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  1. I agree. Ended up buying this anyway despite the fact every codemasters game that starts as £50+ is £24 two weeks later. I also got Grid autosport for switch when it came out too :/ Impressions so far.. This is defo made on the cheap and is lesser scale than the first grid and the old toca games (esp the race driver series). It keeps itself relevant though as we have been so starved of this particular type of racer since driveclub. It also makes up for the lack of production value vs the old games by being 60fps and the graphics being better for being a generation later (ps4pro) than autosport which was made for ps3/360. Once you mess around with the handling assists this is the best controlling grid game but not as good as driveclub/f1/dirt etc.. I was expecting a barebones campaign but this is broadly similar to autosport. Feels more acadey and bright than the old games. Think the handling, pack racing and quality of the racing itself is the highlight. I think I like this more than dirt 2.0 Annoying things so far.. It has a what feels like a thousand different track effects and point scores for various things (which is fine), but there are no sound effects for any of it. Which makes them feel a bit flat. when you are on the last lap, LAST LAP, shows up so big it fills the whole screen, has no sound effect so totally throws you off and more annoyingly is in a plain font that doesn't match any of the rest of the visual design of the game.
  2. Fire stingray. Although the first f-zero is pretty basic, I like it more than the GBA f zero games (which were simular engine but more fleshed out). It was one of the first games we got with our snes. At the time snes games weren't cheap so had hardly any and as I was a kid was rubbish at it. Must have played the first four tracks at least 20,000 times so always feel super nostalgic for this game. F-zero was prob the first game I ever emulated on my pc when it first became a thing and was the first thing I got on 3ds virtual console. Fire stingray is the best vehicle but what's the best track? 
  3. Ni no kuni - Beautiful artstyle, was hoping to explore and see everything to offer... Then you spend about an hour learning that pushing forward makes you move forward.. in a basic town. The tutorial goes on forever, does one thing at a time and doesn't let you skip. Even though I haven't played it in a few years it is the thing I remember most about the game.
  4. I've been really enjoying this magazine. I subscribed not too long after gamestm ended (although that magazine had been a cost-cutted shell of its former self for years). I like the enthusiasm and that it really does have a different voice and perspective compared to other games media. It takes advantage of its format in a way no other magazine has in years. The pico 8 stuff in the last issue was great, the one before sold me on heavens vault which I wouldn't gave given a look at otherwise. New copy arrived today, looking forward to reading.
  5. The PC games market is traditionally much stronger in Germany vs consoles. A lot of their games companies started off in pc-centric genres like strategy and adventure games. I feel like they started making tonnes of their own 2d point and click adventures as lucas arts/seirra/everyone else moved away from them.
  6. Just finished this. The last episode was really something. More than half of it felt like parts of the earlier episodes; random parts, playing in a random order. I felt like I was watching the trailer for the series as a whole. They jumbled the interviews at the end so much it was just gibberish. Despite that, I felt it did a good job of building anticipation for the new season and adding more insight to the last. Stroll and Horner come off as villains. The HAAS/Renault stuff was interesting. All of the swearing was great.
