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  1. The Ninty Fresh website is now up and running, and limited copies of issue 1 are available (if you missed out on the Kickstarter) : https://nintyfresh.net/
  2. The plan is indeed to have a limited number available at a later date.
  3. Only a couple of hours left to support Ninty Fresh! The Kickstarter ends at 9am today. Lots of superb Nintendo content inside (Early draft page sample below).
  4. I wasn't sure which board to put this in, but as it is the last day of being on Kickstarter, I've put it in Discussion in case anyone wants to join the fun! Ninty Fresh is a new print Nintendo magazine covering Nintendo "from NES to Now", and it's made by the same team that produce Switch Player magazine. I myself recently joined the Switch Player writing team earlier this year, and I have to say that everyone on the mag has got a real love for Nintendo, and the recent draft of Ninty Fresh issue 1 that I've seen looks absolutely incredible. Various unlocks have already been added, including NES pin badges. Please do take a look TODAY, because the Kickstarter is closing soon. If all goes well, the plan is to produce subsequent issues further down the line. In creating the magazine, the intention is to recreate the magic of mags of yesteryear, such as ONM, Super Play and N64 Magazine.
  5. I will confess now that I've never played a Final Fantasy game. I'm on the fence on whether to go for this remake, but the fact you describe it as "linear" is making it appeal to me a lot more. Like you, I want to play a game that will take me on a journey; and not necessarily ask me to create my own. I think my only reservation is I don't want to invest in a game that is too overwhelming in its gameplay mechanics. Being new to FF (and not really an RPG player), I am aware I may need to juggle various attributes during combat. I don't want to play the game on any kind of Easy setting that will take the strain off me, so I'm hoping if I buy the game it will have just the right balance for newbie Final Fantasy players like me.
  6. It's an incredible opening. A scene-setter full of impact.
  7. Does anyone else here use their GameCube for its Gameboy Player skills? Not as portable as an actual Gameboy (of course), but its still fun to play the games on a big screen.
  8. Definitely the toughest boss I've seen so far, and I'm on the last floor now. Most of the bosses are almost a pleasure to battle, especially when you realise what's required. On the whole (as someone who doesn't enjoy "boss fights" I really liked them in LM3. Except for the one you mentioned, he was ANNOYING.
  9. I'm beyond excited to have TWO letters on the letters page this month. Question: Can I now put "Writer for Edge" in my Twitter bio?
  10. I forgot to check my number! I'll have to look when I get home from work. It's a nice little collection. EDIT: I've got number 82. I'm pleased with that: the ZX Spectrum launched in 1982, and that's when my gaming adventures began.
  11. These are gorgeous! Arrived this morning.
  12. Did this at the weekend! Made me laugh! (I was always against the idea of getting an Alexa in the house, but I'm warming to her now...) Decide and An open mind are both superb b-sides. Burning the heather is a lovely track, and Monkey business is an ear-worm. I'm looking forward to the new album.
  13. You have probably been asked this before @strider, and it may be one of those topics for which there isn't much information, but I'd love a feature on the Gameboy Micro. The thinking behind its inception and design, and an analysis of its relative success (or failure). It seemed to arrive at an interesting time, and it's a lovely machine, but I'm not sure it achieved perhaps what Nintendo hoped it would.
  14. I've ordered this but I'm weeping at the lack of a Speedball 2 stamp.
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