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  1. The petulant little magic man has defaced his title and first post now, I hope everyone's very proud about the way they've treated him. Magic Bitch Strop Soccer.
  2. Magic Tried Balls In (it's a shit anagram of magnetic billiards)
  3. Why not use your team-naming vowel-swap strategy to get around any legal problems? Magic Kock Iff Soccer
  4. You do get to see it, just not keep it - the $30 tier lets you see the movie being streamed on the internet. As do all the tiers above it, presumably.
  5. You have to break the bit at the base of one of them columns so you can climb up to the monkey bars and across to the top of some tower or whatever.
  6. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a static IP address.
  7. Guess what gang! I've got a bioshock code too, don't all rush at once please.
  8. Hey big dog, I like your game. I just wanted to say that these old thumbs of mine aren't all that accurate these days, and it might be nice if you could press anywhere on the left or right side of the screen instead of directly on the button graphics to make your little hare move? A couple of times I slightly missed the button and that guy just stood still and took a boulder to the head. Although I've not unlocked any power ups yet so maybe that space is used for something later?
  9. What a lovely advert. Thanks, I used 4WRTLJJ4PT6X! I'll try it now!
  10. You're absolutely right. Judging by the release schedule it seems like they've decided to go hardware-only.
  11. This will all be forgotten about in a couple of months once EA have introduced their 'Sim City Premium' servers for only £5 per month, which guarantee you access to your city whenever you require it.
  12. I believe you are aurally confused. Those noises you hear are just the sound of Smitty arguing. It's the only way he can get 'in the mood' these days.
  13. Yes it is possible. Just download it then right click it in your list and back it up to wherever.
  14. This is the PS4 announcement thread, SharkEnergy. Let's try to keep things roughly on course.
  15. Do you remember the days when all we did was play bongos and draw ASCII comics? And occasionally combine our two passions? Thank goodness a new console announcement gives us the opportunity to reminisce like this.
  16. I just open the hatch and let them come tumbling out. The hard part is trying to cram it shut again before the whole landing becomes a bongo apocalypse.
  17. I might get the bongos out of the loft this weekend.
  18. They absolutely are genuine, what makes you think they're not genuine? Sony just released the next one:
  19. I've got a spare code for Twin Sector. I haven't played the copy I already have but it appears to be a bit like Portal, except shit. If anyone wants it then tell me that you want it and then you can have it.
  20. Press A to activate Super Chicken glide.
  21. I'd bloody love to try Half Minute Hero if nobody has claimed it by now!
  22. I've still got Trine left, as if anyone hasn't already got Trine
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