  7. Game of the Year A1. Tokyo Xanadu This one really sunk it's hooks into me, my most played game of the year and by far my favourite. The episodic structure made it feel like an anime series. The battle system was great, the dungeons just right. The plot is interesting enough but a little generic but any shortfall is made up for in its character development. The clichéd plot makes sense and fits in with the rest of the game. The Vita remains my favourite system and I find the format helps RPG's shine. A2. Aven Colony The most underrated game of the year. I love strategy games and tend to buy all the ones released on console. This year I was most anticipating Cities Skylines coming to PS4 and just before that released Aven Colony came out and I ended up mostly ignoring Cities in favour of this. It is the most finely balanced strategy game in years. The campaign is the perfect length. The trophies are spot on, I rarely bother with platinum trophies but with Aven they added to the experience. The plot is absolutely terrible but it doesn't get in the way of things. The game has the perfect learning curve, introducing concepts and growing in scale. I would compare this to something like Theme Hospital where it is campaign based and finely tuned. A3. Persona 5 The second best RPG of the year. It feels fresh, cool and has a strong identity. After three games in the series with a similar gameplay system it introduces recycled concepts and ideas too slowly which drags the start down. The phantom thief plot does keep things interesting and suits the game well. This is a better game than Persona 4 but it is quite similar and recycles too many plot details. It is still addictive and enjoyable. The change to designed rather than random dungeons is great. Nearly everything about the game is the best currently available in an RPG but Tokyo Xanadu does a similar thing with more heart. A4. F1 2017 I love racing games and this was the best of the year. For the last three versions Codemasters have been getting F1 right. F1 games used to be a little bit thin on content but this series has grown into having more content, options and game modes than most other racing titles. This was the deepest racing game of the year, it has the best racing, biggest races, most options, best handling and is the most exciting. A5. Gran Turismo Sport It is really hard just picking five games this year. After reading previews about this being online only, light on content, no campaign etc.. There was no way I was going near this. Then the demo came out. The magic at the heart of the series is still there. I bought the game, loved it and like FFXV and Driveclub all the missing things have started to appear in the game. I can't go back to GT6 anymore it looks and plays rough compared to this. Most Disappointing Game of the Year Z1. DIRT 4 Probably my favourite game series ever. This version is not bad but it is the worst new release in the series since Dirt Showdown. It feels cheap, rushed and basic. Z2. Crash Bandicoot Insane Triology Ugh so much effort went into painstakingly recreating these games but then it is undone in other areas and loses some of the magic. The PSN original versions are better/more fun. The game takes too long to start up with bad load times and terrible unskippable logo sequences. The whole thing looks washed out and the jumping is off. Z3. Hellblade The gameplay is a step back from DMC, the world building is not up to scratch compared to Enslaved. It's filled with terrible rune puzzles. A missed opportunity. Z4. PaRappa Remastered Adds nothing extra or new, the chicken level is still too hard. I feel the controls/response time could have been improved but it hasn't been. Z5. Snake Pass I feel evil listing this a disappointment as it is a good game but the gameplay doesn't quite live up to the visuals and the whole thing could have been better. It reminds be of Billy Hatcher on the GC when it could have been Super Monkey Ball. Sound Design of the Year S1. Wipeout Omega Collection S2. Persona 5 S3. Night in the Woods Visual Design of the Year V1. Horizon Zero Dawn V2. Polybius V3. Cuphead Writing of the Year W1. What Remains of Edith Finch W2. Tales of Beseria W3. Statik Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PS4 Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. SIEE Best Supported Game (from pre 2017) of the Year B1. No Man's Sky
