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  1. Got one a minute ago, so perhaps keep trying?
  2. Vader has crashed a couple of times for me, and various 'return to the play area' messages when standing still. Thought it was great though.
  3. Grabbed one from Argos - Vader Immortal is marvellous.
  4. Cancelled Amazon (still pending) heading to Argos. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Arriving by 11pm tomorrow (Amazon). Hmmm. Seems unlikely.
  6. Not seeing it anywhere, account specific perhaps?
  7. Got my 5K last night too. 18k in total now - should I grab three months game pass or wait for a sale?
  8. PC Search (with Bing) has disappeared as a potential source of points I'm just left with mobile and edge (bonus).. Time limited or something? Still no word on my missing 5k.
  9. Did you all have to email them photographic proof of the achievements? Got an email asking me to do that this morning, and I can't really be arsed (but I probably will - is there a list of achievements I can view online anywhere?)
  10. So I have about 10k points at the moment, not sure what to do with them. Go for a couple of months of Game Pass? (if that's enough points)
  11. It was probably about 1.5kg. I think the temperature was too low, seems unlikely the connective tissue would breakdown at 56 degrees. I'll stick to steaks for the time being (have had some success there).
  12. A bit of silverside beef for 8 hours at 56c, was disappointingly chewy. Temperature too low? Not long enough? A bit of both?
  13. Yes, I've had one since they came out. It's a marvellous little thing.
  14. Picked up a Wancle - love the name. Anyone done any Sunday roast type joints of meat? Any tips? Considering a bit of beef on Sunday.
  15. Consider a Roccbox (I have one, it's lovely, but can only do one pizza at a time if that's am issue).
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