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  1. I'm pretty sure I've got a copy in my inventory, you can have it for nowt if you want. No bugger else'll take it.
  2. I entered 3 times in a row, those playxbla guys have got to notice me now! The trouble with these 'picture of the day' contests is that the pictures are usually pretty crappy anyway. At least the current one's got a bit more going on than usual.
  3. Guys, I spoke to one of my friends who's basically running the Steam sales these days. He says not to buy anything until the very final hour of the sale - absolutely every game Dinobot has bought is going to go in a Super Flash Sale for 79p each!
  4. mr twig

    Rock Band!

    Hooray! That Young The Giant track is allllright!
  5. Don't forget to install the Steam app on your phone first!
  6. mr twig


    What do you mean you've got tickets? It says they don't go on sale until tomorrow morning, was there a way to get them early? Bugger.
  7. Every controller needs somewhere to plug in your bongos.
  8. This one always makes me laugh for about 10 minutes [media=] I love Kevin Eldon so much.
  9. mr twig

    Rock Band!

    There's a Facebook app?
  10. My flight crew info says I've done 201 jobs for the current event, but I don't think it's updated since some time last night. Have we overloaded the system with our intense flying skills?
  11. ...but you have to relocate to Australia for the next 1 day, 9 hours. Deal?
  12. Oh! I just started in Australia, did I do bad? I can always restart if so, I'm only about 5 minutes in.
  13. Sorry to pull you up on this, but is that a potential legal threat against siread for making the game, or the forum as a whole for recommending it to you? Because in the current climate, we've got to be careful...
  14. I understand JPickford has clocked up several hundred hours of gobang social in this month alone! Obviously that's not all in one game but still deserves a Special Mention.
  15. I think something devastating happened to the server for that and nobody really noticed.
  16. New Star Soccer. I've played it for an unbelievable amount of time now, my little man will probably be hobbling around that pitch knocking in goals when he's 90.
  17. hey man what you doing over there? why don't you come over here? that's better.

    1. mayor_mike_haggar


      Hey! Watch where you're putting them hands.

  18. Hey there, Don't be facetious. mr_twig out.
  19. Yeah that's the one, I just assumed it had been superseded in every respect by the newer one so nobody cares about the original. If someone does want it then let me know.
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