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  1. I have the same. You're Bristol as well, right? Annoyingly the Demon's Souls I ordered from Amazon shortly after getting the PS4 yesterday is already out for delivery. Guess I'll stare at it while waiting for the email telling me the console's been delayed or turned into an air fryer.
  2. They're obviously at the point now where they have so much data and can just look at which cards aren't being taken, and buff them up. Shows what a stable spot the game is in. Don't really see any game changers there (though Hemo seemed like a big buff they've already walked it back, I think). Speeding up Rupture's all good. I don't think I've ever taken Phantasmal Killer and have only ever got it from transforms or the whale, but the 2 cost just made it too much of an investment given how situational it is. I still play this game every day. Doing nice breezy Silent A1
  3. Yeah I've got two John Lewis buttons going. The website won't even load in another tab so it's clearly down. Come on buddy, you can do it.
  4. I use the 1 Thing drum track in just about everything. Love it.
  5. Is there a quick way of telling which purples to keep/shard?
  6. No danger of that, we learned from the Tony Mott era the importance of being thorough with the horcruxes. (I think I've done that joke four times now, I'll stop)
  7. Since this is a straight-up-and-down 'games of the generation' list with no clarifying adjective I wouldn't have put Destiny in there either. If it was the Most Influential or Most Important or Nathan's Favourites then yes, there's a case to be made for it for sure. Outraged about Slay The Spire not making it. I shall have to draft another letter.
  8. Fighting games are a different beast entirely, yeah. You can actually unpick them mechanically in pretty short order, but that's pretty much all you can review: how does it work, how does it feel, how well does it explain itself, how much is there to do. We're not there to try and calculate what the meta's going to be, or talk about overall balance, otherwise every fighting game would get a 5 because the grapplers are overpowered. It's sort of okay because I don't think people are expecting Edge, or IGN or RPS or whoever, to do the Justin Wong review of a fighting game. I loved rev
  9. Demon's Souls was a 9 I think. I believe it was Keza MacDonald, writing for Eurogamer, was the first person in the western media to review it. As for Dark Souls, the reviewer was leaning pretty firmly towards a 10 for a while, despite all he'd been through, and we retrospectively tenned it anyway. Reviews are absolutely about your personal experience of playing the thing but you need to be able to zoom out and look at it in a bigger-picture sense too, and as an editor you have to look out for those kinds of 'reviewer problems' - that sort of, "this happened to me and I didn't like
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