  8. I didn't find it hard thinking of what I consider the best games or which ones hold up the best today. Ranking them has been hard. The end bit of my top 20 I changed my mind a bunch of times. In brackets I've put the formats I've played the games on but it isn't everywhere they were released. 1. Chrono Trigger (DS, SNES) This is probably the most carefully crafted game of all time. The graphics have aged well. The gameplay holds up, the pacing, vision and atmosphere still beats out any game made today. It is about the perfect length and depth for an RPG. The tone, music and plot is just really fucking cool. I think the DS port is the best version of the game. 2. Stardew Valley (PS4, PC) Everything this game does is well thought out and everytime you think you are near the end you discover another strand. The graphics are timeless and charming. There is always so much to do and all the various little systems add up to something that offers more than almost every other game. 3. Rollercoaster Tycoon (PC, XBOX) The most perfectly made strategy game. All of Chris Sawyers games are immaculate. I think the lightness of the subject matter, the mission design and balance of items makes this better than the sequels or Transport Tycoon. I could play this game everyday forever, it has been out around 18 years and I think I have. 4. Project Gotham Racing 2 (XBOX) All these years on and this is still the racing game I compare any new racing game to. It still offers one of the best handling systems. The best progression and tracks. I love racing games, they are probably my most played genre. PGR 2 might not have the best graphics or be the most technically advanced in the genre anymore, but it remains the best made and the most playable. 5. Wipeout Omega Collection (PS4) Since Wipeout 2097 this series has been my favourite playstation exclusive. This is the definative version. Although I was tempted to go with 2097 or Wipeout 3:SE as these three games are all about equal on merit. The Omega Collection wins it though for the amount of content and the quality of playing on the PS4 controller. 6. Dark Cloud (PS2) I really like Dark Cloud! I'm probably the only person who will put this above other more prestigious RPG's (or the Zelda series). Dark Cloud is a very streamlined game. Every single thing in it is there for a reason or serves a function. The sequel overdid it and sunk itself with content, they added too much and the game felt bloated and the graphics engine was overstretched. The later RPG's by Level 5 lost the balance of Dark Cloud. I replayed this last year with the PS4 re-release and it has aged really well. A bit like Stardew Valley it is packed with well thought out simple systems for everything that are easy to understand, well balanced and not bloated. The light humour of the plot is charming too. 7. Colin McRae Rally (PSX) The first remains the most fun, atmospheric and best in the series. After this came out every single games publisher tried to create their own version of it and they all eventually failed. Dirt Rally is the only one that comes close to beating the original. Each year the Codemasters rally game has been one of my most played games of the year, but this is the one where I feel they put the most effort and I still go back to it. I probably can do each track in the game from memory. 8. Theme Hospital (PC, PSX) Nearly everything Bullfrog made was a classic. In the 90s no other dev team could touch them. I still think this is their best game and the best of their games to play today. On PC the CorsixTH mods make a huge difference but the original game is still great. I was lucky to get this on VITA a few years ago when Sony broke their store and accidentily took the lock down that prevents any of the EA PSX games leaving America or the PS3 (I managed to get Populous, Theme Park and Red Alert too and later regretted not getting the rest of the Bullfrog PSX games Syndicate/Magic Carpet etc..). I think at one point nearly the whole country must have owned the Sold Out software PC release. 9. Rayman Origins (VITA, 360) My favourite platforming game. One of the most varied and beautiful games of all time. It is far better than legends and it is sad it has gone so many years without Ubisoft giving us another 2D ubiart Rayman. 10. Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (PSX, PC) The best adventure game of all time. Wonderful graphics that still look outstanding today. I prefer the original to the directors cut as that ruined the start and added out of place character portraits. 11. Spyro The Dragon (PSX) 12. Driveclub (PS4) 13. Advance Wars (GBA) 14. Fire Emblem (GBA) 15. Civilization II (PC) 16. Crackdown (360) 17. Journey (PS4, PS3) 18. Persona 4: Golden (VITA) 19. Vib Ribbon (PSX) 20. Grandia (PSX)
  9. f2097

    Chime Sharp

    I love Chime so much. Blind bought it when I saw was released, less than a tenner too. I like the purity and simplicity of the 360 version, I bought it on ps3 and although that version had more tracks they messed with it too much and it wasn't quite as good. This version is ace though. All the new game modes are great. There is a puzzle version with no timer where you have to avoid left over tiles. More music and more varied too. Been playing it most of today.
