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  1. I'm very busy today getting ready for the weekend, but I should be finished in time for the raid. I'll definitely not be available on Sunday.
  2. I was going to skip this week because I might not be available on Sunday, but if you need me I'll be around tonight.
  3. Palmer - 80 Paladin on Ravenholdt. Since we did that Ulduar run, I've been trying to gear him for this with varying sucess. Normal Icecrown dungeon runs are impossible to come by.
  4. I'm still missing both hunter trinkets. Even the LFR versions would be an upgrade.
  5. This is the Steam trading thing I mentioned on Skype last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPCMCzNhTB8#t=5505
  6. weeksjh


    Only the scores by Yoko Kanno have been published. There isn't enough interest otherwise.
  7. weeksjh


    I had no problems dealing with them, but the bootleg merchandise they sold didn't make them any friends. I still go to Derby every year for J-Con.
  8. weeksjh


    That's before my time. I didn't take over Otaku.co.uk until 2004 (Alex still runs Otaku.com).
  9. weeksjh


    The import DVD market contracted sharply when the pound collapsed in the 2008 financial crisis and never recovered. US Anime DVDs used to be about 50% of my turnover, but recently it's been about 12%. If UP's experience is anything like mine, they have had to switch focus to other areas. If you have a thing for creaky 10 year old websites selling anime DVDs, mine is still around as well.
  10. I recorded a log for the Garrosh attempts: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/5x5wl97nsbhcpbgp/
  11. The first C&VG I got was the November 1981 issue, after which I read it every month for several years. Quite a formative influence. Lost them all to mums-had-a-clear-out syndrome many years ago.
  12. If it took 600 tries, then it isn't a viable strategy because they presumably needed extreme RNG for it to work irrespective of the raid composition.
  13. Queue is over 500 already! Also, don't forget to update DBM before logging on.
  14. Fatboss have started posting raid guides for SoO:
  15. No raiding for me this week due to work commitments.
  16. I should be ok for this evening. I definitely won't be here on Sunday.
  17. Thanks to all who turned up. It was great meeting everyone.
  18. Me too now, but I have no idea what you look like.
  19. I'm in Tate Modern (free wi-fi!) Will wander over in about half an hour
  20. So, what time are we meeting up? It's still all rather vague.
  21. Official answer: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/8876440 I would recommend starting a new character from scratch to get a feel for the new systems.
  22. I'd be interested in doing this.
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