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  1. I'm a red drinker really but have had a few friends with bags of money who have introduced me to some very nice whites. My favourite of all at the moment is white by the New Zealand makers Villa Maria, a sauvignon blanc at £7-8. If you like chardonnay, their chardonnay is cracking too.
  2. Also cold dishes like game pie and spiced beef. Milk puddings and jellies. Porridge and oatcakes (as we've expanded into British food not just English) There are dishes that use ingredients that you don't get in other places - things made with quinces and damsons for example. Kedgeree is totallly British.
  3. I was very disappointed last year by the show and thought it 'looked' alot better this year but it was still weedy. If you're fairly up to date with your game buying then there was very little that you probably haven't already tried/bought. There needed to be some merchandise - freebies are fun but even some stuff to buy would have been great. Gashapon or Nintendogs teeshirts, sweets or something. It was all very dry. I think Edge are a funny lot. Both years now, that I've been, they've supported the show strongly but they don't have any of their magazines lying around and to give a few away each day I'm sure would convert more readers. Still as Blue said, we had a great day out, bumped onto our pals Stifler and Onebrow and bought a fantastic green xbox from Gamestation - so we now have an xbox each. Woot.
  4. (re the Good housekeeping book) But it's regularly updated and has all new stuff in it.
  5. Chicken soup will easily get rid of a headache (and wearing red socks helps apparently, I read the other day. If you have some in your designated drawer Mr Davros? ) and cures all other ills - which is why it's known as Jewish Penicillin.
  6. Yep, Nigel Slater is very good and I have all his books - but in my opinion my Good Housekeeping Institute tome can't be beaten. It has great recipes (perhaps the most wonderful lemon meringue pie in the universe) lots of interesting and modern recipes, but also the basics, how to make gravy, roast a chicken, bone a fish etc. It's a very odd book as whatever you fancy cooking and wish you had a recipe for, miraculously it's in there. About it
  7. Hoorah! Due to the pressure from manufacturers - via the public voting with their taste buds - the government is reducing it's demands to cut down on salt in food. Thank god. I like high quality food that I cook myself and know what goes into it but when I go for 6 Chicken McNuggets, I want it them taste like the taste I have in my mind. And we were saying the other night how dreary our Domino Pizzas were, like they had no salt. Have you noticed any of your favourites getting drabber?
  8. Pemberton86


    They were in the toy dept so I guess they were a toy/model tank.
  9. Has to be ready salted and blackcurrant jam for me, I'm afraid. Soz
  10. I was looking at the forum last night and wondering how it was all going - so I'm glad it all went well.
  11. The thing that makes an official smoothy a smoothy is, I've heard, the fruit being frozen and no dairy product. Hard to blend frozen stuff with a hand blender. I've got a vicious metal one and it still wont really do it. You need a jug blender. So bananas are great as they're a thickening fruit and I highly recommend coconut powder as you get all that coconutty flavour and body/richness without the greasiness of a can of milk/cream. Soaked/tinned prunes and yoghurt give you a good caramel flavoured smoothy. With other soaked dried fruit and mixed spice you have a nice wintery flavoured smoothy. You'll go soup crazy now you can blend it in the pan
  12. All the above and they work really well in grated in a cake or in bread.
  13. The Ham in Coke is very good and I've done it several times. Its' the same effect as glazing a baked ham with honey so I don't know why people are all shocked. Your menu sounds great - not as simple as you were aiming for though
  14. It supposedly adds the the extra taste that we all have that's called (but may not be spelled) umami. We all know about sweet, salt, sour etc going on in the mouth but there is an extra one - this umami taste. It's a rounded sort of savoriness and you get it in soy sauce, lots of japanese food and surprisingly alot of italian food. Which is apparently why we've all taken to Italian food so much. It's recently found 'flavour' and research is ongoing into it. There was a prog on radio4 about a couple of weeks ago. On the same programme thay said that there had now been huge amounts of research into MSG and it had no side effects whatsoever. If you ate 3 kilos of it in one sitting you might feel sick from the quantity but you would still have no side effects - so folk who say it gived them headaches etc are not really being affected by it. I have used it in the past and it's great - but then it got all difficult to find. My other half says when you start using it you suddenly realise you have that missing magic ingredient that makes your home made chinese food taste like the restaurant food you've being trying to capture.
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