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  1. My annual jolly to Middlesborough (for http://www.nemacon.com) is next week. Anyone in the area fancy a meet up?
  2. If anyone wants access to the Otaku.co.uk server, please PM me directly. There's too much activity on the thread at the moment for me to read all of it. Thanks.
  3. Final backup of the previous version is here: http://www.otaku.co.uk/jhw/world18_076.zip When I tested the server, the spawn point was on a small island just off the coast. It must have shifted.
  4. I've been away over the weekend, but will update the server when I get home this afternoon.
  5. MMO-Champ live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/mmo_champion#r=-rid-&s=em
  6. This is the latest: http://www.otaku.co.uk/jhw/world18_059.zip
  7. Me too. Can I get hooked up?
  8. Server has been updated to 1.1 Speshulwun added to whitelist. Sorry for not seeing the request earlier.
  9. alex_86 and alio97 have been added to the whitelist.
  10. Latest backups: Old world - http://www.otaku.co.uk/jhw/world_backup102.zip New world - http://www.otaku.co.uk/jhw/world18_035.zip
  11. Actually, it turns out I have better internet here than I thought. Server is updated to 1.0 but without any 'no XP orbs' mod. I can't test it though, so please PM me if there are any problems.
  12. I'm away for the weekend, so if we need to update the server it will have to wait until Sunday night.
  13. All your characters logged in 4 hours ago, but nothing is missing from the gbank. I've kicked them all just to be safe.
  14. Official website is up: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/
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