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    It surely wasn't worth any of the hassle for Broken Sword 4 though, was it? It's a stinker!
  2. EA Create only came out on the 19th November 2010. I doubt anyone will notice or care when it stops working though.
  3. You should be able to use them on their website if you know the card number. If you don't know the card number then go to a branch and shout and shout and shout at the person behind the till until they tell you the card number.
  4. http://playstationlifestyle.net/2012/02/24/replacement-ps-vita-ar-cards/
  5. Has anybody read if they've got any plans to make more PSP games Vita-compatible? Most of mine copied across but I've got a few sat on the PS3 that won't go. Also if they do add compatibility, will it be by updating the Vita firmware or by updating the files on the PSN store? Because if it's the latter I might as well delete them off the PS3. I hate having an untidy list, it's literally driving me literally insane.
  6. They'll probably be operating out of a phone box by the end of next week so it might become even more of an issue.
  7. Hence the space problems in their stores and warehouses.
  8. "I would like to thank you in advance for your support and am happy to answer any questions you have directly - just grab me as I walk around". Having reassured his staff via a friendly memo, Tom Devine (Managing Director of Northern Europe at Game Group PLC) breathed his last lungful of fresh, sweet outdoors air, and began the descent into his safety bunker. Doors locked automatically behind him, his footsteps falling heavy on the reinforced concrete floor. Down the corridor in his panic room, a doctor was waiting with a massive surgical hammer, ready to smash his legs right off. No fucking way was he going to be walking around any time soon. Tom smiled to himself.
  9. Here's some lovely backgrounds (in both their classic bold yellow and transparent backgrounds), I'm sure Bruce & Co. have got something on the boil for the Vita so they can maybe use these to evangelise to their community! They're a bit big so I'll spoiler the rest. Just imagine all those hands reaching out from your Vita, waiting patiently for a hot fresh Kw*lee product to be slid onto their palms!
  10. Oh hi guys these voucher things expire on Thursday apparently so if anyone wants one then they can just go ahead and take it. I have a wide variety of amazing offers for you! 25% off Valve games 33% off Valve games 33% off Valve games Which will you choose?
  11. You should buy one, they're fucking great.
  12. My artist can create up to five of these per hour.
  13. That neogaf thread's pretty good for wallpaper. Look what I made (all my original work)! They look rubbish like this but the background is transparent so it looks better on the Vita, honest.
  14. You're an amazing model of a perfect man. (Or woman, if applicable.) I used your code, I used it right up! Thank you!
  15. Poor Len's the only US account on the list so far - are the leaderboards region-specific? Because I didn't bother adding him. If they are cross region then he might get lucky!
  16. Important update! It took £9 off instead, so it worked out at £7.99 for Ridge Racer.
  17. Hey gang, I got Katamari and it comes with a code for £8 off if you buy Ridge Racer from the PSN store! Just thought you might like to know.
  18. I've got a lumines, a rayman and an asphalt for £17.37 altogether and against all odds the status has changed to dispatching soon! Hopefully that's too late for them to cancel it now...
  19. I fucking knew it! There's only one thing for it now. I'm going to apply for a job at GAME.
  20. (Look out guys, I just wrote a big long post that is basically really boring so don't feel like you have to bother reading this.) GAME's problem is that they used to get away with trading on people's ignorance. These days people are increasingly aware of online offers and the fact that they can basically get a better deal absolutely anywhere. I went round the GAMEs and Gamestation at Meadowhall about a week ago to try to give them some business because my PS3 broke down, so I went in with the cast-iron guarantee of spending some money with one of them. The PS3 offers were mediocre but I persisted. In GAME 1 the guy was telling me I could buy a cheaper 160GB model and swap the hard drive from my old one into it no problem, losing none of my data. Apparently he knows 'loads of people' who have done this. I always thought this was bollocks because the hard drive is linked to the console? Then he told me actually I couldn't do it because my fat PS3 hard drive 'wouldn't fit' into a slim PS3, which is also bollocks, because (as far as I was aware) they both use 2.5 inch hard drives. I like shops where the 'experts' don't really know what they're talking about but like to appear like they do, so just keep talking anyway. In GAME 2 the guy basically ignored what I was asking for and tried to push a Vita pre-order on me. When I mentioned the Amazon offer he insisted that their offer was better because you get some headphones. Anyway the guy was a prick and he had stupid hair so I left there pretty quickly I can tell you. In Gamestation they had an offer with Uncharted 3 and some crappy film on Bluray for £239. That bundle was out of stock. Unperturbed, I tried to take advantage of their offer with 2 out of a selection of 4 games, but they only had one of their selection in stock and weren't allowed to replace the games with an alternative. Basically I said 'I want to buy a PS3' and they wouldn't let me do that. The guy mentioned something about 'stock issues'. I hope these stock issues aren't widespread otherwise they're fucked! They didn't have the Uncharted bundle in HMV either, and I wanted to get Uncharted at this point so I got sad and trudged back to the fucking car park. Don't worry guys, look what happened next! I left Meadowhall without spending anything and just got the Uncharted bundle from Tesco on the way home. (The bundle at Tesco was better anyway because I got 10p per litre off petrol and £5 off my next shop.) [EDIT] By the way I included that quote at the beginning because I was going to write something that broadly agreed with it, but then I just rambled on a bit and ignored the point I was going to make.
  21. And then it's going to be discounted 13 days later to ensure nobody buys it at full price.
  22. They'll form the foundation for the next generation.
  23. The £1 offer is for the first game you buy, not including preorders or the console. Also the free console offer when pre-ordering Batman seems to have finished, you just get £5 off your next purchase now.
  24. Hope that last really funny comment I made wasn't a breach of your privacy as a tall fellow, Timmo.

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