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  1. The Notorious P.N.03
  2. Erykah Badu Vs DragonNinja
  3. This is just wonderful isn't it. I love that you can skip a song you don't like / want to hear right now by just clicking the right stick, lovely touch. My skills have also atrophied somewhat but my bigger problem is that what's left of my muscle memory is geared specifically to THPS3. You could choose the inputs for all your specials so I'd just put a grind and manual on the same input (left up triangle) and then it didn't matter whether you hit a rail or not, you'd get a special either way. Now I have to remember two different inputs, actually decide which one I'm going to need, then hope my stupid old-man brain can a) remember what the input is and b) perform it correctly. Currently I'm just smushing a few d-pad directions then being so surprised when a special comes out that I drop the combo almost immediately. To be 19 again. The menus are pretty terrible but that's pretty much the only gripe I have so far.
  4. 5 natural energy from boss relics > Echo Form > Meteor Strike x2 > Liquid Memories for 0-cost Meteor Strike > I am done and can play other games now lol who am I kidding.
  5. Only played Flex and Limit Break once. Used the duplication potion on Whirlwind. Think it was 8 energy, 20 damage per hit, played twice for 320 AOE in total.
  6. And there goes You Are Nothing, the achievement for killing a boss on turn one. Came together quite quickly in the end (the early Akabeko sending me looking for Whirlwind which showed up in the next store, right next to Flex) but only became a reality later on. Went into the act two boss with an energy, duplication and vulnerable potion but didn’t get the draw I needed first turn. Sacred Bark from the boss doubled the effectiveness of potions. I had a chance! I had a very nice act 3 route with no elites, several bonfires and three shops. Then picked up peace pipe which made whittling the deck a breeze, and a late battle trance for insurance (which I didn’t actually need by the end as I went into the boss with six cards). Donu and Deca went down with a couple of hits to spare. Just Neon left to go. It’ll probably take me months.
  7. Been lured back to this in the absence of anything else to hold my attention, and decided to chip away at the final few Steam achievements. I finally got Infinity (play 25 cards in a turn), which had eluded me for months, almost accidentally with a Corruption, Dead Branch and double Dark Embrace. I got a taste for it and decided to go for some more. First was Who Needs Relics (beat the game with a single relic). I've tried this one a couple of dozen times I reckon, always as Ironclad, since I figured that the class has enough ways of building strength and doing damage without relics, and the autoheal from the starter relic would keep me topped up. I came close a few times, including a couple of runs that went all the way to the Act 3 boss, but I always fell short, normally due to lack of energy. Last night I decided to try it with Silent, took the starter relic swap off Neow, got Busted Crown and it was plain sailing from there. Today I did Minimalist (win with a deck of five cards). Only took two goes; I had one with all the right pieces (Ironclad with Bash, Shrug It Off, double Dropkick and an Inflame) but didn't get enough card-remove opportunities and got to the final boss with a deck of seven. The second time I got by with fewer removes after taking Pandora's Box from the first boss. But I didn't see a single fucking Dropkick. It's only an uncommon but I swear I hardly ever see it offered. I got to the final boss with Bash, Inflame, Shrug, Pummel and Anger, thought there's no way this is going to work but we've got this far, might as well. And it worked! What a silly card Anger+ is in a small deck, haha. All I have left now is You Are Nothing (defeat a boss on turn one) and Neon (channel 9 plasma in a single turn). Both are going to require annoyingly specific setups (apparently for Neon I need at least one Meteor Strike, an Echo form and either Snecko Eye, a Snecko Potion or the Snecko fight? Eep) and I'm not sure I can be arsed right now. But the game isn't going anywhere, is it. I'll be back. Anyway I think the point of all this is that I absolutely love the way they've approached the achievements in this. It's about doing mad, and often maddening, specific shit that you really need to build for, and to get lucky in the process of building - but that often have multiple angles of potential approach and enough leeway for them to still be doable if RNG doesn't go your way. Marvellous stuff. Good game, this, isn't it.
  8. Unfortunately the servers are owned and operated by... oh. Got this downloaded fine overnight but I've lost an hour to it today without getting anywhere. It just kept shitting the bed during various parts of the setup process. Finally got in a plane and it crashed within five minutes. I assume the servers are getting hammered so will just leave it a few days so Microsoft can file a support ticket with itself to get some more capacity online.
  9. You can mute the audio on individual apps, he said, pretending this wasn't something he discovered at five past midnight last night, after a desperate and quite grumpy google search.
  10. That's got some really dark implications for Unreal, surely.
  11. Re: console manufacturers, something I hadn't considered. Basically they invest more in games than the mobile platform holders do.
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