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  1. I'm one of *those* guys that likes playing on traditional hardware, but... wowzers, I'm loving my Analogue Pocket. I can't see myself playing on my original GB now (or even my modded backlit GBA) because the ability to save my game at any time is just marvellous. I've progressed further in Fortress of Fear than I EVER did in my youth ha ha!
  2. I need to catch up on these latest releases. Half of Profound Mysteries Vol 1 didn't really work for me, but I enjoyed Vol 2 more. This thread has reminded me that I need to order the third release! I've booked to see them perform in London next year.
  3. Here's a Work In Progress on our cover, finely crafted by the legendary Wil Overton... There's only a few hours left to back issue 8 on Kickstarter:
  4. Hi folks, issue 8 of Ninty Fresh magazine has less than a week remaining on Kickstarter. Please do consider supporting our little publication... this issue includes plenty of Star Fox content, including a Kosmikat cover (yet to be revealed). All the usual features will be included too... game retrospectives, Switch game reviews, Nintendo news... pledges for the print edition start from £7.
  5. One of my new feature ideas for Switch Player mag is a letters page, to start from the next issue (issue 65). If any forum readers have any thoughts on the magazine, the Switch, or Nintendo in general, I'd LOVE it if you could email magazine@switchplayer.net. The letters page has always been one of my personal highlights when reading gaming mags of old, and I'd like to try and recapture that spirit. There's a £15 eshop voucher for the star letter. I really don't want the idea to fall flat on its arse ha ha! PLEASE someone, write in, save me from ridicule at my suggestion of having a letters page! Free PDF sampler of issue 64 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8md7kz2qhm59j5/PDF SPM64 Lite.pdf?dl=0
  6. Thanks @Kirby! That is esteemed company that we're in, a fine selection.
  7. International postage is such a pain, its getting worse and worse. I'm so sorry I appreciate you buying the latest edition.
  8. I've organised a free 20-page taster edition of issue 64 of Switch Player mag (we're calling it "64 Lite"), available via the Dropbox link below. This is currently only available here on Rllmuk, as I'd love to know what you guys think. As mentioned in my original post, raising awareness of a print publication isn't easy, so any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated! (Especially if you're tempted to purchase the full version.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8md7kz2qhm59j5/PDF SPM64 Lite.pdf?dl=0
  9. Been on Rllmuk since 2004, can't say I've ever had a post get anywhere close to 60 Likes
  10. @Fletch Thank you so much for ordering, I appreciate that so much. Please let me know what you think, because I'd appreciate the feedback. @Jonnycash That's a really kind comment, cheers buddy! Glad you enjoyed the mag, shocked you are now Nintendo-less @Stanley No subscription model as such at the moment (other than becoming a Patreon), though it works out cheaper to buy each issue individually. There are often special offers on back issues too.
  11. We'd need a page dedicated to Edge review scores for a start, and a boxout reminding everyone of the Mario Kart Double Dash!! score.
  12. I'm really pleased with this cover. It's a wraparound, created by Brazlilian digital illustrator Iago Machado (www.twitter.com/iagobra)
  13. Absolutely! We're looking at distribution in WH Smiths but at the moment it's only available to order online via the link above. It's a bimonthly publication. The cost including postage for one issue to a UK address is £6.49
  14. Thank you buddy! I'm really excited to introduce some new ideas to the magazine
  15. This topic isn't intended as a means to flaunt my promotion (although I'm very excited about it, having been a reader of gaming mags since the late 80s), but rather because I'd love to raise awareness of Switch Player magazine, which this month reaches its 64th issue (and my first as Editor-in-Chief). I don't know if any rllmuk members have seen the magazine, but it's an absolute challenge promoting print media in this day and age, particularly when it's not a smooth path to work our way into outlets such as WH Smiths. The magazine relies on Patreon backers and online shop sales at present, and with this being my first issue as EiC, I've made some changes which I'd really love to lead to an increase in readership. Besides a general refresh, we're now placing more emphasis on longer game reviews, as well as securing more features from outsourced writers (this issue we've got features on Splatoon 3, Streets of Rage 4, and the potential of Sonic/Mario mash-up games). As for new features, I've introduced a news section to update on all the essential Switch-related info since our previous issue. Backlog Breach is a feature for our back page, in which we ask a different person each issue to pluck a game from their shelves which they've so far avoided, to finally give it a play... this issue our Dep Ed dived into Hollow Knight for the first time. Another new feature is NSO Spotlight, in which we give NSO releases a double-page spread to flaunt its visuals. Sorry if I've rambled here, but if anyone does want to give the mag a go, I'd love to know what you think. Or if you've bought it in the past, but not recently, let me know. It's 100 A5 pages filled with Nintendo content. Issue 64 (featuring a stunning wraparound Splatoon 3 cover) is available now: https://www.nintymedia.net/products/switch-player-64
  16. Thank you SO much, I really appreciate this! I would never have thought to refer back to the original post.
  17. The email I've been dreading has come through... the one telling me my pre-order is ready to be paid ha ha! I'm torn on this one. It looks like a fantastic bit of kit, but I really don't need another gaming system. And I would never dive into it to the extent that a lot of you are in this topic, having a play around with the innards and modding it to increase its scope (which I guess is a significant part of what it can offer). I'd essentially be using it for my Steam collection, and potentially for cloud Game Pass.
  18. Also, on a side note... how do I amend the title of this topic? (If that's even possible!)
  19. Issue 7 of Ninty Fresh Magazine is now on Kickstarter! The main focus for this issue is Kirby and his rotund heritage of game releases. But there's plenty of other content too, including news, reviews and retrospectives "from NES to NOW". Please take a look at the Kickstarter, and help support the magazine if you can! Prices for a print copy start from £7.
  20. Hi @Kirby if you missed the Kickstarter for issue 6, it will be available on the Ninty Fresh store a little later at https://nintyfresh.net/ You have a rich Nintendo history! That Starfox edition of SNES must have been an exciting moment, after all those weeks of saving up. The SNES era passed my by; it was the Goldeneye N64 bundle that lured me in. Kirby is indeed the main focus of issue 61 of Switch Player, I think the cover is one of our best yet.
  21. An update: the digital copies being available when the Kickstarters are running is basically the process that we ended up doing (and got into the habit of), but we are looking into options for having back issues available digitally. Particularly in scenarios such as yours, in which the print version is less accessible. By the way, don't forget to have a read of the digital PDF of issue 5 (our previous issue) a few posts back
  22. I have only just discovered Beach House this week (it was the track Space Song from Depression Cherry which drew me in) and now I realise I've got a huge back catalogue to discover! Their music is so gorgeous, I pre-ordered their new album on vinyl, and bought DC on vinyl too. Do I basically need to buy all their albums?
  23. Good point @Vorgot. I will look into this and report back. Thank you for your support.
  24. It's the last few hours to back issue 6 of Ninty Fresh magazine. I'd really love more rllmukforum members to have a read, and support the magazine if you can. Print media is a tough market, and while we try our best to raise awareness of the magazine, it's not easy. (We're trying to get a spot in newsagents...) Here's a FREE PDF of our previous issue (a Metroid special) to tempt you: https://t.co/RZRo8bTk8z
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