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  1. Hey if anyone wants a Monday Night Combat (slightly soiled by JPR looking at it a bit then turning away in disgust) then I've got one going for totally free right now, just let me know and I'll 'hook' you 'up'.
  2. That one was posted on April 13th! This weekend's one isn't up yet.
  3. And they're going to make it for the Vita an' all, so anyone with a Vita should back it I guess.
  4. Oh dear me no. This might have been mentioned in another thread but I don't even care, look at this abomination. http://www.engadget....360-due-may-25/ Hopefully it plays the national anthem whenever you eject a disc.
  5. placeholder!

  6. Sort of, but with night vision goggles and lots of punching.
  7. It's plastic figures with computer chips put in them to offer autonomy. You know when you buy a special edition of a game and it comes with a cheap plastic figure posing as a collectible? And you know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and you're sure you saw Little Sam Fisher beating up Little Ezio Auditore while your Legendary Halo Helmet looks on and commentates? Well, that's NFC. It's like a toy version of UFC. (Nintendo Fighting Championship.)
  8. You're so enthusiastic! It's adorable!
  9. It's just a remake of the first game, guys.
  10. You'll basically buy anything, won't you.
  11. You can get instant PSN credit codes from shopto with £3 off with the code 'MCVWINNERS'. Their prices were already pretty good. It works out at £25 credit for £19.85 or £35 credit for £29.86.
  12. Apparently they've got 32gb cards in Grainger Games right now for £69.99. My mate just phoned the Doncaster store and they've got them in stock. Also available on their website http://www.graingergames.co.uk/accessories/ps-vita/g18958-vita-32gb-memory-card
  13. Or you could give that bulky book and flamboyant medallion to the homeless guy outside Greggs on your way to the bus stop. He'll appreciate it - he probably used to work in Gamestation after all.
  14. Just chuck the box away and stick the disc in your pocket!
  15. Well then clean up your discs or clean up your face, you disgusting tramp.
  16. Hello siread! I think your game is excellent. Here is some feedback, I hope you enjoy it. I only just managed to get the '10 passes in one match' achievement even though I've definitely done it before - I had 12 on the stats sheet in a previous match but nothing popped up. Unless it has to be 10 exactly I guess. Also there's been a few occasions when I've made a successful pass that my team-mate has scored a goal from, but it doesn't register as a pass or a goal or anything - this is always when there's an opposing player very close to the receiver. It only happens very occasionally though. My most important bit of feedback now follows. Can you make the little mannies run round in circles after they score a goal? Instead of just standing there stock still. Maybe they could flap their little arms about a bit. I'd bloody love that thanks.
  17. I think it's because she was dazzled by my stunning good lucks and trustworthy nature. Do you have either of those things?
  18. The girl at Gamestation didn't even open a single one of my games to check that there was even anything inside.
  19. Wow I enjoyed getting those PMs back then so much that I want some more, so here is a transparent offer to get people to pick up a pen and get in touch. I remembered all those other bundles I bought, and only used half the codes, so I have steam codes for the following things available: Sanctum Cthulhu Saves the World Breath of Death VII Eufloria Eets I only think they're still available, and I don't think I can check on Steam without using the codes up. So don't get all huffy if I send you one and it doesn't work. PM for codes!
  20. Hello there my lovely lads. I've got a Defense Grid code plus all 4 Resurgence maps for whomsoever should claim it first. PM me for it please because I love getting post and a PM's a bit like a letter.
  21. It reminds me more of the phrase 'playing the clippa'. What about the xperia play? That is an actual phone and also plays actual games on actual controls. And also is quite cheap now. Not sure about the battery life though.
  22. good afternoon samuel

  23. Capone can have a romantic dinner with Peter Molyneux for just 300 dollars.
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