  10. Although I still read the forums reguarly I only seem to post these days when it comes to the yearly awards :/ Game of the Year 1. Stardew Valley "I love everything about this. The Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing series contain some of the most addictive and satisfying games of all time. Stardew combines everything good about these games, runs with pretty much every wishlist suggestion and eclipses everything else released this year. I have this on PC, PS4 and remote play on Vita." 2. F1 2016 "Last years F1 game nailed the gameplay but felt slight. 2016 improves things further but also has the diversity of content allowing for more play styles. For some years Codemasters have been getting better at the simulation side. I think it is thanks to the wider selection of game modes (particually the season mode), along with the handling that they've nailed the arcade style too. This is the most enjoyable F1 game since '97 on the PSOne." 3. No Man's Sky "I loved the gameplay loop, the atmosphere of flying around different planets. This is a very relaxing game. I kinda like that the ship controls are simplified to what we were perhaps expecting. The feel of weight and power to the combat is great too. The feeling of exploration, the randomness of the universe and sense of achievement you get from this make up for any shortcommings when it came to expectations on release." 4. DIRT Rally "This made my top 10 last year with the PC release. The console versions get it on my list again. This is challenging, focused and feels very different to every other racing game. The narrowness of the tracks, risk/reward, knowing when to push it or not. It still looks great and DIRT 4 is probably my most anticipated release." 5. Dragon Quest Builders "I wasn't expecting to love this. In previews it came off as a minecraft clone. I ended up enjoying it more than the mainline DQ games. There is so much to do and it satisfies in a way not seen since the Dark Cloud games. It feels strange going from this to another RPG where you aren't building and crafting. This would probably be my favourite game of the year if the boss battles weren't so bloody hard!" 6. Final Fantasy XV 7. Rez Infinite 8. Firewatch 9. The Last Guardian 10. Downwell " I think this may have been out on other formats prior to 2016. The Vita version came out during this time and the game comes alive on handheld." 11. The Witness 12. Severed 13. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth 14. Project Highrise 15. Gravity Rush Remastered 16. Civilization Revolution 2 Plus "This along with XCOM are Vita conversions of mobile remakes of PS360 games. On mobile there was too much of a disconnect for the experience to be particually enjoyable. The PC main versions of Civilization I find too fussy. The series peaked for me with Civ 2. The Revolution games are the closest to this and on Vita they are a perfect fit. The extra content is great. My only hang up is this version seems to be missing the graph that you get at the end of the game which shows how powerful you are." 17. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus 18. Ratchet & Clank 19. Abzu 20. Adventures of Mana
  11. [user]f2097 [/user] [votes] Game of the Year 01. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture # I think this added something new to gaming. Not the game I played the most, but the one that stuck with me the most. 02. Life Is Strange 03. Journey (PS4) 04. Tearaway Unfolded # This would be game of the year if it hadn't got such a slow start. 05. Tropico 5 (PS4) # Tropico is one of the few strategy games that seems to work better on console than PC. 06. Until Dawn # Probably my favourite horror title since Silent Hill 2. 07. Superbeat: Xonic 08. Geometry Wars 3 (Vita) # This is probably the game I spent the most time with this year. Still trying to beat the Topaz boss. 09. DMC Definative Edition # Fucking love this game. 10. DiRT Rally # Think I will prefer this on PS4 this year because my PC is so old and terrible but I can already see this much better than the last gen DIRT games. 11. F1 2015 12. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection 13. Bloodbourne 14. The Witcher 3 15. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines 16. Driveclub Bikes 17. Tales of Zesteria # A very workmanlike RPG. Cheap looking graphics. Some parts seem a bit barebones compared to other Tales games. The core battle system, explorations and world building make up for it though. 18. Flame Over 19. Nuclear Throne 20. The Order 1886 # Has probably the best graphics and production values on the PS4. Such a mixed experience but elevates itself onto my list through the things it does well such as the atmosphere and gunplay. Rather than the plot of terrible stealth sections. Most Anticipated 2016 A01. No Man's Sky Shame of the Year SH01. Final Fantasy Type 0 # A promising potentual Vita/PSP localisation, is stripped down into being the motion sickness event of 2015. Too much bloom. Too many loading screens. Just doesn't work on a big screen. Best Visual Design V01. Tearaway Unfolded V02. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines V03. The Order: 1886 Best Soundtrack S01. Superbeat: Xonic S02. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture S03. Tropico 5 # Gotta love that upbeat Latin! Strongest Narrative Design N01. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture N02. Her Story N03. Until Dawn Best Game World W01. Tearaway Unfolded W02. Tales of Zesteria W03. Bloodbourne [/votes]
