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  1. I still have a Titan Quest steam key. Draw me a picture of a titan going on a quest and you can have it.
  2. I'm going through my old humble bundle keys. Does anyone want Titan Quest and/or Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War? If you do, quote this post and I'll send you the keys! THANKS
  3. i would like that! For my kerbal?
  4. curses [edit] Never mind! Hey gang, I've got one spare of Chivalry, Riptide and Kerbal up for swapsies if anyone's interested. NEED: Bioshock, Football Manager, Prison Architect, Skyrim
  5. Hello! You can have a Chivalry card for a Football Manager one? I'll add you RIGHT NOW.
  6. I had that, I had to unplug the hdmi cable and plus it back in then it started working. Although it was going through an hdmi switch which might have confused it.
  7. Oh yeah I've been given 3 '10% off Toki Tori 2' vouchers for some reason. I assume they'll also work while it's on sale, taking it to just over 7 pounds. It still doesn't sound like a great offer but if anyone wants one let me know.
  8. Hopefully our office will benefit from getting one of these. I could do with regaining some kudos since I recommended getting that EyeToy.
  9. I didn't even visit my town on Sunday morning so I've missed out on the turnip excitement for this week.
  10. My turnip prices are 127, I've opened my gates if anyone wants to come and sell.
  11. This is the fucking best. You're the fucking best. I'm going to send you some codes.
  12. shush you, it's bundles what done it 652? Surely fucking not
  13. I don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet but the new Bundlestars 'Atomic Indie' bundle at http://www.bundlestars.com seems pretty good for £3.92. They're all Steam codes. You get: Section 8 The First Templar Legendary Dream Pinball 3D Disciples III: Resurrection Insecticide Tropico Trilogy Imperium Romanum: Gold Edition SpaceChem Dino D-Day On that subject, I have spare codes for SpaceChem and Dino D-Day if anyone wants them! Because Dino D-Day is a bag of shit, whoever gets SpaceChem will be lumbered with that as well (unless anyone specifically requests Dino D-Day on its own). But! It's not going to be as easy as simply asking for the codes. The winner will be the person who draws/photoshops the best (sexiest) picture of Gabe Newell, dressed as a Nazi, riding or wrestling a dinosaur. Get drawing to win both of these fabulous prizes! When there's no entries for some reason, I'll probably just give them away so there's always that to look forward to.
  14. Mark Heap or Tyrone from Coronation Street
  15. Yeah I transferred from a little 3ds to a big 3ds and my friend list at the time (dng) followed me across.
  16. Hello men. I have decided I want to run round your towns and steal your fruit. I enclose my friendly number. I'm going to put everyone's code in immediately. 1332-7693-6744
  17. Modern Walkies
  18. I've been reading up on Dyack. He wouldn't lie to get money!
  19. Maybe Nintendo were just flattered that somebody was asking for a dev kit.
  20. Yes. The sensible thing to do would be to close just before Christmas. [edit] Oh hang on, when are they opening them? Probably just less than 6 months before Christmas. Carry on.
  21. Yeah, and the pledge levels say that you'll get all 12 episodes for a $50 pledge when there's no guarantee they'll be able to make them off the back of this appeal.
  22. Also this $1.5 million is only for the first episode of 12.
  23. He done posted a video of 'Magic Kick Off Soccer' and then the whole world caved in upon him and he had a sulky strop. Here it is, look now if you want, I don't know why I'm doing his fucking marketing for him.
  24. As a fledgling development house, it's important to foster a positive relationship with your potential customers. Maybe 'Magic' should think about employing some kind of recently unemployed games industry marketing veteran to fix this sorry mess. We know a guy.
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