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  1. I've always been here. I never leave. I am coming to stay next week. Sure, I guess. Although I don't understand your use of the word 'terrible' in that sentence. I just wanted to make sure people knew about Lore. Still only $149,087 to go! Its kicktraq page isn't looking promising I'm afraid.
  2. It's brilliant. All the comments are taking the piss out of the guy and he doesn't seem to realise. I really hope it's all a big joke but the amount of work he looks to have put into it is worrying.
  3. I know there's a general Kickstarter thread but some games are too important to be lost in the middle of a gigantic thread maelstrom. This, I feel, is one of them. Lore by RealPlayersGrind looks set to call into question everything you thought you knew about how a game is supposed to work! "Lore is a game where you struggle against Gods and Demon's. The game takes place in many different locations across the globe. You will visit legendary places such as the Labyrinth of Minos where you must chase down Jason, his Argonauts, and Hercules! You will explore ancient worlds and civilizations. In Greece you must fight the Greek pantheon! In Rome you will fight alongside the 300 Spartans! In Hades you will explore tolerance itself (?)!" Probably the most striking original creation revealed thus far - the terrifying Manandtaur "Not : This is the first time in video gaming history a development team is going to let pubic see and be apart of a game from start to finish." A one-man labour of love by 28-year-old American man George Givens, Lore looks like my sort of game - and I don't care who's reading this, it looks like your sort of game too! "I am trying to show the size of the pyramid think about it like this when i get done it going to talk an hour just to walk the pyramid from top to bottom its is without monsters and traps are bosses" So you want to go places and meet people? How about going straight to Hell and meeting everybody's nightmare - the infamous Manandtaur! Update #8 promises that you'll travel to Egypt where you will raid the tombs of the Farrow’s. Oh man I've always wanted to visit them! You'll meet Jason with his Argonauts! "You travel to the country of Japan where you face Japanese legends such as Nobunaga Oda and other demons. You fight tragic battles in the realms of Raga, going up against all mighty Gods such as Thor, the God of Thunder. You come across battles with frost giants, Loki and other Gods from Viking history." "low ply armor" Okay, this all looks magnificent. Nobody can deny that. But there's got to be some sort of catch, right? How can one man hope to create all of this game? Well, he needs your money. And lots of it. In fact, the first version of this project was cancelled in November 2012, falling somewhat short of the $1.5 million target (he raised a respectable $1,355). But don't think that this is the end of Lore! George Givens, a 28-year old grown man, learnt from the failure, went away, regrouped, and came back with a much more realistic prospect - he's realised he can create this fantasy epic for just $150,000! And with 18 days to go, he only needs another $149,087. Follow the link for an interview with the man himself, along with a stirring promotional video which describes the concept of Lore far better than mere words ever could. Some of the images released so far may look a little rough, but with your money behind him and an estimated delivery date of March 2014, George Givens (28) should have plenty of time to finish building the game world, all the enemies, traps and puzzles, and polish up the graphics a little. Heck, if he raises $300,000 he'll be able to employ somebody to help him do all that! "the final manandtaur concept" With everyone bitching about established developers cynically using Kickstarter to raise capital when they should be putting their hands in their own filthy pockets, surely this is a chance to stick 2 fingers up to 'the gaming establishment' and show 'traditional publishers' what we really want. And what we want is Lore. Kickstart this project HERE - George Givens (28) has provided several reward tiers ranging up to $900, which I'm sure would be very tempting if they weren't completely unintelligible.
  4. Well this thread certainly showed up at a fortuitous time for me to show off my celebrity connections. Two weekends ago, I saw Jimmy McKenna (the bloke who plays Jack Osborne in Hollyoaks!) in the menswear department of Marks and Spencer in Sheffield! I couldn't stop to chat as I was rushing my son to the toilets. It would have been embarrassing if I had stopped to chat, because at the time I thought it was Alex Ferguson. And also my son would have wet himself. But that's not all! This weekend just gone, I saw Jimmy McKenna (Jack out of Hollyoaks) walking around the Christmas market in Sheffield, just outside Marks and Spencer! I didn't stop to chat because I'm sure that man is stalking me. I do not spend all my spare time hanging around Marks and Spencer.
  5. Can you still look at screenshots that people have taken of zombies in the MiiVerse outside the allowed hours? Because if you can that's well fucking stupid. I need to be protected.
  6. Sportsfriends just passed its target!
  7. The jury look shocked; the crowd are mumbling. new member's perfect hair is drooping.
  8. Stop trying to catch him out with your cross-examination, you're never going to be Phoenix Wright despite what your mum says.
  9. No, it was in my Electric that I've upgraded 4 times.
  10. ZOK. Congratulations on your 27.01 2k time! Now try to beat my 43,384m longest run that I just got just now!
  11. ZOK, your ghost just showed up for me to race against. That's no upgraded Pistol!
  12. Hello! I don't think I can beat your 28 second 2k time though. Yet.
  13. BaraBariBall is supposed to be awesome, I'm getting one of them!
  14. Didn't 2D Boy lie about it so they could get World of Goo on WiiWare?
  15. I just saw this on my travels around the internet: Turns out Andy Williams had a lot of enemies.
  16. Nobody ever got rich selling sport games.
  17. Everyone, please just listen to me for a minute. This is really, really important. I thought Broken Sword 3 was pretty good, although obviously not as good as the original two. A lot of people seem to have thought that it was terrible. Bearing in mind that I seem to look upon even the low-points of the series more favourably than most, please heed this warning. Please don't ever think 'I wonder if Broken Sword 4 kept up the general standard of the series' and decide to give it a try. It's fucking dreadful and I wish it was dead. Looking forward to the new one though!
  18. I went even further - I unliked their facebook page.
  19. Ooh shit. I thought you'd just sold everything off in one of your trademark petulant rages.
  20. I just popped over to help out ttk to develop his bustling Happy Street and was greeted by the most upsetting sight I've seen for a long while. Something terrible has happened!
  21. That's because Sound Shapes doesn't even have a box, what sort of fucking attention to detail is that?
  22. Is there any chance of eventually having the 90s music one available as an in-app purchase for the existing collection? 90s music is obviously the best type of music, so I'd even be willing to give you money to have it all kept together in one app (and I am a notorious skinflint). Especially since you've given away 2 canvasses for free very recently.
  23. I am on Happy Street and I am not ashamed to admit it. My game center name is mr_twig
  24. Siread said this on twitter: "@newstargames: Seems to be a problem with the NSS shop in the iOS update so pulled it from the AppStore. I'm hoping the issue is at Apple's end."
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