's before you've even built anything, much less flown an army of people out to staff it etc. Once you've gone through a year without it on the books I imagine it's a hard thing to go back to. Keeping fingers crossed obviously. My kids are *so* annoying and I need a break.
  9. Just edit a question mark in there eh. I probably wasn't going this year anyway but it's very sad and, yes, probably the end of it once everyone has a year off and realises they don't really need it any more. There's room here for something wry about the virus targeting the old and infirm but I'll leave it to someone else.
  10. After five-and-a-half years of Destiny, aren't we all? HONK
  11. Think we might be finally exiting the darkest timeline.
  12. I don’t know enough about cars.
  13. Solar Lexus Strike Renault Espace Opera Symphony Seth’s has a Tanden Engine and you can put the Bison one into Devil’s Reverse. And so on. Toyota Cammy.
  14. Slightly late in the day (there's only an hour or so left) but today's daily climb is wonderfully daft. Ironclad, starting deck is one copy of each Rare, hallway fights drop relics and both you and the enemy start with +3 strength. It's an absolute stomp and I enjoyed it tremendously (just remember to get a few block cards along the way).
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