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  1. And then it's going to be discounted 13 days later to ensure nobody buys it at full price.
  2. They'll form the foundation for the next generation.
  3. The £1 offer is for the first game you buy, not including preorders or the console. Also the free console offer when pre-ordering Batman seems to have finished, you just get £5 off your next purchase now.
  4. Hope that last really funny comment I made wasn't a breach of your privacy as a tall fellow, Timmo.

  5. Timmo what's the weather like up there Timmo hahaha

  6. OK Samuel you don't have to be so needy about this, look at yourself. It's pathetic.

  7. I went to school with somebody called Matt Black. He wasn't, though. He was shiny and white.
  8. Dear dng I hope you don't mind me hotlinking to your website but it doesn't say hotlinking is prohibited so fucking deal with it. Here is a collaborative artwork project which is taken from now-defunct internet cultural hub Goaste. I feel it is both relevant and important to show it at this juncture in the conversation.
  9. I wrote an in-depth guide to the James Bond 007 Secret Agent series of films for now-defunct internet cultural hub Goaste. It only goes up to just before the release of Daniel Craig's Casino Royale remake, but I have linked to it below if you wish to peruse it. Warning spoilers etc. A complete guide to James Bond
  10. I thought 2D Boy had to lie to Nintendo about where their office was based and pretend they were a bigger company than they were in order to get their game on WiiWare in the first place?
  11. In Norfolk they just hold it aloft in the middle of a field and wait to get struck by lightning.
  12. Sorry dude! I only joined the leaderboard today but I can see you are scared of my prowess already.
  13. So are Rabbids 3D, Rayman, Asphalt 3D, Splinter Cell, and Combat of Giants! Presumably all of those games are terrible though.
  14. Finally I have become the media personality I always deserved to be.
  15. Hey that's me! I'm mr_twig on there, as you can see I guess.
  16. all my awesome potato games have now been taken.
  17. Audiosurf has gone, I've still got a copy of Cogs though! (Cogs is rubbish.)
  18. Hey gang if anyone wants a copy of Audiosurf or Cogs to collect potatoes or just play on them or whatever then let me know and I'll sort you out.
  19. Hiya! I only play guitar because I'm not allowed to drum or sing any more since we had a baby. Here are my scores, hope they don't get lost in the deluge of entrants guys. I Can See For Miles - 199,945 Rock'n Me - 146,301 Bleed American - 206,417 ]
  20. Streetpass is much more powerful than anybody could have predicted.
  21. Ghost recon crashed mine to the error screen too just now, a couple of minutes after I resumed a game from sleep mode. Presumably this is a problem with the console rather than the game - some people have had it happen in rayman haven't they? Hopefully it can be fixed with an update, otherwise I'm going to go very very sulky for quite a long time.
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