  12. 1. Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe 2. Grandia 3. Driveclub 4. Wipeout HD 5. Civilization Revolution 6. Persona 4 Golden 7. Spelunky 8. Crackdown 9. Theme Hospital 10. Vib Ribbon 11. Chrono Trigger 12. Dark Cloud 13. Broken Sword 14. ICO 15. Fire Emblem 16. Final Fantasy IX 17. Advance Wars 18. Colin McRae Rally 19. Spyro The Dragon 20. Final Fantasy VI
  13. This is probably my first post in like 4 years or something. 1. Rollercoaster Tycoon - This is an exact copy of what is my favourite PC game of all time. The controls work well. The game feels more comfortable and relaxing sat at the TV. By far my most played game on the system. 2. PGR2 - Is arguably still one of the most playable racing games on console. I prefer this to any of its sequels. Only the recent Driveclub has captured a simular feel/balance. Like others have mentioned the Edinburgh tracks are the best. 3. TOCA Race Driver 2 - My favourite of the Codemasters racing games on xbox. The sequel has more content but this one feels more 'pure'. 4. Outrun 2 - I wish we could get this remade for the vita or one of the new consoles. 5. Grabbed By The Ghoulies - At one point the whole world seemed to be against this game. I loved it. For its atmosphere, well crafted world, silly humour and simplicity. It's one of the first games I think about when someone talks about the first xbox. 6. Galleon - Original and unique. No-one else has really made anything else like it and it never made it to other formats. It's worth a place in the collection of any xbox owner. 7. Rallisport Challenge 2 - The best rally game on xbox. A shame the series ended here. 8. Shadow Of Memories - I have a soft spot for this on PS2, but the xbox version is the best I think. Its another unique game and I prefer it to the other adventure games on the xbox (broken sword 3, still life, syberia etc..). Its about the right length too. 9. Sudeki - I actually prefer this over the original Fable. The graphics are pretty good, the characters are a bit annoying but they aren't bad enough to ruin the game. Its the battle system and balance between fights I like. I find it quite simular to Kameo. 10. Voodoo Vince - There were so many great platformers on xbox. Loads of them were on PS2/GC/PC too though and had better versions or remakes elsewhere. This one didn't though and is one of the best.
  14. 1. Civilization Revolution - Perhaps a strange choice, considering bigger more impressive PC versions of the series this gen. This version is by far my most played. The controls for console are spot on. Civ Rev reintroduced a simplicity, clarity and immediacy not seen since the mighty Civ 2. 2. Rayman Origins - One of the most beautiful and atmospheric games of all time, I think. It's emphasis on pure platforming, better hub/menu system and more cohesive look made me choose this over the recent Rayman Legends. 3. DIRT 2 - Unlike most people online, I quite like what Codemasters have been doing with their racing series this gen. I think this one holds up as their finest. The art has aged well, it has a better structure and tracks than 3 and tighter handling than 1. 4. Crackdown - My favourite open world game. Brilliant concept, best mission structure. Despite being really, really old I still play this more than almost every other 360 game. 5. GRID - Another Codemasters racer. More enjoyable than GRID 2, better tracks, less constricted in terms of progression and I prefer the handling. 6. Without 2048 - Still the best Vita game, the add on levels make it the best Wipeout game too. 7. Tropico 4 - I love tycoon style games and this was the best one this gen. 8. Quarrel - An addictive concept flawlessly executed. 9. Split Second - Original, exciting and really well made. 10. Game Dev Story - I really enjoy the Kairosoft mobile games. This one is their best.
  15. f2097

    Playstation Vita

    Despite still owning and thus having access to many of these games, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. There are many more games coming than expected too. Totally thought they'd stagger the final fantasies. Want to get Kula World as I remember the demo being ace but the full game being impossible to find. N2O & Grandia were two of my fave games and was not expecting them to ever come up on this... Nothing from EA or Codemasters, hopefully they'll arrive later (eg. colin mcrae, toca, theme hospital, red alert etc..)
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