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  1. The Formula W race has just started under safety car and at least one of them had spun but was able to save it so far!
  2. Was there an unsafe release by Redbull?
  3. Plot twist Squid games becomes an Olympic event
  4. They wanted to finish the race under race condition . Damned if they do, damned if they don't?
  5. Surely that will result in a safety car and then Merc will bring Hamilton in for new tyres?
  6. Yep a bit shitty I think that's always been the way
  7. New graphic for the front wing camera?
  8. Off! Russell well behind Latfi? Edit : ok better anyway
  9. Could some of those not be classed as unsafe releases or is that just a race rule?
  10. Bloody hell , just looking at the replays there - near parking lot
  11. I feel Hamilton is trolling max a little there
  12. Do they not have to finish in the top 10 to get that?
  13. When is the last time this has happened?
  14. FYI There's a live preview show on Sky's youtube atm
  15. Generally it has been weaker but i did like the ending, at least for Present day. For Past not sure what else they could have done there. I wasn't always big full on stealth approach but even in the past it was easier to do . I think the difficulty went went up because of the nerfing of the bird but on how the guards react to anything suspicious. Always seemed a bit more sensitive, like they were paranoid and on alert from get go even when they shouldn't have been
  16. I think what's already been suggested covers it. Have you invested many skill points in the warrior part of the skill tree?
  17. Needed to talk to Sigard in the end for a further quest
  18. Over a 100 hours in and i've completed the main story.. i think . At least all the areas have been pledged Just the second part of the place that won't be named to do. i assume more stuff will pop up after i do that since the Cultists still need to be despatched. i've done a fair amount of the side stuff, but still a good chunk to do
  19. Add one more for the random freezing
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